Waukesha Tragedy: 44.5% German population. 9% Polish

It breaks my heart to hear of the Waukesha Christmas Day Parade tragedy. I’ve been in many White ethnic Chicago parades and festivals and I feel this personally. I make or design my costumes. I honored the Irish, Polish, Germans, Italians. My prayers go out to the victims, friends, and families, and the city’s people.

In addition, I checked the nationalities of the citizens of Waukesha. It’s in the Milwaukee area where my Grandpa was from. He was a Polish-Russian General; fathered 14.

The town is 53 miles from Kenosha where Kyle Rittenhouse was acquitted. 

Waukesha ethnicity Population
44.5% Germans. 9% Polish.

I chose this YouTube news below since the others had blacks, browns, mixed-raced newscasters, or images. The newscaster is White Polish: Jeff Wierzelewski.

In conclusion, Kyle Rittenhouse’s name is German. He was acquitted of defending himself against blacks. Some question whether the trial was authentic. However, it’s comforting to know that the system freed a German American. Hopefully, we can free Germans and all Whites from the Communist grip of the past World Wars and war of the mind inflicted on us today.

Rittenhouse Family History

Rittenhouse Name Meaning

Americanized spelling of German Rittinghaus, a habitational name from a farm near Altena, Westphalia.