White Anniversaries

I just came across this video of Tom Jones singing “The Anniversary Song.” I couldn’t help but think of the anniversaries of my husband and myself, as well as my sister’s and brother-in-law’s 60th anniversary. Most of the siblings that are married stay married their entire lives, as Mama and Daddy did. That I recall we never celebrated one by dinner or presents. I do know that Elvis started to play Vegas on July 26, 1969, the same day we got married.
I think the painting is a Modigliani, Italian. Oh and by the way, I was conceived on Mama and Daddy’s 16th wedding anniversary. Probably they had no $$ and the only gift they could give each other was each other’s sex and love. I would have been the 8th of 12 babies. I was then born 9 months later! They got married on that infamous day: November 22!!!! So I not only think of the horrors of having President Kennedy’s death assassination being an “inside” job, but the wonders of life that my parents were able to think of having children even being so poor.

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