United WorldWide Jews Destroyed White Walt Disney Family

I did this analysis in response to a joke about how Jews gouged Walt Disney and other Whites. Very, very little resistance has ever surfaced exposing the “Self-Chosen” ones from Poland now in the USA.

Here’s the video with the jokes. I laughed until I realized the first few seconds showed Disney in a time machine. Watch carefully at the beginning of the short speech by Disney. This is a screenshot I made of the YouTube. The Jokes were hilarious, but the story of Disney is unknown.

Hilarious! I’ll forward. I had to rewind the beginning of the YouTube.(owned by Jewess Wojcicki)
It started with Walt Disney being in what looks like a time machine and lifts the lid. 
The scientist says: “Welcome back Mr. Disney.” 
Disney: “Are the Jews gone yet?”
Scientist: “Ah – no!”
Disney: “Put me back!” and slams the lid on the time machine. 
I did a tribute on stage to Walt Disney on the strip in RockStar RockBand karaoke. It was the anniversary of his death.  I’ve done many tributes to his characters in costumes, Snow White, her wicked stepmother, plus the witch the step-mother turned into, Cinderella and Prince Charming. Daisy, Donald, Dumbella mother of Huey, Dewey, and Louie. She had a nervous breakdown when the triplets put a stick of dynamite under their dad’s chair because he wouldn’t play with them. Hence, she sent them to live with Uncle Scrooge McDuck! I have stuffed animals or dolls to represent the characters. Although those cast of characters were lively, his death was somber for me. The only movie I ever took my sons to see was “Snow White & the 7 Dwarfs.” (I also have a tribute to Dopey.) 
The Jews gouged Disney and forced him into bankruptcy. He recovered and was the only non-Jew in Hollywood. He had to cow-tow to them during World War II. Disney was a fan of Germany and Hitler and the Nazis. Even Jew Time magazine did a tribute to Hitler on the cover, but only because the Jews were angry that he tore up the Treaty of Versailles that gave German land away to Poland, the Danzig Corridor, so Jews could start what they really desired and lusted for: World War II. That way they could invent the holocaust fantasy, and move all their Jewish population out of Poland (1,000 years) into Palestine to be called “the collective Messiah.” 6,000,000 there and 6,000,000 here in America. If 6,000,000 Jews died, then today Jewish ghosts haunt these two countries, not humans. As I wrote before and you might be able to find on Jewess YouTube, how Jewish men forced Disney to make cartoons “hating” Hitler and the Nazis, as Jews mocked the Germans in the movie and play, The Producers. How did Whites ever agree to all these laws and lies to memorize and obey like a Christian catechism? 
Disney doesn’t want to see or hear about the horror stories of what the Jews did to his ideas, inventions, enterprises, even the parks. But then the Jews have a monopoly on “all” forms of moving images and even communications, both the technical and interpersonal relationships. He brings the lid back down on himself.
When the White famous person dies, Jews take over. Whites don’t stick together to form an alliance to maintain our ideas for the next generations for eternity. For example when I pass on: Who gets my research, 50,000 pages of writing, book and the rights? My 260 costumes? They don’t fit in a Jewish controlled reality or even a White one since Whites have white bodies with Jewish minds. Sort of like the Jewess book and Jewish man’s movie, Frankenstein. From my resurrected website it was German-born Jew, Carl Laemmle, who stole Thomas Alva Edison’s movie machine. I’m reading my own link, but I can cry each time I read what our White inventors and creators have suffered. You can see why the Jews had my website shut down and when I managed to outsmart them and send it to Bulgaria, Jew Google bought the website company. The bad part is the unbearable stress they heap on us, but the good part is that their evil is exposed not hidden anymore. Once it’s released, it will have an effect. The rest of the non-White world knows and will do their bidding for a job, food, housing, the works, as we gave the Blacks and Reds for 350 years.
Since the Jews spat on Disney when he tried to get legal help, he brought a bunch of guys together who were also damned by the Jews. Disney and friends called it the “Trust.” They worked with Eastman Kodak to only produce their movies. (Autobiography: I like to include my own life to make it real, not just what I read. Mama worked at Eastman Kodak along with having the 12 babies during World War II. My mother teletyped messages from families and friends back home overseas to the veterans.) Jew Lameille & his co-racialist Jews smuggled Kodak-like film into the USA. If Germany was filled with crooked Jews and Jewesses like this, we can see why the Germans rounded them up in work camps.
Note in my blog it says Jews had to show their faked movies onto American screens in movie houses. Jews always bring in host country people to work with them. Many years ago, I read China bought up 4,300 USA movie theaters. Do you see the outcome of when Whites work with Jews? Rich for a while, then disaster, not just personal, but will subject the entire White population into slavery. The only participation Whites have in Jew and Chinese Communist movie making is to pay for the ticket and snacks and sit in the movie house “electric chair” with mental leather bands holding the arms of the chairs, and enter into a trance-like hypnotic state and be programmed. Even those movies said to be “Wholesome,” have the Jewish subliminal works in them for us.
Jew Laemille used every form of “junk” to vomit on the Whites (Christian descendants.) When the Whites fought back with breaking up the Jews’ movie sets, Jews fled to Hollywood, stole the invention of the talkie part from two White Californian inventors, and the first movie in 1927: The Jazz Singer. Jew actor, Al Jolson, played a singer in a synagogue who paints his face Black to begin the Jew and Black war against White Christian America. 
It’s good for me to reread my blog since I don’t remember these facts in detail or write so fast, it’s deep in my subconscious. The White “Trust” spent $300,000 and slapped the Hollywood Jews with 289 lawsuits! Hooray! Hooray! That’s why I recently wrote and published the book on archive org, Analysis of the Movie Trumbo? There’s no suspense film thriller than uncovering the truth. Plus it exercises the mind and IQ.
By the late 1920s, Jews put in the former Republican Party Chairman to head the “moral’ national regulation of movies and movie houses. Jewish tyrants and dictators then had complete control of the movie industry A-Z: 100%. It’s why Jews stopped us. They won’t settle for 99.99999999%. And they have the 92% of the non-Whites to do their bidding.
Then the Disney heartbreak began when he tried to sell his works to Jew Warner Brothers his works. He dealt with Jew Charles Mintz. Autobiographically speaking, it was Jewish Warner Brothers who had me perform on TV and mocked me in front of the world as the Queen of Karaoke when I first began sewing and designing costumes. They broke me down into a stage where I walked downtown Chicago, Magnificent Mile where I lived, streets, weeping. No Jewess weeps. From 1999-2013 when the Jewish Mandalay Bay had me beaten and crippled, I was a free slave entertainment for Jews and their establishments. I never realized it until lately. Not only the Jew establishments but many of the costumes. My book 2: Rise and Fall of the Queen of Karaoke: I was a White (Christian) slave to Jews. I still am. 
Then the Jew Mintz brothers dropped the bomb on the White Disney brothers. When Mr. and Mrs. Disney went to New York the Jews cut the offer, $1,800, and said if they didn’t agree Jews would have the company “Snappy, Inc.” take it over Disney’s work. Jews manipulated the contract and owned “Oswald the Rabbit.” (It’s horrifying when Jews take our best White ideas and destroy them.) Disney invented Mickey Mouse and Jew Laemille tried to steal it from him in a businesslike disguise. This time Disney turned him down flat. Whites have won battles, Jews win every war. 
“Being a (White) Gentile, Disney couldn’t penetrate the “old world (Jewish syndicate) brotherhood.” (Although the Jews immigrated here from other countries so the Whites wouldn’t suspect, they were all from Poland.) Talk about illegal immigration. Who’s going to put a world wall around the Jews? Disney searched and searched for a White Christian to deal with but it didn’t work out. He ended up going to a high Priest of Jews, “Cohen,” who fought the Jewish wolves. It’s a Jewish ploy. We have no one to turn to but them in the end. George Washington was forced to turn to Polish Jew banker Haym Salomon, who was set to be executed in prison for treason. The Jew got off Scot-free and even demanded “stars” be put on the American flag. (Stars of David who blanket the American night skies and rule us day and night.) Jew unions (Bugsy Siegel) took over Hollywood and used an Italian mobster to destroy the other Italians. Siegel also began the Jewish takeover of Las Vegas.
Disney tried to outsmart “Cohen” with his successful “3 Little Pigs,” and disguised the Wolf as a Jewish peddler. How clever! But the Jewish mob suffocated Disney’s idea. He told them the Wolf was Jew Charles Laemille who “tried to huff and puff and blow the Disney house down.” Jews have blown the White House down. We only have Jewish laws and favors.
Another plot, United Artists convinced Disney to ask Bank America for a line of credit from (Jew) Mr. Rosenberg. He never had enough money since Jew Communist Marxists agitators who worked for him walked out! Left his desolate.
(Please read the entire article below. Every word is so important. I just highlight) Some Whites and a few Jews rejected formed the Society of Independent Motion Pictures Producers: SIMPP. It’s hard to tell if the few Jews worked to control the committee as infiltrators. Disney really pee’d off the Hollywood Jews when he stood next to, who else, Charles Lindbergh, who drew tens of thousands to his anti-World War II speeches. I admire Disney. You can never love or admire someone unless you really write about them. 
The Red Communist Hollywood movement was 90% Jewish. You can see why we Whites (Christians) were fooled and supported the Jewish-led Russians to take over not just Germany, but all of Europe and the USA. We live in a Communist dictatorship with the Hollywood delusions and hallucinations on the screens that we are free.
Jewish Communist “Congressman” Dickstein took steps to protect his fellow co-racialist Jews. He wanted investigations of anyone who said the Jew Bolsheviks had killed 30,000,000 Russians, Ukrainians, (the Jew-led the Polish massacre wasn’t discovered until 1989.)  
In 1934, anyone who dared criticize Jews were called, “Nazis.” Do you see how many generations in our DNA and system have suffered from not only Jewish tyranny over the White body but the mind? Do you remember the old Jew TV ad, “A mind is a terrible thing to waste.” It encouraged billions if not trillions of dollars to pour into the Black, then brown communities, leaving Whites to slave and pay the bills. It’s 86 years later. Nothing changed but breaking us down while elevating Jews, Muslims (other two religions) and the 92% non-Whites of the world. The House of Un-American Activities Committee, (HUAC) was set up (See my Analysis of the MovieTrumbo on Archive.org for the 1947 HUAC government attempt to shut down Hollywood.) The government tried to wake up people to the Jewish assaults on the mind (the mind thinks in pictures and words.) Rankin wanted to warn of the anti-moral, anti-Christian influence in front of the eyes of our (White) children. It’s not only anti-moral it’s genocidal. And the Jews are smart enough to know it by now.
I’m a little confused at this point. Jews “founded” the HUAC, not the Whites, to “protect” Jews but it turned on them in 1947. Or Jews used that Committee to keep the American mind focused on the government investigation of the Jew Hollywood 10 Writers so all Jews of Poland could quietly take over Palestine and the USA after WWII, 1945. It was black magic. Get the entire White USA population listening to Jewish radio news on the committee, while the ships from Poland filled with criminal Jewish illegal cargo (immigrants) poured into the USA and Palestine. 
While the meetings when on, the Jews of Hollywood kept striking at Disney. (Imagine being beaten up like this for nearly his whole life and then have the Jews take over his enterprised after he slaved for it.) They have never stopped striking at me since Mama’s womb and Daddy’s sperm, and 1,000 years prior in Poland.
Disney’s staff went out on strike in 1941. (Jews since Jews refuse Whites jobs in these fields) Jewish tenacles through Bank of America pressured Disney. In the movie, Trumbo, it mentions Jewish “King Features,” which was a B-rated smut film producer that White Hollywood Writer, Trumbo, went to work after he spent a short time in prison. The movie has a shocking ending. Jews said one of Disney’s cartoons had two musical notes crossed. They diabolically said it was a swastika! (We never knew, until perhaps my writings, the swastika a symbol of fertility for all races. You can see why Jew movies shot bullets and bombs at the White Swastika or White Baby. Their hatred doesn’t get any worst.)
Disney kept tight control over his studio. Each White will have to do the same for their life as well as other Whites. The Jews tried to force White Disney to support the Jewish Roosevelt government to (Get the USA Whites (Christians) into a European-American Civil War! We lost!) Jews used Disney’s own brother, Roy, as an agent against him. What a lonely life Disney led, for one man to fight the Jewish 1,000-year Empire! Poland now America. Betrayed by his own flesh and blood brother, Disney vowed to shut down his Cartoon studio rather than have the Jew-led Red Communists dominate his works. 
On December 8, 1941, the Jew-led Democrat government seized Disney’s studio. His was the only one. As with the French Revolution when White Church, Royalty, government, and citizens were guillotined, not a hair of the Jewish heads was touched. They were billionaires by today’s standards. Same with the 1960s Jewish Revolution against White Christian America, and all White countries. China will fight for the Jews. They have a billion and a half hungry mouths to feed and house.

Think! One day after the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor. The only longer bombing raid was the Jews’ killing and injuring 205 White men. And Jews spread the word “hate” against us who speak the truth and force the world to “love” them, the world’s most corrupt (Whites don’t have an adjective to describe them) criminals. To make matters worse, Roosevelt’s head advisor, Jew Morgenthau, contracts Disney to make hate films against the Germans. Morgenthau was the last one to see Roosevelt, who hid in a secluded cabin two weeks for WWII ended. A doctor then convinced Hitler to kill himself in the bunker and let the Jews live on for “eternity.” Disney said his forced cartoon characters were Stromboli like Morgenthau. 
Jews forced White Disney to use White Donald Duck to openly mock White Christian German Hitler. To make matters worse, Jews forced the National Council of Christians and Jews to make films to promote “unity” (of all races under Jews) and to expose “prejudice.” It was all against the White people in our own country. No book or history lesson comes near the horrors of the truth of Jewish hatred against Whites. Disney outright rejected saying it was Communism! He was right! We have it today. Disney set up his own battles against the Jews and recruited soldiers. In 1944, he set up a defense against Jewish Red Communists called the Motion Picture Alliance for the Preservation of American Ideals. He wrote a letter to Sen. Reynolds to investigate Hollywood. The Supreme Court ruled to prohibit Jews from their monopoly. A small win for Disney.
A government investigation, HUAC, as I mentioned in my Analysis of the Movie Trumbo, exposed 100s of the Jews in Hollywood. It was short-lived until 1965, the heart of the Jewish Revolution through the takeover of our government through laws. Same in Poland 1025. Jew Woody Allen stars in the 1965 movie about Trumbo the White Writer turned Communist. In the movie I analyzed made in 2025, the Jew producer is played by a big, strong, tough guy who swings a baseball bat at the head of the Republican Chair of the House Unamerican Activities’ Committee. In 1965, little Jew Woody Allen plays that producer of b-rated Hollywood Smut. No one would have suspected. In the scene, the White writer is smoking and the Jew drinks chocolate milk. 1965 was the year that solidified the Jewish Revolution in our USA: Civil Rights Act, Affirmation Act, Vietnam war so no able-bodied White men to resist, and Immigration Act since Jews were here illegally after the 1924 Republican ban against them. A short 1-minute clip and then I’ll finish with the link to the entire story above from my resurrected blog. I’m still in Jewish prison since they own the Bulgarian company that I transferred my blog to. The Jewess has been free since 1025. Jesus knew that too, which is why Christianity is barely alive, except for the few who sold their souls to the Jewish devils. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QO67faOtYew
Always short of money, Disney connected with a rich White man, Howard Hughes, who bought Jew RKO. But Jews, never to be outdone or curtailed, must have made sure they were all flops. Jews would consider what you and I do “flops” and their “garbage” sacred. Hughs was very generous with a credit line that Disney paid back. He gave Disney RKO. Again, it was Jewish Rosenberg, Bank America, who soured him. Disney turned his Disney studios over to his brother and began Walt Disney Theme Parks. Disney’s Mickey Mouse Club on TV was a success beyond his wildest dreams. (I was a Mouseketeer and belonged to a local club with a set of black ears. I wouldn’t do that today.)
By 1960, White Disney complained to the TV owner of the show, Jew Gold-enson, that the company put too many commercials on the show. (Really? I think mainstream radio is now 20% commercials and no Whites can stop the Jews from this infiltration of our minds.) Jew Goldenson canceled Disney’s two shows. The new Jew ABC-TV made so much money off of Disney, they easily fired him, and used the profits off his work to make their own miserable shows. The Jew “Brotherhood” cut Disney  cut out of the “profit$.” Never have money as your god. Jews then refused to let Disney out of the contract. (Sounds like today.) 
Disney’s relatives Ron, Roy, and Ron E. weren’t qualified to handle Disney’s conglomerate. (odd but Jew money stays in Jews hands for $1,000 years at least.) It’s why Jews wanted a 55% death tax on Whites and surely put loopholes into the laws for themselves. Disney gave his estate to his wife and female family members. He thought the men would make money on their own. Ron Miller (Disney’s son-in-law) and Disney’s son, Ron E. Miller were elected to the studio’s board of directors. You know what happened. The two White men fought each other. It doesn’t happen with Jews, Muslims, Blacks, Browns, Reds, Yellows, or Hindus.” 
Disney’s son, Ron E., then began to make movies with (you guessed it) Jew Stanley GOLD. (like Emma GOLD-man, Jewess who started USA Communism and incited the assassination of White President McKinely and near-assassination of the CEO of #1 US Steel, Henry Clay Frick.) Jew GOLD convinced Disney’s son to hire his former law partner, Jewish Frank Wells, who hired Jew Michael Eisner to replace the deceased son-in-law. You’ll see the paragraph at the end where the Hollywood Jews ganged up on the White man and drove Disney stock down 50%. Manipulating the stock market. Is that what Corona is about? Jews run the medical and surely have able hungry fellow Chinese Yellow Commies to do their bidding. The Jews wanted to turn White Disney stock into junk bonds and keep theirs as solid gold. Roy wanted to buy the stocks back, but Jews at Bank America, Steinberg, could raise so much money that Roy couldn’t. (Jewish men raised so much money, the entire USA treasury went to Federal Reserve Bank System, Jewess Janet Yellen, and Jewess Democrat Nita Lowey. What nice presents Jewish men give to their pure-raced evil women.)
Corporate raider, Jewish Ivan Boesky, then bought up much of the stock and made a killing. A Killing of the White Disney Family. Right in front of the entire world! 1984: Like George Orwell’s prophetic book, was the year Jew Michael Eisner took over Disney and brought a slew of Jews on board. The Jew’s “self-chosen” decided to eliminate the White (Christian) dead weight in the Disney business. (It’s all we are to Jews now: dead weight. We must save ourselves.) Jews fired 400 Whites and replaced them with Jews from Paramount. Jews then used the last hold out, Disney, to make “racy and Anti-Christian (Anti-White) movies. Jew Eisner then had big gay dance parties to parade the men that Jews had turned into a freak show. Like White Edison, Disney spent his entire life fighting the Jews. Both lost. Jews always win as in Poland. It was Disney’s father who warned him as a young man about the “Self-Chosen.” 
White Disney was a descendant of the year 1066, White Crusaders. He fought a good fight. Jews even beat Adolf Hitler and Germany with “mind” techniques. Despite his efforts, he could not win the fight against the ANTI-CHRIST: JEW HOLLYWOOD. (Disney didn’t know it’s every communication avenue we have. Sure Jews are being replaced, but unless exposed, they will reappear twice as strong.) The writer is confident on the blog I analyzed that Disney will still win in the end. I hope so. I’m a big fan. Here’s my costumed karaoke slide show of Snow White costumes and props. I have done tributes to the other characters. You can copy and paste link. Thank you!