Veteran Husband Refused Answer: “White & Ethnicity”

I had hired my deceased veteran husband, I was Human Resource Director for Human Development. My position was to hire only Whites. The Chicago temporary employment agencies sent only black and brown workers.

Being White

The world hated him for being born White raced. The company’s owner said the government padlocked his business for non-payment of taxes. He added that with a staff of only non-Whites his company was bankrupted. I was to hire whites, males and females. I helped develop them into an elite staff. That’s the Kingdom of Heaven on earth and answers to my prayers. I witnessed #1 ailing companies that refused to change.

When I was a leader in Total Quality Management, TQM. The employees were to be happy as well as the company, and customer. I came up with many ideas to help them. The company is still in business 22 years later. When I recently visited Chicago, I stopped by to say hello with joy and hugs.

Ethnicity: Polish Mother

The world hated him for this “ethnicity.” To begin, I hired my husband as a temporary. However, I realized he had an alcohol and depression problem. His mother was Polish, Jokobowski. That abuse was the rule under Jewish bankers 24/7, 365, 1000 years. It explained my family’s suffering. It was the Jewish “Dumb Polack” jokes for only our people no other ethnicities until today.

He Supported me – I Support Him

Nevertheless, I convinced him to go to the Veteran’s hospital, which he did. He loved what I thought was right. In 1973, the world hated me for breastfeeding. Now it’s karaoke. He supported me. Now, I love him 22 years after his death.

Moreover, I looked through his veterans hospital papers, then I called and questioned the hospital. Why didn’t my deceased veteran answer the question about “Race” and “Ethnicity?”

Hitler’s Attorney Frick Refused to Speak

To illustrate, was the lack of an answer intentional or a mistake. The hospital personnel said he deliberately didn’t answer. Otherwise the wording would have been different. He verbally acknowledged his refusal. Adolf Hitler’s attorney was silent as his defense in the Nuremberg Trials. He knew they were a Jewish fraud. The hateful Jewish Nuremberg Trials executed him by hanging – the worst form. He was the only one who put in racial and exposing Jews laws. 25 English Nuremberg Laws. From my blog.

German Attorney Wilhelm Frick issued the “25 Nuremberg Laws.” He wanted to save the Whites and expose the Jews. On August 27, 2018, 4:45 p.m., I did the same. I delivered my “Anti-White / Anti-Christ” bill to Washington DC government. However, only recently did I discover Frick’s 25 Nuremberg Laws.

Also, the German original version. Click on the bottom right magnifying glass icon with + sign on it. Also, when I called holocaust researcher Carlos Porter. He told me that even that document isn’t the original. He’s the only one who looked at all the original documents with the hand-written notes in the margins. These have no handwritten notes.

In addition, my husband was White and identified himself as a Protestant. He answered the latter for his hope in God. His nickname, “The Deacon.” He’d stand on a box and preach to the Chicago downtown people. “Race” and “Ethnicity” were left unanswered. By his silence he showed the prejudice against him as a White male Veteran in Chicago.

Finally, it’s as I took a vow of silence for 35 years age 7-42. And now there’s no freedom of speech. Society has silenced me forever but gave other other races and religions freedom of speech, laws, and money to the maximum. World Wide Whites 8% – our healthy babies 3%. 92% non-Whites.