"Must Watch "Synagogue of Satan" full by Andrew Carrington, Pt 2

Con’d.   1. Looks like Jews assassinate their own also. Wiki: Yigal Allon served as Interim Prime Minister following Levi Eshkol‘s death, as did Shimon Peres following the assassination of Yitzhak Rabin. From book I read “Final Judgment” Jews were all over assassination of President John Kennedy. Perhaps his son, in mysterious airplane crash, John […]

Autobiography Draft Chapter 29 – White Slavery to White Rights: What it was like to grow up as slaves for Jews on Euclid Avenue, Chicago, same street as Black Michelle Obama

Chapter 29 Even from a famous black man one can see that he “exposes” the Jews. But look how the “Muslims” unite in research to “back him up,” something we Whites are not capable of doing anymore.  We have been too trustworthy. From Louis Farrakhan,  University of Illinois at Chicago Pavillion “The Black Man Must […]

Biden's False Teeth

Biden’s False Teeth! I think the debates yesterday would make a good Jewish commercial for Biden’s False Teeth! I thought they would pop out of his mouth at any minute and I couldn’t concentrate sometimes on what they were saying waiting for the white ivories to clank on the metal desk where the they kept […]

Voting, White Suicide, Obama

Voting, White Suicide & Obama. Whites are voting for Obama because they hate themselves and want to die. It is the “extreme” of what the result has been of 85 years of Jew movies, Jew TV, Jew Radio, Jew government, Jew infiltration of churches to genocide White race. Only Jews call their genocide: suicide. It […]

Jew's Wife to be Represenative for United States in United Nations

On David Duke, renseradio.com, he warns whites & other races, of wife of Jewish Zionist, “Egyptian-Israeli” being USA’s representative to the “United Nations.” USA used to be White until we were taken over (my emphasis). And “Christian” born and paid for nation. Egypt is Muslim, Israel is Jew.  Aren’t those the “other” 2 major religions. […]

"The Jazz Singer" and Neil Diamond, Jew

See other posts today. This is additional. Jewish Neil Diamond: a remake of the Jazz Singer. Note in clip that the Jews have “all men,” for they hate women and don’t give women rights, besides being Jewish racists in Israel. Jews push race-breaking and feminism on us, but won’t dare contaminate that for their own […]

9/11 Stranger than Fiction, Part 5, 1 of 2: Jews and 9/11

Jews,Israelis & 9/11: part 5, 1 of 2. I’m really tired for its been about 10 hours. I want to finish this all today on 9/11. See other posts today, or my other website: kkkaraoke.wordpress.com. Notes: another Dominick Suten, Jew, Moving Company mystery, also “fled to Israel.” (Showed many many more yesterday Facebook and blog) […]

9/11 Stranger than Fiction Part 2

[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bd3U69TN5Ik] By the way, Jewish mayor who took over and squelched any further investigations is Mayor Bloomberg, who even changed laws so he could run 3 terms to make sure the 9/11 investigations into Jews never surface. This set of 5 videos were “My Awakening” as Dr. David Duke speaks of his 700 page autobiography […]

Pro White Jorg Heider's Mysterious Death

Death of Pro White Austrian political candidate Jorg Haider, who dies in car crash on day of his election. There are “no” pro-White candidates and for him to get elected was a miracle. Short lived. He died in car crash right after “election celebration. I remember when he was running and felt such a sigh […]

"Inglorious Basteurds:" Jews Bash the Brains out of White German Man.

Please see my posts which are public on facebook.com.I want to get to my autobiography soon, and need to post my costumes also which I’ve sewed and designed for karaoke. In this youtube, the Jews bash the brains out of a White German soldier. The movie was made after I wrote the Jewish media about […]