Udo Walendy Dies! Witness at the Great Holocaust Trials

Since I still mourn the loss of my Vietnam Veteran Purple Heart War Hero husband, I also mourn the loss of White patriots and Holocaust Exactitude Revisionists. Also, it came to me, to write a separate chapter on those “Persecuted Martyrs” who have suffered for our cause.

It’s with deep sorrow and grief, I share my feelings and the email link in English that I received this morning, (mourning.)

From my book’s list: I’m Fearlessly White BUT a Slave – 1,000 years with the Jews.

  • Udo Walendy, Germany – Imprisoned in his 70s with a severe heart condition. 1985 and 1988 Great Holocaust Trials. [i]

My blog was shut down and I resurrected it. But sometimes the print is small. When the Grandfather of Holocaust Revisionist’s wife, Ingrid Rimland died, their website was shut down. We’re fortunate. Before the death, I happened to copy and kept all their “Biographies” and pictures of the Holocaust Exactitude Revisionists pioneers.

I copied and pasted both the Zundel Site and From my Book:

Udo Walendy

Convicted and imprisoned in Germany for 15 months, even though already in his seventies and in poor health with a serious heart condition.
Background and contribution:
A prolific German researcher, writer and publisher of numerous books and a series of popular booklets called “Historische Tatsachen” – (“Historical Truths”) including the German version of “Did Six Million Really Die?” and the German language version of the Leuchter Report #1 – Walendy was dragged before the courts numerous times. His home and offices were frequently raided by the police. Business files, books, printing plates and computers were confiscated. Zündel advisor and witness in the 1985 and 1988 Great Holocaust Trials.

[i] https://barb-nowak.com/2016/12/white-race-pioneer-udo-walendy-german-1985-and-1988-great-holocaust-trials/