White Bill Gates of Microsoft Kicks Jew Out of his Window's company. About time.

White Bill Gates Kicks Jew out of his company. I’ve already written that the Jews conned Bill Gates into stepping down and giving his fortune away to the Blacks and browns thru Jewish bankers. I posted the picture of Jew greasy greedy New York Mayor Bloomberg, (3 terms to make sure the 9/11 Jewish hoax keeps covered) opening his arms as he is interviewed with Gates as if Jews are grabbing all the White money they can. But after 1000+ years of practice what do you expect.
But Jews never feel the pain of being kicked around like I do. Gates will give him 10,000,000.00. The Jew Sinof-sky is now teaching at Harvard. If my son or daughter were there I’d pull them out and see who is going to pay all those grants and loans for the Jews and the non-Whites who now occupy 80% of Harvard, which was bought, paid for, slaved for, built by, staffed by Whites since the 1700’s and now to have it a dung heap.
It was probably under this Jewish adviser that Bill and Melinda decided to give away their fortunes to Jews and non-Whites making sure the Whites didn’t get new computers or his software, mentors as all the other races were getting for free. I saw it on his website and called his philanthropy hot line to see if I could get aid when I was in poverty.

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