Solving White Problems: TV is Child Abuse

I guess my poor White Polish Mama did all my family a favor when she smashed the hell out of it.  I feel sorry for Mama, for she must have had such awful “guilt” and doubted her sanity afterwards. Anyone would.  She cried often, so did Daddy from the beatings.   Anyway, first of all […]

Bible: Homosexuality, Jews, Sodom & Gomorrah

As you know, my brother, John, protested against homosexuality at the Chicago Tea Party and was surrounded by Whites who threw him out because he had protests signs “against” homosexuality!  Whites will get what they have coming, when they offer their sons and daughters as sacrifice to the lesbians and homosexuals of the world.   […]

Kick the White Man's Ass While he is Suffering and Suicidal

[youtube=] [youtube=]Does this look like my son, that I nourished so deeply, even before he was born.  When I could have taken cocaine for it was offered to me at parties, unlike the coward black President that we have, I stood up to the drug dealers and to my husband and his friends and said […]