The Best: Southern Charlie Daniels Band

Since the Jews can only be called “Supremists,” which they are, and Whites “cannot” be called Supremacists for fear we will try to raise ourselves up out of our problems, perhaps the ADL Jews, or SPLC Jews will “allow” us to be called the Best Whites we can be, like Charlie Daniels is the Best to me. Does that make me evil? Please don’t say yes, for as you know, that was my main complaint when I first sought the advice from the enemy: a Jew, psychiatrist.
I’ve seen very few famous bands play live, but at the Taste of Chicago with millions in attendance, I got to see Charlie Daniels for free, right in the front row!
I had complained when I was writing my emails to the DJ, that most of Chicago karaoke was black and hip hop, rip rap. The next year, Voila! Not only Charles Daniels playing instead of Aretha Franklin the black madonna for us to worship…. but the karaoke was sponsored by a country and western radio station encouraging more country.
I wrote that to my DJ friend because at the mostly black music karaoke, a gal got up to sing country, and since I was in costume, she came down from the stage and walked up to me and said, “I know this crowd doesn’t like country, and that I won’t get applause, but I’m going to do it anyway.
That is what I relayed to the media, as I wrote, the next year it changed.
This video needs to be watched more than once especially how he interacts with the others.

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