USA Holiday: Freed Blacks, Enslaved Whites

White President Biden, with his top 12 King Jews and Queen Jewesses, put another law “Juneteenth” to worship and adore Blacks. June 19. It’s aimed at destroying the White man, religion, and countries. It’s World War III, Armageddon. Not for Jews and Muslims and the rest. Only for Whites.

Whites already had since Jews conned us into buying 13,000,000 of the Africans who were held on Barbados Island. Since 1650, White Christian men lovingly cared for and nourished the Blacks better than than own children!

So, this Father’s Day, we don’t celebrate your White father or my White Daddy, Lil’ Joe Nowak, but the 750,000,000 million Black Fathers!

In the meantime, the Jews crucified our White male. First in Poland, then in America. In Jewish wars, they don’t use weapons or bullets, they use their evil “evil collective minds.”

Whereas Sunday is Father’s Day, my Daddy was a battered and beaten slave who worked for Jews. They called him “Little Joe Nowak,” 5’4″. In the meantime, Whites worship Blacks who are 7 foot husky amazons, no wars for 370+ years. Complete care: no bills. Whites supported them with the most nutritious foods to keep them healthy as farm workers.

Now, again, the USA will genuflect to hate the White American males who did so much for the Blacks and Jews. But elevate the Blacks and Jews to godhood! Perhaps the Jews and Blacks both need to go back to Africa since we treated them so badly. If Whites have to die, we die on our feet, not on our knees worshiping mortals and their con-games.

Whites are not slaves and must not support the other races and fake causes. Take off the cloak of guilt and put it on those who rightfully deserve wearing it.