White Bagpiper Lady

White (Cleavage) Bagpiper Lady: From assorted pictures of bagpipers throughout history. Until Jews (and their imps) came along to sell Whites what they didn’t need, or want, or was good for us, White women always showed cleavage. When I began costumes in karaoke, I went to a top woman costume maker and told her I wanted to be very feminine when I did costumes, especially doing a tribute to a man so I didn’t look like a man but a woman. (Sorry Jewess Gloria Steinem, voo doo goddess of feminism & lesbianism who destroyed our White woman so badly if our White woman don’t change our White male and race (their children and ancestry) are destroyed.) Although I probably won’t show much cleavage anymore, for I’m sick and tired of risking myself for the sake of Whites who do nothing but beat me in return. I have never beat them, hurt them or their males. And to call watching the audience “beat me” Jewish entertainment is unforgivable and let them and those who enjoyed it bear the guilt forever. It is not just for the good to suffer while the evil call USA, Europe, now China and Israel and Mexico: Kingdom of Heaven, Golden Age, and Paradise and make my life a living hell.
The costume designer, Anne, was also a lecturer of women’s fashion and said women have been wearing cleavage throughout history. It made it “easier” to breastfeed their children giving them the only perfect food. Instead, Jews, who control fashions and their White male homosexual fashion designers who will do anything, and I mean anything, their Jewish exterminators even think of, reducing them to white ash, nothing else… Jews covered up White women. Jew doctor’s wives hate their child for it symbolizes giving the husband that they hate, sex, that one time, to get their Jew husband’s fortune. Jewess then turns their husband’s loose to rape all the White women and White boys they want and never divorce them, but ruin our White sexuality forever. Jew doctor’s wives demanded poisonous baby formula from their doctor husbands so the Jewess wouldn’t have to barely touch the child conceived in hatred, greed, deceit. Just stick a rubber nipple in the Jew babies mouth. What the rich doctors do, the Whites, unable to think anymore, just follow what the rich do. Look at the books and feelings of Whites just dying to be rich like their Jew masters, reading books on it, but Jews’ system prohibits us from entering their rich kingdom and empire.
Jews sold us what we didn’t need: baby formula. Women have two breasts God gave us filled with luscious, nutritious delicious milk, and Jews covered them up in fashion, made cleavage a “sin” and made even more money on this diabolical and hateful conspiracy against White women and children, and left White men to spend as much as $2,500 per year on unnecessary baby formula.
See the Bagpiper woman of old. Do the other women “beat” her because of her cleavage and her art and talent like the woman beat me at karaoke? And I should “save” these White women? Let God save them. There is a limit to the abuse I can take not only at our enemy the Jew and Jewess, but my own White people. The hatred the Jews cultivated in us is beyond comprehension. Jews taught us to “love everyone” but that meant love the other races and give the Jews all our money, which we celebrate with the centennial of the Federal Reserve Bank 1913-2013.
Here the bagpiper lady has a primitive bagpipe in her hand, is amply endowed, and so important was immortalized in this old painting. Here’s the website:

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