"The Death of the White Male" Michael Savage Against Affirmative Action

Early in my study, I went on KDWN Las Vegas radio, and spoke about my Vietnam Veteran’s White suicide. I chose the station at random, 2005. When I chose the first station in my search, I turned it on and Jew Michael Savage was the host. Some Jews are on are side, and most don’t even know the problem of the death of the White Race exists. I had been writing the DJ’s, media, schools, government, politicians about the crisis for “White” veterans since his last words: “There’s no help for the White man in this country.” Fast forward to about 2012, I heard on news headlines for the first time in history the military would do a study of wars and suicides (400 years in the USA.) Then I heard later, the result singled our the Vietnam War alone: 200,000 suicides, all white men.

In 2005, I looked up Michael Savage on the Internet which said he wrote a book, The Death of the White Male, 1977. My sister used to listen to him and he really comes on strong on the radio. Even Jewish, he suffered from Affirmative Action. So these comments from the book will apply to the White male of our species also. This is an answer to crusading for the least 12 years!! Here’s some information below from the book, “Death of the White Male” and perhaps we can use these ideas with whatever seems to be current thinking today.

  • He said he’s “just ahead of his time,” and my autobiography shows that’s how I’ve been since Mama’s womb.
  • He says our White males have been whipped mentally so much, they can’t fight anymore. He fought back by writing this book.
  • We need a national law ending government sponsored racism, which Liberal Liars call “Affirmative Action.”
  • White male professors for ending injustices call the death of their own kind because it won’t affect their job.
  • It’s like a production line of so many Whites, Blacks, Browns. Production equality. The average age of Whites is 55. The non-Whites make up the most from 0-Millenniuals. http://www.pewresearch.org/fact-tank/2016/07/07/biggest-share-of-whites-in-u-s-are-boomers-but-for-minority-groups-its-millennials-or-younger/
  • Most common age in U.S., by race and ethnicity
  • I have on my blog, search bottom right, for year 2042, the year we become minority which I did many years ago since I worked in Chicago for Census 2000.
  • Savage: ” . . . always knowing that far more worthy souls were forever locked out, in exile by their oppressors. He seems to bash the White race in the color game.
  • He says there’s racism by every ethnic group vying for a piece of the American Pie. “You’ve got to beat the system any way you can.” (I write in my old notes, Savage capitalizes Black with “B” and shows white’ with small “w,” which is how many of us feel.
  • He talks of “horror” stories about White males not hired even though they scored higher because of women and non-Whites. White males seem to be minority at 31% of nation.
  • “Racism” a tool used by women and non-Whites to get ahead. If someone yells “racism” it’s like yelling “fire” in a theater.
  • When I was in college, 2006, Las Vegas, and complained for three hours to the head of the English department the school was anti-White from teachers, essays I had to read, posters, student union mostly black although a heavy White population. He ended with “Give up on the White male; they’re no good.” The Jewish doctor told me that when I went to see him not just for help for me, but my White Vietnam Veteran. He said, “You’re Jewish boss is interested in you. Go with him. Give up on your (White) husband, he’s no good.” But who, except me, has been crusading for the White male since 2002, and led a life of actual love to the point of slavery, and changed history for White Veterans. Yet, there’s only pain and rejection for this noble act, and no one to give back to me personally in my endeavors, what I gave. I couldn’t get aid at school, either financial or mentor classes they had for those whose parents didn’t go to college and qualified with low-income. Daddy went to 8th grade; Mama 5th. The non-White head of the mentor classes told me I was rejected because I’m not the “right” kind. I wanted to say it’s because I’m the White kind?
  • “Note, they California State University at Los Angeles is offering teaching positions to virtually any minority, without regard to achievement! Note also that this racist, sickening, decidedly anti-White male appeal lacks the ubiquitous “affirmative-action” disclaimer now clutter and every job announcement in the nation. Affirmative action is affirmative racism.”
  • He talks of an ad at a major university in California calling for minority “role models,” even without qualifications. Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, women, disabled, homosexuals . . . straight White males need not apply.
  • “There is a clear and present wind of recently in America and the fires and hate are being inflamed. If you are a white male and you have been targeted for employment extinction. If you are a “protected” person have been selected for employment advancement and survival. This is fair? Is this American? Is this legal?
  • He asks to sign the form and mailed to the center, congressman, the president, and Attorney General and to give to friends and associates. But we must act. Without our active involvement in the White Male is as in danger as the America we all grew up believing in. The Future is bleak and terroristic as any city’s meanest streets.
  • “Your grandparents waited in line in the rain. The crowded bus is passing by, but they kept their places, patiently waiting their turn. Your father got on the bus, but he had to stand. He figure, “what the hell, at least I’m writing, maybe my kid will get a seat.”
  • What bothers me is when my Polish people came over to the USA, we accepted and still accept the lowest paying menial jobs. Yet when Jews came from my country, overseas, there were rich Jews waiting on the shores to push them right to the top or get them started replaced the Whites in the most important avenues.  The doctors are Muslims, Hindus, Chinese. None of them came into this country scrubbing floors and looking up at everyone as Mama, Daddy and I had to do even until recently just to take housecleaning in addition to regular office job to make ends meet. Even today, how many doctors are White males? Even though I didn’t bring up the subject at work in Vegas, a former nun was married to a former priest. She worked for a Jewish law firm, a supervisor, and I temped. After work, after every one was gone, she called me in her office and lamented: She had to work long hours just to keep her 12 year old son in a better school in Vegas. (lowest test scores) Her husband had to work long hours. Since they were formerly religious people with religious training, there’s no work in the USA for White people like that. She said her boy was smart and in advanced math and science: The only white boy in a class of say 30. All 29 non-Whites or girls. (doesn’t say much for our future doctors, engineers, smartest professors, scientists, Presidents.) She added she had to work, but the other mothers, Jewish, Chinese, Hindus, were married to rich doctors, etc. and could stay home, go to PTA meetings, help with homework to advance their boys and girls. The Black and Brown mothers could stay home because they could get “special privileges” in America over Whites. Her boy was good at tennis, $90 a week, but was falling behind, because again, the other parents could play with their non-White child 7 days a week and often. My German-American sister-in-law was a Special Ed teacher in a ritzy South Suburban school. She said (40 years ago) the valedictorians are always Chinese. Whites need not apply or be trained or nutured during childhood.
  • He continues, “Why are you being shoved off the bus?”
  • True life case: Frank H. Age 61. White male. World War II Veteran (US Navy) Frank is everybody’s American type. Tall, very WASPy face. Tough, but ready to smile at a good joke. Frank earns $250 a month from his Social Security payments, and a few hundred more each month by doing non union wage electrical work, on a part-time basis his rent is 225 a month. Frank feels cheated by the government. “I fought for this country because I believed in it. I see immigrants just off the boat who are given apartments, more money than me, and jobs. Hell, I can’t even get a job on ships anymore; the whole shipping industry was sold to foreigners. Worst, every time I go for a city job, I’m given a runaround by people who can’t speak English. They give their cousins the good jobs, not Americans.” (Surely this is how my Vietnam Veteran felt and took his life because. Even myself. Black women of my caliber now make “twice” as much. Not damaged as a slave for Whites but I was damaged as slave for Jews. Also if a Black couple move into a White neighborhood the Black couples are the richest, no self-esteem problem, no damage fighting wars for 400 years, plus coddled with good food, special treatment, unity, NAACP, Jewish pushing behind them to get them to takeover. Mexicans who work together have little bills, and they get jobs for each other, even illegals brought in.)
  • True life case: Doug R. Age 25. White Male. Engineer. Married. One Baby. Doug has the kind of face you immediately trust. He looks like an honest New England pastor from colonial American times. His father, from the Midwest, played varsity football in college, made team captain, worked his way through school, entered and graduated from Harvard Law school. (This is the worse tragic story. Harvard was an all White religious school. Jamie Kelso’s parents donated the land, yet he couldn’t go there. Harvard is now perhaps 9% White male paying full price. Jews are the heaviest population and would be the entire school if they could do so. The Chinese and Jews get the grants at the highest, and people like foreigner Obama, and the other races at the lowest. Jewess Elena Kagan, who Obama put into the Supreme Court after the last White Protestant male stepped down, aged 94, was the dean at Harvard. 50% of her appointments were for her racist Jewish kin. And the Whites aren’t even equipped to handle this problem since we’re taught the opposite and are totally dumbed down as far as these subjects and worse assaulted if we think about these subjects. ) His mother, also a working-class person, graduated Salutatorian  from Radcliffe college. Doug was also a conscientious student. He earned a 90 average attending a plain New York City high school “his father, being honest, never made it “big” as a corporate lawyer, so no private school for Doug.” Don’t apply to his father’s Alma Mater, Harvard. REJECTED. He feels cheated as does his father. He knows of another boy from his graduating class with a much lower average who was accepted by Harvard. Also by Yale, Stanford, etc. the boy was black, no special skills, “why should they admit someone with a lower average just on the basis of his skin color? Isn’t this the very discrimination those laws were written to eliminate? Who is behind this twisted logic question? Affirmative Action … Racism. (I know in my Poland, a Black man from Africa told me the Communists went to Africa, brought back a lot of Black people for the Polish universities. They took the black Communists to a second floor gigantic buffet on the second floor. The Communists showed the Polish citizens who built that country for 1,000 years, were standing and starving in bread lines. The Communists told the Blacks this is what’s going to happen when Communism takes over Africa. They will put all the Whites in bread lines and the Blacks will rule. The black replaced the White Polish man or woman at the university. The Jew-led Communists gave the Blacks the best of buffets, all they could eat and drink, but the breadlines below for the White Christian Polish always ran out to cause fear and terror which made the Pole get up early the next day to be at the front of the government line, instead of in the graduating class line. The black got all books, supplies, mentorship, a free car with free rationing card. The Polish man got nothing for if he had a card he couldn’t afford gas and with the Jew Iron Curtain couldn’t leave Poland. The black could travel freely, was in demand with Swedish White women, married one, brought her back to Las Vegas and has 1/2 breed children. She’s out of the White gene pool forever. Some of our finest. He got the highest job for the environment a big job for dry hot Las Vegas.
  • Mike L. Age 45. White male. Salesman. Married 2 children. Mike wanted to be a college professor from the time he was 18. He thought it was the highest profession in the world. His father was an immigrant from Russia who completed the seventh grade. In his home the written word was King. Ideas and arguments abounded. In this fertile atmosphere Michael learn to think. While going to graduate school, he worked, wrote a few books, and had a child. He earned two masters degrees and then a PhD from one of the Americas most highly rated graduate schools. For 10 years he try to get a teaching position. Always rejected for a woman or a “minority,” he eventually gave up. He now uses his PhD to sell vitamins. “Both he and America are the losers, since his wife’s, Sandy. “They screwed him after 15 years of struggle. Who the hell says a woman is an endangered species deserve a special preference? I’ll tell you “affirmative action, his wrecked our lives.”
  • I know three White males with straight A’s who after graduation didn’t get a job, had to change bed pans in a mental hospital until his mother found him job in Poland as a teacher/principle even though he’s 3rd generation. Another had to put up dry wall.
  • Also Jewish media portrays “cool guys” who get all the White girls, like Jewish Fonz in Happy Days, to be like hoodlums. The White woman is taught to look down on her White male or make fun of him, or he himself.
  • In the book, “Death of the White Male” Savage writes a letter to the editor of the New York Times regarding a comment about the TITLE VI of the Civil Rights Act 9 Sect. 6010 states “no person in the United States shall, on the ground of race, color or national origin, be . . . subjected to discrimination under any program or activity receiving Federal assistance.” He adds “In no case is an institution required to hire women or minorities on the basis of sexual or racial preference.. To do so is clearly illegal. Merit criteria are being ignored in favor of racial or sex criteria and nation’s colleges are the sorry result.” (I think now it needs to be recognized our Whites may need special help to advance them to levels of the smarter, undamaged races, not keep us competing or giving our inalienable rights to the other races.) “In no case, is an institution required to hire women or minorities . . . to do so is illegal.” He says to write the Washintonian idiots (his words not mine, if they can’t see our problems or work on them it’s social engineering and steering the country in  direction favorable to the other races or for the sake of corporations and not White people.) “You may not benefit immediately, but your son or daughter may. No longer will they be forced away from competitive colleges and jobs just because they are not a minority.”  “In 1987, College of Engineering at the University of California at Berkeley received applications from 1,495 straight A students and rejected 780 of them. In 1988, the university rejected 3,000 students with Straight A’s. Our attempt to breakdown by gender and race was never answered. Why?” He then makes the argument the school used to be one of the highest ranked and then slipped to 24 owing to poorly qualified schools and large numbers of poorly qualified “minorities” admitted in place of straight-A WHITE CHILDREN. Only when parents threatened to sue the school when their White sons were rejected, did the administrative geniuses admit these highly qualified WHITE STUDENTS. (now the Whites may have to be specially tutored, the other races held back, and heal the damage done to our people. I’m sure the other races who we’ve helped some for 400 years will eagerly help us now in return. After all, we taught them Christianity and it didn’t say love only your fellow black people and help them.
  • “Racism, against Whites, has become institutionalized in America and must be overturned, through political action.” He adds, this was written 30 years ago, but the scene was now abominable with a Black Muslim, a female who supported the Black Panthers in Chicago, 1968, (my neighborhood and Hillary Clinton who lived nearby) crusaded for the Black Panther’s trials and a White man who was 865 of 869 in his class.
  • He writes of San Diego State University’s application where races are rated: Black -0, African, Jamaican, Trinidad, or West Indian descent, Asian American-person of Japanese, Chinese, Korean, East Indian or Pacific islander (other Filipino) descent. 1
  • 2. Other non-White but I capitalize W for White but applications have small “w” but big “B” so we can add Blacks to our lists of idols to worship or feel sorry for or support. The list is then of European, Middle Eastern or North African descent. Odd but why do we even have to put the other races and then compete with them in our own country. We don’t have time. 25 years till Whites become minority. He goes on to the other ethnics. In my own words, I read there’s a city in Italy where the men stay home and 4,300 join the Apron Club while their women work to support them. Italian men used to be some of the most protective and righteous men. My ideal, would be what the humans had before the Bible: Partnership. Not matriarchal like Michelle Obama’s Africa, where the women in charge beat the men to work, or not Patriarchal when our White women are left with no support for their babies, no human contact to breastfeed of be exhausted with a poor milk supply supporting the 92% of the non-Whites to worry about. We need strong men. And we need assurance the White babies have a chance to be healthy and paid for.
  • He goes into “Who is a Minority? Chinese one billion souls; East Indians and Pakistanis number over 3/4 of a billion. (It must larger now and more babies coming for China, Pakistan, East India.) Japanese and Koreans 150 million, Algerians, 20 million, Cubans, 10 million; Egyptians, 50 million; Moroccans, another 25 million; Iranians, about 45 million, Iraqis, about 17 million; Jamaicans, about 3 million; Haitians and Dominicans, about 13 million; Malaysians, about 16 million; Libyans, another 4 million; Laos (4); Cambodia (7). Burma (37); Vietnam (60); Thailand (50); Filipinos, about 55 million; Yemen, 8 million; and oh yes, there are about 50 million Turks; and over 500 million Africans. (Last time I checked it was 1 billion and they are having 15 children for Whites to take care of or face the dreaded WHITE GUILT. I have none of this. Poland was an all White country except for Jews who were removed after World War II. When Germany rounded up Jews, political prisoners, some religious, Gypsies, the entire population was all White normal People, even Christians. For the first time in history had a country positioned itself and took their rights to determine they wanted it all White. It’s not a sin, or illegal or immoral. All the other races still have it but we’ve been bashed into believing it’s “evil” for Whites to survive. Back to list: 100 million Bangladesh; Mexicans, over 100 million. El Salvidor 5 million; Guatemalins, 8 million; over 16 million Nepalese; 40 million Syrians; 20 million Taiwanese; Savage then argues out of 7 billion people just about anybody of the 7 billion can be called a “minority” when they are the “majority” and Whites are 8% of the World’s Population. (don’t know how many 1/2 breeds in that figure, Jews, Arabs, Hindus who I think are considered as such in Census. He says the Japanese people have a White population called Ainu of Hokkaido — and are treated as “racial inferiors.” Yet we made them a superpower as China. Both Yellows, my words. In the USA, because Yellow Japanese are considered a “minority” they get treated with preference not just on the job, but Whites brag about being “diverse” which is Die-First, Whites, and leave all your belongings to us. (my words) If Whites went to Japan or China would they be given preferential treatment? Special housing? Scholarships for your children? (No! From my own study I read when Japan or China have companies here in the USA, they hire their own as do the other races. “If” they hire a White, he’s kept at the bottom forever. White women? Good question for the world plans on getting rid of White male and use our females to breed their raced babies. my words. He argues all citizens should be equal. I say if whites are damaged at any level and can’t keep up with women, Jews, Chinese, or any other race, we stop the help for them, until he can hold his head up high around the world, take off the Jewish stigma of “White Evil Man,” (a race who served Jesus Christ and God for 2,000 years, yet call the atheists Jews “gods and goddesses” to worship like “Chosen.”
  • Not wit some of us shackled with racial and gender chains imposed by the government. Chains just as sure as those forged around the cuffs of slaves.
  • He adds in Boston they take pictures to see who’s a minority. (my words. I know Barach Hussein put Brown Mexican on the Supreme Court, Sonia Sotomayer. Now I show  he put a Jewess on the Supreme Court, Elena Kagan, whose father Kagonovich was called the “Bloody Butcher.” His Sotomayer appointment was made in hatred of the White male. There were 20 White firemen who took a case to court for discrimination. It wasn’t just about money and jobs but the non-Whites didn’t work well with them and could have cost them their White lives. It could happen in the future on the battlefield with majority non-Whites as Generals. Our population is aging. We have no one to send to war. If the minorities takeover we’re history. We’d have to “hope and pray” they treat us with Christian kindness, but they don’t have it for us for they haven’t been Christians for 2000 years. Brown Sotomayer female, ruled “against” the White males. She’s a racist. For that horrendous act, the Black and White President put her into the highest court in the land to make more decisions to rule against the White male the Black and Jew competitor in our own country. Why did we ever bring all of them in here. We were taught we needed them and we have to get to the point if it take 1,000 years as the Germans thought it would to overcome the damage, we have to be self-sufficient as a White Race in all areas of life. Not staring at them but looking at ourselves and our other Whites.
  • He talks about the Fireman and Police in Boston, New York, San Francisco. How the Spanish who could be called that way in many ways, or Blacks got “preferential treatment.” In City of New York Police department an exam for promotion to sergeant was given. It matters not whether your parents are millionaires, as long as they speak Spanish. (People want to know why we can’t get White Europeans to move here. I’ve talked with them which is my autobiography. Man from Bosnia said he has a sister and mother waiting 12 years; he’s alone. A man from Romania: He said his family has a year’s visa, and they can’t want to get back to the poorest country of Europe. What they have is better than anything we do. It’s unfit for children he says. Polish said it’s so hard because they come in at the bottom (we’re second smartest after dying Germany) and the White Poles compete with jobs or work with the Brown Mexicans. She called them the “Mexican Mafia,” for they treat the (White Catholic Christian Polish so badly.) In Chicago, Poles are going back to Poland by the droves. Good hard workers like me. Clean people. “Dumb Polaks,” as Jews defamed us. I’d like to see all the Whites of Europe remain pedigreed and spend time visiting each other. Collectively solving our White Race’s problems based on that like every other creature in the universe, which we’ve been brought lower. On the exam the “minorities” wanted to sue but the suing-screaming minorities “wrote the test. These other races just flaunt themselves often at our White crippled status. Dangerous.
  • Affirmative Action + Affirmative Racism
  • In San Francisco, 1989, a commission declared by law 80% minorities; 20% women. (Goodbye good government jobs to White males. Also, Whites should be ruled by an all White government and not like Poland where all laws were for the advantage of Jews. We’ve spoiled them in Poland for 1,000 years as their slaves: but with my alarm this doesn’t have to happen in the USA.)
  • Savage sent this notice to an older man in England known for social activism, (which is what I call what I do) the man replied “I thought it might be perhaps a form for entry to Dachau.) It’s a totalitarian society rather than a democracy.
  • “This is what our “Civil Rights” legislation has brought, racism in it’s most virulent form. (My words, now try to get our White country back for our survival and our home as a healthy, happy, debt free majority. We can’t because the mind expands on what we think about=other races.
  • “America is unfortunately opting for mediocrity come down with leveling, and enforce depreciation standards of town and merit.” John H. Bunzel, “Affirmative Action; Negative Results”
  • Who’s at Fault? As a Jew, he began as a social worker to help “Blacks” and again capitalizes Blacks (Jews) but small letter for whites. But it’s still a good article. He studied Melanesians, listening to their rage. Our White man’s rage destroyed into takeover of his territory and country. They fought for and maintained control of their own land and identity by defeating the surrounding brown-skinned people, Polynesians.
  • Of course, these ancient warriors perceive themselves as superior to your enemy. That is the universal fact of warfare – – without any believe this. Your tribe squad platoon regiment early, he will have a very difficult battle. For men can only find effectively when he perceives himself to be in the right. Preferably, your permit those beautifully to survive, if not thrive. (Today Jew media screams and punished us with “White Supremacists” so we can’t even survive let alone try to achieve our innate highest being.)
  • “Yet, these slurs and curses cast against the White Male are tragically accurate. Only a doltish, somewhat “inferior “race would, from a position of strength, permit competitors to ascend to the point where they are given preferential consideration for jobs, loans, public housing, government grants, and other purpose of the system for those at the mid to low range of the scale. It is madness. (as I’ve said they’ve drive us mad. I found my Polish pride at a Chicago parade when I danced in it. Then White Pride with a sticker on the back of my car. (lots of trouble on that one. I think I lost a job because of it.)
  • “When my Black Melanesian friends and teachers defeated their enemy they ate the strongest of the males and the youngest quote and sweetest of the women. Those they permitted to live were related to lonely positions, to live as inferiors. And here we see the opposite! Those whose father sacrificed their lives in the greatest numbers to save this nation from the very fascism that would have enslaved all non-Caucasians are now become the the slave of their own. (As I have written we are the Whites slaves of all the other races and religions.)
  • Democratic ideas. Slaves of their “heron decently,” sense of “Fairplay,” and sympathy for the underdog. The “good guys” are losing. When the underdog is nourished, and gain strength we have evolved a super black race, while our white men are getting smaller and smaller.
  • Jewish savage talks about his Jewish communities were the first to integrate and welcome black people long before any others. Well Jewish people brought the black sleeves hear it over charge the whites. Those are my words.
  • The income and Jewish people, once kept out By strict quotas, opened the doors at academia to black people after they achieved domination of these formally restricted institutions. (Domination by Jews, subservience to Blacks and other races.)
  • The result? Once great national treasures of the intellect are fast becoming intellectual slums. Institutions now in claimed by race fever. Blacks, Asians, Hispanics, women, and handicap people is far lower grades that whites (All other races have capital letters and we must write “White” with a capital letter) are sought after to enter great universities. Special fellowships, open only to them, free housing, free tutoring, all denied to “non-special” “ordinary sons and daughters – our guaranteed.
  • The result? Protests, riots, and demands for one. Easier courses to. Minority – oriented curricula three. More “minority “professors for. More “minorities” students; always Far less qualifications then there White cohorts. The universities are becoming intellectual slums. Lower standards, confused teachers, lack of direction.
  • Should a student protest on equal admission policy he or she is branded a “racist” and soon with drawls from the battle for truly equal rights. The warfare is one in lost on the battleground of “politeness.” “Civility,” and “pleasantness.”
  • Students suffering from affirmative racism institutionalize policies intending to illuminate males of European White heritage sooner forage to give up the fight. Rarely, if ever, lucrative us are sharing their genetic grouping rise to their defense. Tenured professors are deeply entrenched architects of racist action guidelines it will fiercely protect Affirmative Racism.
  • As our universities have become twisted cauldrons of corrupted social angering, very future of America is threatened. He attempted brainwashing of a whole generation is taking place all across America
  • The Decline of America   Americas decline has not been caused by one single factor. There is no single cure. To prevent a total collapse of America and rescue what means we must initiate preventive measures at once. Some will renounce these measures as “un-American” “racist” “sexist” “anti-handicap” and whatnot. WE must suffer these tools, but not in “silence.” We must answer these aggressions which are camouflaged as humane laws.
  • Only by learning to articulate our feelings, is the enemies of democracy have done, can we rescue art true position in the world. What are the reasons for the decline of America? What can we as individuals do to save our own economic positions and thereby restore our national pride?
  • There is, of course, the drug problem. That short of every parent of every middle – class child joining a vigilante group and shooting a drug dealer, there is little help here. (We don’t have to save the world from drugs, nor sell them drugs, but our kids need to be drug-free to study, think, and be on the same par as the other races around the world not damaged.)
  • Of course, we can lecture our children, loudly. We can ridicule those actors and actresses and rock stars as the degenerates they are. (Jew entertainment did this to America as they did it to Germany and brought them down before WWII.)
  • We can and must teach our children to respect intelligence, kindness, and creativity instead of cleverness, superficial “love,” and style.  (I heartily agree on all points.)
  • He says we have to shift the world political alliances because our country has been sold shit by Chip, but by but, Wheatland by Wheatland, to foreign owners. Never before in our nations history has so much been owned by so few sentences and buy so many “non-– citizens. (This is what I’ve been writing about. Our companies and stocks are probably non-White. Richest woman in the world, Real Estate Chinese. Farms our very survival in foreign hands (as Jews did to my Poland which caused starvation as in Urkaine. Even our businesses: are the stocks and companies which merge bought out by foreign China, Jew, Oil Arab countries. I know my health insurance has Chinese symbols as my bank before. I read (Jews made and own all movies 1927, but now the Chinese bought up the movie theaters. Not a single person is writing about this for our survival in our own home. It’s catastrophic.)
  • “Instant immigration benefits must also be corrected. Why do so many former Soviet scientist (Communists?) find choice positions in our government at our university or tens of thousands of qualified Native Americans are locked out? Who puts these immigrants ahead of everyone else on the line? (I wrote the Yellow Chinese were the heads of our space agency and now China has all our secrets, our inventions, our ideas, our copyrights. And surely do the Jews, the two smarter and wealthier races. Both not damaged by wars and drugs and bankruptcies, rapes.)
  • Chicago Post Office= 80% black. High paying skyscraper building, Brown Mexican union wages $100,000. Whites?
  • Never before in history has a nation run so fast and so far to destroy its most productive workers in the name of social justice. I placing less qualified minorities, I  find repugnant. And a true democracy the ultimate minority is the individual who stands up for what he or she believes, (I stand up for what I believe, and am shot down, excluded, and worse) women and handicap people into key positions are national productivity, creativity a competitive advantage has rapidly declined. (Remember I wrote how the Jews put Franklin Roosevelt in a wheel chair as President to push forth World War II. The Whites “felt sorry” for his drum beats for war for Jewish rights and White losses. It’s a very sad White picture. I hope the rich just keep having fun for the few of us Whites can’t handle this load while they party and abuse us.)
  • I wasted and billions of dollars and spreading affirmative races and propaganda, making sure these policies of anti-– white male racism are being practice everywhere, through the attendant lawsuits the lost man hours, our country slips further each day.
  • What Must Be Done “The white applicant is not being barred from employment because of his race, rather his claim to a particular job is been deferred while remedy is applied.”
  • How many families have been broken down by the any quality fostered by this ACLU totalitarian edict? The time is upon us to act. Here is my program. This is Michael Savage’s program.
  • Eliminate the EEOC. This group costs taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars and harasses universities and businesses by “demanding” racial profiles of applicants.
  • Oppose all practices that give people “an advantage, or impose upon them any disadvantage based on race or sex.
  • Reaffirm Title VI of the Civil Rights Act. (Sect. 601): No person in the United States shall, on the grounds of race, color, or national origin, be subjected to discrimination.
  • Reaffirm Title VII (Sect. 703a) which states that “it shall be an unlawful practice for an employer to discriminate against any individual . . .. such individuals race, color, religion, sex or national original or to limit, segregate or classify his employees in anyway. (I think we will have to do this differently myself. We will have to think through all our decisions through a “White” perspective. It’s too hard for me to think of making all our decisions based on the other 92% of the world. It’s mathematical.)
  • Reaffirm that it’s illegal for a college or university to admit or grant scholarships to students with lower grades based on sex or race. (I would adjust that. If our boys now can’t make it into math and science reading and writing we have to completely change society from the belief it’s impossible to stop drugs, or get our boys to achieve. White boys will need 21 mentors, segregated, and not even girls in their classes, but with complete male / female activities so the boys turn don’t homo or girls lezzies. No babies.
  • He would make it illegal to give college or universities to admit or grant scholarships to students based on sex or race. (I would have opportunities open up for women who had babies to keep them with skills if they needed or wanted to go back to work. She shouldn’t be penalized after I gave the best 16 years of my life to saving a Veteran’s life and then became a displaced homemaker while he stayed up the ladder and his wage$ bought my son’s love for I had no $$.
  • Every aspect of our country should be watched for “prejudice” against White males. (I could think of so many. It’s said there’s a WWIII in the White Race and the White Female must change. White boys sickly when young, drugged up at school, given up at on illegal drugs. Other races not damaged appear more attractive to the White female or her job does. The bashing the Jews have done against our White males since the wars, and deceit, and takeover, is reprehensible and must be exposed and immediate actions taken to reverse this. Especially gays in the military so a White man in the service can’t even get a good nights sleep wondering if some gay will attack him. Or a Black general command even a White woman to shoot a White male on the battlefield, since she’s part of this White World War III. Also, with the other races such as Jews running Supreme Court our young boys need to be raised to do that. Not just school, but the parents, the strongest influence of all. Same with Hollywood which Jews run. We have to learn how to operate all that equipment when the Monopoly is broken up. I saw on a YouTube of a Jew saying something like “yeah, you’ll want to get rid of us but you’ll beg us to come back.  Before we were in a daze not knowing what the Jews or our role in this sadist / masochist relationship. But neither wants that. It’s too prehistoric.)
  • He advises to mail letters to the Legislature with his form: But I’d check this through White eyes, it’s a start

Dear Legislature:
We believe affirmative action policies discriminate against the White male. To enforce existing legislation on the subject of equal opportunity we ask you to:

  1. Eliminate the EXEC This group costs taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars and harasses universities and businesses by demanding racial profiles of applicants.
  2. Oppose all practices that give people “an advantage, or impose upon them any disadvantage” based on sex and race. (I’d dismantle the NAACP made by Jews for only colored people. “National Association for the ADVANTAGE of Colored People (Only. Whites need not survive.)
  3. Reaffirm Title VI of the Civil Rights Act. (Sect. 601) (would change the Civil Rights Act, into the White Civil Rights Act. This melting pot idea put on us by Jews and Chinese and other raced Communists for the takeover of our country is idiotic as well as dangerous. When we have solved all our monumental problems from the past, present and future, we can again think of our position among other races.


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