Jews (Israel) Attack (White) USS Liberty Ship & Still Covered Up Jewish crimes.

13 hours of continuous typing and research on this 9/11 remembrance day. I’m spent and exhausted and that is how Jews like our White peopel to be, while they barely do a thing to get their trillions. Jews (Israel) attacks (White) USS Liberty ship & gets away.. again… scot free! Here’s a full length movie […]

Jewish Mafia enters World War II

It doesn’t surprise me after watching 4 of 4 videos on the Jew, Meyer Lansky, Jewish Mafia boss of New York’s Murder Inc., that just as the syndicate ruled New York, that they could also pull down the 3 World Trade Towers with 2 planes.   Here are the 4 videos.  I think they “sugar […]

Whose the Terrorist? Christian White Gentile Woman or Jewish Woman?

As I go to get on a plane today, I am always aware that when I go to sit down I hear over the loud speaker:  “Code Orange!”  Meaning terrorist in the building. I learned that when I was sitting with the people from Dr. Duke’s conference in Memphis and when one guy started to […]

Male Crying; White men being Raped

You may not want to look at this, but I will include it in my blob anyway.  I was looking up a subject about “Daddy” and came across this video.  When I was reading the “chat” below as I do not just “look” at videos I study the words and reason.  I found that this […]

Supreme Court Elena Kagan Jew, no White Protestant Males

I was writing the media about this topic when in May of 2009 the brown Mexican Sotomayor was nominated for Supreme Court and at that time I investigated “all” of the Supreme Court Justices and found that 3 were Jews, one was 1/2 Jew, One black, the new one Brown, the others females and only […]

Kick the White Man's Ass While he is Suffering and Suicidal

[youtube=] [youtube=]Does this look like my son, that I nourished so deeply, even before he was born.  When I could have taken cocaine for it was offered to me at parties, unlike the coward black President that we have, I stood up to the drug dealers and to my husband and his friends and said […]

I Will Remember Massachusetts; Scott Brown

I’ve sent this before, but with Scott Brown’s win in Massachusetts, anything is possible.  If the country is shocked that a Republican won, wait until a pro-White candidate comes out of the closet, and wins.   Isn’t it sad that they let homosexuals “out of the closet” and put the White heterosexual male “in a […]

Haiti Earthquake, China Earthquake, Obama's Grandmother's Death, Gas Prices, Collapse of Economy, and 9/11

Amos and Andy Picture  Please open picture.  I will make reference to it below. I cannot seem to copy and paste pictures in the body of my blog as I am just learning how to use this.   I heard on the news about the Haiti tragedy.  The one that let I had been writing […]