The Good: Missouri Governor “Rejects Funding Jew holocaust Studies!”

It’s a big big win. My Springfield, Missouri was designated as the #1 Holocaust Jewish research center with million$$ pouring in after a White history teacher supposedly murdered a retired Jewish Missouri State University Professor. He’s in prison. Should I be a good Christian and write or even visit the White Teacher? 
To reverse the evil going on, I must magnify the good. Even in the small things in my life. “I’m grateful.” Been doing this since 1977.
I sent by padlocked mail my book, My Analysis of the Movie Trumbo, to all my six local and Washington DC government officials. It showed at least 25 instances whereby White Republicans exposed the Jews since 1890.
Now, White Holocaust Exactitude Revisionists have a big, big win. My Republican governor, who I suppose read my book and watched the DVD “denied jewish holocaust blackmail” and refused to honor their $32,000 request for more loot! Bless Governor Parsons for his bravery, courage, and love for himself (integrity), his family, country, and our White people.