“The Hitler Test” by Polish American John Kaminski

I married a disabled Veteran who fought the Commies as Hitler did. No one knows my or his suffering. What we suffered happened to our White (Christian) Veterans for jewish wars. USA, Europe, Germany, Russia, Poland, England. I’d be callous and cruel to let the USA veterans live in deceit for the smiles and pocketbooks of the jewish family. I hear the veterans cry from their graves as my husband for justice. If we expose the jewish system and inaugurate our own, the veterans lives and loved one’s suffering will not be in vein.
The link below is on a different TV station: Goyim!
John Kaminski is Polish (“ski”) at the end of the name. “Sky” generally means jews who married into royalty. Think Carolyn Kennedy, Chelsea Clinton, Ivanka Trump.
John talks about Nobel Peace Prize winner Russian Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn. His book, 200 Years Together. On page one, he writes that he doesn’t go back beyond 1775. 
That was left for me to discover. I then traced 92% of Jews back to Poland 1025. By 1775, there was the “Great Partition.” Austria, Russia, and Prussia warred with Poland but my ancestors merely let them cross the border and didn’t resist. Although the Austrian leader told the other two to “let the Polish people go free. They’ve known only about war for 800 years non-stop.” The other two said that it would be too painful for the Polish to experience freedom since they never had it. It was then that they split up Poland and it was wiped off the map. (many, many times. The White USA has already been wiped off through mental means.)
During the Polish partitioning, Russia “won” the Jews. That’s like Russian Roulette that worked against them. Now the USA “inherited” the Jews through diabolical subterfuge. What’s also interesting as Jews annihilated Poland in 1772, Jewish banker Hyam Salomon began fomenting the American Revolution. 
Note the Jews tied the Polish king’s hands behind his back. The British King on the right is snoring or drugged. Our veterans were victims of Jews and the White men deserve justice and real honor. We will then have finally won the war or the stop the beatings the Jews inflicted on us. Then the hard work begins to save the Whites, (Christians) and our countries and begin to run the race that the Jews and Chinese dynasty now lead. We can, must, and will do it.
 It’s as if the wars had to happen for us to see the hidden evil that has beset us. It’s the same (although I don’t compare) when the Jews hounded Jesus for three years, no one talked “For Fear of the Jews,” and they tortured and hung him the worst death possible. 

Here’s the drawing from my book: Also see “The Hitler Test.” Polish John Kaminski. Note the pictures of the young girls and the mother’s role also.