USA White Christians vs USA Yellow Asians & 92% non-Whites

Note the table I copied and pasted from Pews Research shows that percentagewise, Yellow Asians make almost as much as White Christians over $100,000. The Yellows are getting the big bucks as are the Jews. Yet Jews idea of “equality” is not only to bring down the White Species to be like Blacks and Browns, but lower. Growing up in South Chicago, we were forced to “worship Blacks, Browns, Jews, etc.” That made us “holy” in some sort of god’s eyes. That’s not the God I worship who loves us. That’s my prayer even though the entire reality doesn’t show that. Bible “Prayer is the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not seen. Other than the law I laid down in DC Congress, all laws favor Jews, Muslism, and 92% of the non-Whites of the world. I imagine it was the same or worse in Poland under Jewish monopoly leadership as we have today. Biden is Catholic. The Supreme Court is Jewish / Catholic. 
I have talked with people from other nations such as the Asians and Hindu Customer Service Agents. When they give me a “Christian” name I ask them if they are converted to Christ. They volunteer, “Yes, and we get jobs and money.” That’s the new “Christ!” Not Jesus, not our highest values or God, but American jobs and $$. Now the USA Asian Christians make as much $$ over $100,000 the best of the jobs. Who else? The medical: doctors are Pakistani, Muslims, Jews, Chinese and other others, Hindu, even White women! Well, in a spiritual and optimistic tone, I’ve contributed since the womb, as much as I possibly could toward the White male and still pray. Jews warred against the White male and devoured him. Now it’s the White women who have to change to help them and I don’t see any. But even as far back as the 1960s we were taught through “music” to adore Blacks, browns to get down to their level. Lower. Our capacity was more of the mind and soul not the music and dances of the non-Whites.

The USA Republicans banned Jews in 1924 (hence the Hollywood holocaust Hoax for illegal citizenship). The USA Republicans also banned the Asians (Yellow) Chinese. Now Yellows and Jews Superpowers. Jews took over Chicago 1945 after they arrived en masse from Poland. Chinese are now buying up the homes, lands, businesses, warehouses, insurances, and skyscrapers in the entire downtown vicinity. Chicago = 28% White (it’s the 8th wonder of the world.) The 7% Polish, the highest, fleeing back to Poland. 
Note Jews won with “equality” bringing down Whites in our own homes and country that we built for 400 years: $30,000-$49,000 category: Whites are equal to Mexcians, and lower than Blacks! And in all these categories, Jews “the other religion” ranks highest I would assume since their women controlled the three highest banks: Not White women who chase other raced men or women and don’t stand up for their own. They are committing suicide and genocide. I hold on to Life and our immortal nature, not merely the human.

By race/ethnicity

% of Christians who have a household income of…

Income distribution among Christians

Racial and ethnic compositionLess than $30,000$30,000-$49,999$50,000-$99,999$100,000 or moreSample Size