True Love Never Runs Smooth

Shakespeare. Instead of Whites becoming so smart they could recite difficult concepts like Shakespeare, we have been dumbed down to using “text” messages. I could have never figured out my ancestry, memoirs, Whites and Jews, and even Christianity, race, if I used one sentences. Sometimes I did deep in my mind and computer 14 hours […]

Another White man Victimized By Jewish $$, Power, Laws “they” made against us.

Another White victim arrested. The Jewish villain is John “War-Man” I have written about the Jew who has a big fat payroll and like a Maytag repairman has nothing better to do than to follow the few in Canada who speak the truth about Jews. But that is how Jews get 100% allegiance and worship […]

Bible: Jews, United Nation, Treason

I came across this website, and much of what is written I have already “reasoned” out by analyzing different writings.   But never has it been written so forcibly, how the Jews have used Treason through the United Nations!  The same place we are issuing our White Genocide to!   We have already established that […]

Anniversary of Elvis' Death

I watched this video and got choked up.  So happy I was able to see Elvis even if only once back in 1958, and so sad that he’s gone and for the life he had to lead not knowing his Whiteness.   I try to look at all White men and find the “good.”  If […]

Elie Wiesel, the Jew Weasel

Wanted to forward this wonderful essay that I received earlier.  I had heard Carolyn Yeager who opines on the Holocaust on Voice of Reason radio, that this Elie Wiesel is a real Jewish scoundrel.  If you look below, he not only exaggerated and made up the Holocaust activities, but exaggerated when he was hit by […]

He Stopped Loving Her Today

Sorry for all the words today.  But, after I finished I went to randomly pick out a karaoke song to sing.  It was the one below, and is to me the saddest song of all.  For it sings in only a way that Country White Blues can, of a man who loved a woman who […]

Gone With the Wind: Ashley Wilkes

Here is a youtube by the Killers.    I don’t know why they pick such gruesome names unless the Jews who control media want to turn our boys into murderers, warriors Jewish causes, etc.  In other words, break our White men and boys down, while they rise to the top, not out of smartness or spirituality, […]

Jewish Shrunken Heads and Human Skin Lampshades

  You can see what the Jews have done to the White man of today. Now they expect the White man to heal himself or die along with our Race. Where is the restitution for this madness against our men? I can’t even think let alone write anymore my emotions are so hurt.  Sometimes that […]

Terry Fator

Here is a video I got of a very very talented White guy in Vegas, Terry Fator.   He is a White ventriloquist.  He is on the “Jerry the JEW Lewis,” who as you know has been scamming $$$ on the Labor Day Telethons for diseases, when he takes the money off the top and […]