Veteran Husband Refused Hospital Questions: Race & Ethnicity

As I’ve written, about the year 2000, I forgave, took back, and hired my deceased White Veteran estranged husband, who earlier had driven me to the Crisis Center for Battered Wives. I love to love.
It was when I was Human Resource Director for Human Development at #1 Caterer to the Rich and Famous stars. I was directed to hire only Whites and no homosexuals. When Michael later became homeless and landed up with a tribe of “White” veterans living with the rats and dumpsters on the underground Chicago streets, he then “saw” the other veterans were Whites. Both his written-by-hand manuscripts were stolen. My book is the result.
When I encouraged him to get help at the Veteran’s hospital, their intake agent questioned Michael. See the scanned copy below. I later called the Veterans hospital and the woman told me he “refused” to answer since they didn’t leave race or ethnicity blank.
RACE: UnansweredETHNICITY: Unanswered
He did it deliberately. He speaks to us from his grave. See the words “he didn’t” say. He told me in order to get medical help, a White veteran had to throw himself on the busy Chicago streets, pretend he was dead, and then when the approaching car neared, he either suicided, or the driver stopped and called the police! Only Whites! Because of my crusading, in 2010, the government finally did a study of the suicides of 400 years wars. They singled out Vietnam alone, all White men: 200,000. Two years ago, President Trump issued an order to prevent veteran suicides as well as “all!”‘ When we forget “all” and concentrate on “Whites” we’ll be on our way to healing. Biden put in 988 for the same reason.

I’m sorry I can’t write more, it’s too painful to tell the truth from a loved one’s grave.