Weird Al Parody King, Me, Jew Emu

August 30, 2022. Weird Al, the King of Parodies, came to the small city where I live. I had performed tributes to him in Branson, Missouri, Live Entertainment Capital of the World. I had VIP ticket. I loved parodies even before imprisoned Alison Chabloz and Graham Hart (England) a country also under jewish Communist tyrrany as Dictator Jew Ukrainian Zelensky. Also, Germany and the USA enslaved Whites (Christians.) We totally lost World War II. What an insult and travesty for our beloved White men who were veterans for only jewish rights! Against them and Whites and Christianity! Although I’m laughing at the time, I weep at our White demise. 
It was odd. Before Yankovic’s concert he had a jewish comedian Emu. The Jew was obnoxious, not funny. My entertainment research along with my Save Whites (Christians) Expose Jews, revealed that in Las Vegas (where I lived and performed successfully to the highest world stages) the jew comedians had a special Satanic ritual. Before the jews performed on stage, they would practice in their dressing room. They would think of the most hated ideas against Whites such as the fake holocaust version, and then entertainer the White high-paying audience and vomit their jewish hatred against us called “comedy” or “jokes.” Was the same with Dumb Polack jokes jews invented so until today I’m insulted. No one believes me or cares.
In July 2022, I had called for the Weird Al ticket (He’s married a Polish woman so surely doesn’t have any idea about jews since my people were silenced and reduced to pre-historical barbarians for a millennium.) Only one left. VIP. $350. I never spend a penny on myself. Car = 19 years old. It’s why I don’t know if I can even or should pay to publish my 20 years of research and book. There were many VIP ticketholders and I was in the 5th row, end seat by aisle. jewish Emu’s last joke was about blaming people for dirty deeds. And then he glared at me (if looks could ill I’d be dead) and exclaimed to the audience, “I suppose you’re going to blame this on the jews too!” As expected, the dying Whites laughed the hardest at their own execution. Joke by joke. 
We need joy and that’s I took to the White audience of whom I was totally conscious. I could never communicate with them on the microphone, but I could make them happy and enjoy good entertainment for at least 3 minutes of their enslaved day. 
Weird Al made a joke including the greatest men. Jew Einstien, Maharshi, Buddha, Mother Teresa. But never mentioned Jesus Christ. 40% of Jew rabbis are atheists.

Also, the Jews taught the black comedians to do the same since they’ve been working together for 1,000 years + against Whites. Jews, Muslims (the other two main religions other than Christianity) worked with blacks for 800 years. (the late Kenneth Poduska) Jews, Muslims, Blacks kidnapped, castrated, enslaved, turned into sex slaves, beat, or murdered 50,000,000 Whites along the Mediterranean Sea and gradually further within. And Jews whine about a mere 6,000,000 even if it were true which it isn’t. The Mideast wars were to enslave our White men to be their veteran slaves. Thanks to Trump we’re out. However, Biden made the veteran’s look like fools an insult to the US Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines who are needed to defend “our country and borders,” not the Jews. Jews have mine bombs planted around their city and strict immigration. No Jew can marry a non-Jew even if they converted. Their religion is strict, while we are using our Christian and white women as sewers for every other race and religion’s sperm on the planet.

Parody King Weird Al Yankovic and Queen of Karaoke, Barbie Novak, Barbara Ann Nowak​