White Arthur Topham Arrested for Speaking Truth about Jews & World War II

More arrests of White men! How can it be that one writes the truth, that it is a crime. It would be like people murdering, raping, embezzling, and if a person writes about it and names the people, the “writer” gets arrested and the criminals continue to go free and “demand” the arrests. Jews are […]

Black Obama Raids My Neighborhood

Two years ago, I volunteered for a Republican Candidate, who was a Mormon, and who was opposing the Jewish Princess, Shelley Berkley. (In Lil’ Israel, Vegas, she didn’t have a hard time & won. She is now running for Senator, and since Republicans don’t seem to have a chance here in Nevada/Vegas (Jews and their […]

John de Nugent, Hitler, Alex Jones, Me

Here is a video of Hitler. Remember the first casualty of war is “The Truth.” But isn’t God = Truth. We can never side with a lie if we love God. So prior to World War II, Germany had suffered the ravages of the Jews but unlike Russia, France, England, Poland, they were smart enough […]