Superman – Super Hero. St. Louis Cardinals

Super Hero! SuperMan! What a guy! What a way for a woman to wake up knowing this superhero in costume will “save” the day or save the White men from killing each other… (2,000 years of wars will testify to that especially Poland where Jews had their empire and us as slaves and bodybags since […]

Beheadings Faked or Staged by Jew News?

ps Beheadings faked pr staged for Jew news! See below. It says to save our White men, race, species, children, Christianity, Jesus, God, the White women must change. Yet who destroyed the minds of our White women so much so it was White women who chased me from Chicago into Vegas. And a White woman […]

Jewess beheading of St. John the Baptist, Jesus’ cousin. Are Mexican and Muslims beheadings faked by Jew Commie news. (Also I recently talked to a college girl nearby who says in school she is learning that Vietnam Commie president when my US Marine fought was “good.” But Commies hate God and won and took over […]

Jewess calls for St. John the Baptist, Jesus' brother, beheaded.

Jewess Beheading continued. Here’s from Bible on the painting below. As I wrote, in my 12 years, 40,000+ pages of blogging and emailing, I wrote about this and this picture and sent to Jewish media, even when I was back in Chicago, which would be over 11 years ago. It is possible, Jews are faking […]

Jewess Beheading of St. John the Baptist, Jesus' cousin

“Jewess Beheadings!” I remember writing the media in my long emails, (40,000+ pages,) about “beheadings,” and showing pictures of Jews beheading Jesus’ cousin, John the Baptizer. It seems all of a sudden I start hearing or reading of Mexican beheadings and now Muslim beheadings. Jewish instigated? If the Nazis weren’t real, and Jew news invented […]

Jew Sings "I Can't Be Broken Down,"

Whites: Jews Can’t be Broken. I happen to use my Grace Radio, which can pick up Warsaw, Poland, my ancestry as slaves for Jews and bodybags for over 1000 years. Nick Uhel-sky brags against Whites, which breaks down White man, (Jew for name ends in “sky” meaning they conned their way into White Polish Catholic […]

How Jews Totally Control White Species, including White Christianity and Christians

Jews Murdered God: Deicide. Genocide is when Jews master-minded murder of 100,000,000 White Christians, in “recent” times. Disguised as Russian Revolution by Jew Communists, Polish Katyn massacre, starvation and death, destruction of only Christian churches burned and destroyed, no Jewish synagogues, Jews, or even Hindus, Chinese, or Muslim structures… all thriving until today. DVD: New […]

Jews Infiltrate the White New Testament: Ephesians

White Christians and Jews. I watched a DVD series about the New Testament. Many, many Christians worship, literally, the Jews of Israel as god. The Jews are faked, forgeries, and murderers of Jesus Christ. Jews took over my Polish White people even before year 1025, as I have written on earlier posts. Jewish bankers. All […]

Hitler's Diaries

Jew Publishers: Since we know Jews control book publishing and our entire thought as I have previously posted, I just “wonder” about the so-called “Hitler Diaries.” They are said to be fraud, and man who wrote the 62 volumes was a White German Christian fraud. Now that may or may not be the case. But […]