Blacks and Jews Raping White Women Around the World!

Blacks Raping White Women, 37,000 a year in Jew-S-A alone, not counting South Africa, Finland, where Blacks are not only raping Finnish women but cutting off their clitoris as the Somalians do in their own country!!!! And Henri Hollappa from Finland wrote a letter objecting to this to the editor of news and “he” the […]

Jew Pervert David Katz "finds" his "friend?" dead with heroin needle. Katz also found a white woman dead in his own hot tub.

Jew Pervert “finds” dead White Christian Philip Seymour Hoffman with heroin needs. It was also a Jew Morenthau who “found” White Christian President Roosevelt after World War II in a secluded cabin. Murder or death? Roosevelt the cripple President for Whites to “feel sorry” for was surrounded by mostly Jews included Jew Morgenthau who after […]

White Biker Buried on his Motorcycle

Pastor Eli and Christian Identity: the Letter of Pontius Pilate to Caesar regarding the goodness of Jesus and the nastiness of the Jews who killed him.

Here’s the link to download or share for Pastor Eli’s audio-radio version of White Pontius Pilate’s letter to White Italian Roman Caesar regarding the goodness of Jesus and the nastiness of the Jews who had him killed. Below link is for the actual letter from Pilate which was found hidden from us in the Vatican’s […]

International Jew: Henry Ford, Just Some of the Integral Businesses Jews Control

White USA business & Henry Ford founder of Ford Motors, 1920: “The International Jew,.” Con’d. Note that even as far back as 1920, and even I’m surprised, Jews controlled all these businesses and all we were were their slaves. We thought they just controlled the banks since 1913 and beyond. We can add to the […]

Jewish Devilish Art

Here’s something I posted on Facebook. I found accidentally. Jew Devil Painting: I was looking to sell some nude original paintings which I bought and some acquired from a woman in the Who’s Who of Art. While looking on ebay the paintings go as high as $999,999.00. But as I’m glancing I see a “Jewish” […]

Jewish Neurosis and Psychosis: Erich Fromm, Communist Lover

Jewish Communist Psychosis and Neurosis: Just happened to come across the Jew, Erich Fromm, psychiatrist and psychoanalyst. When the Jewish doctor raped me in Chicago, he said he would never do it again, and he would be cured for he entered psychoanalysis. He lied, for even though I fled him, I returned to him 7 […]

Jews & White Lesbianism

Lesbianism. On my fb advertising page I keep seeing pix of Ellen Lesbian Degenerate kissing another women. Jews who control advertising do that to shock Whites like their deadly electrical shock treatments given to depressed patients. (probably damaged thru Jew system. So rather than just consent to those pix I will a. write about it, […]

Jewish American Ghettos

Jewish American Ghettos. Whites are blinded to what is happening to their home. So we barricade ourselves into our houses with several locks, alarms systems, etc. Worse than animals in a zoo. As many of our cities turn into ghettos we think this “natural,” but it isn’t for White people. Jews brought their ghettos with […]

Jews & Tobacco

Jews Brainwash Whites into Smoking: For sale: White German Sketches Discouraging their White Children from Smoking: See other posts below: Who is going to pay for the damages done to me and mine from the miserable health and death due to smoking. Jews made sure their Jewish doctors got rich. Whites became doctors at one […]