The Martyrdom and Hanging of German Julius Streicher

Some pictures are missing.

From my book on what the Jews did to German Julius Streicher. Also, his testament.

  • Julius Streicher, German NSDAP – Publisher of Der Stürmer, exposed the Jews. Wife’s testimony: Not violent, nor wanted any for Jews. 

After World War II, USA Jews and Blacks mocked him in his jail cell. Put a sign on him, “Julius Streicher, King of the Jews.” With the prison window out, left numb with cold. Couldn’t hear. Blacks undressed him naked. He kept only pants but couldn’t keep them up when they fell because they handcuffed him. Every 2-4 hours, 24/7, Blacks with a White man hammered at him. Cigarette burns on nipples, fingers gouged into eye sockets, eyebrows and chest hairs pulled out. The non-Whites beat German Streicher with an ox whip. 

welts all over his body. Thrown against walls, floor. Blows to the head. Heavy chain across his back. 

When he refused to kiss the Blacks’ feet, they kicked and whipped him. When he wouldn’t eat rotten potato skins, more blows, spitting, and burns. If he refused to drink out of the toilet, more torments. Jew pressmen every day. Photographed naked! They hung an old great army coat around him and jeered, ‘Now, how long do you think you got to live?” No opportunity to lie down, no chair. He collapsed handcuffed for four days. Impossible to relieve nature. He never cried out but thought of his dear wife, White Adele. In contrast, I posted how the Jewess used the singer, Adele, against our White people and a slave to the Black race with the 2.6 billion hit video Hello, that I sang in karaoke. Now I turn it off.[i]

Blacks screamed at him, “Kill! Kill!” Twenty Jews interrogated him through a Jew prison governor. They executed White Streicher by hanging.[ii] It was Jew Herman Obermayer who made money supplying the materials for the executions. The Jews ran the trials – the first time in history that there wasn’t an unbiased court and judges! They secured the most despicable White hangman to do their dirty work![iii]

I don’t want to end my life with suicide but go to the end in a weekly journal as a struggle for truth.

I’d be especially interested in the Pre and World War II German editions and would welcome comments.