White David Irving & Lady Michele Renouf vs Jewess Jennifer Grey

About 10 years ago, I attended and enjoyed two David Irving Las Vegas meetings. He’s a holocaust exactitude revisionist. Irving is the only author who researched, wrote, spake, and published from actual documents, diaries, and interviews. I bought his VHS Hitler and his Doctors and the book. Nuremberg, The Last Battle. I asked Irving about an editor for my book. He said his editor was jewish. He may have been kidding since English are funny people. Jews won’t publish my book and they control all of book publishing and every other form of White communication. Silenced!

Jews against Whites

However, I found this English article. It defames David Irving and Lady Michele Renouf. Although it does mention Renouf studies religion as I have almost my whole life. Look closely at the bottom of the article. The big picture is not of either one of the White people mentioned but jewess “Jennifer Grey.” My Jew alarm siren went off. I thought she was the woman who played along White Patrick Swayze, Dirty Dancing. My memory was right. The English article said that Irving and Renauf “claim” the Jews control the media.

Jews Control all White Media & Suppress Whites

Consequently, Jews put a picture of their so-called famous “Jewess.” They also claim that ugly jewess Isrealite woman is probably the “most beautiful” 61-year-old woman. That was insulting the White Lady Renouf. I’ll have to write this website with an email or call with the “truth!”. It’s disheartening but it’s the Jewess against the White woman, especially someone like Renauf who studies religions as I do. What’s healing is that it’s not “hidden” anymore but the evil has arised from its hellish depths and has come to the open to disappear. There’s always hope!

David Irving

David Irving, Intelligent Author and Holocaust Exactitude Revisionist. Jews scorned him.

Lady Michele Renouf.​

Mandatory Credit: Photo by Stuart Clarke/Shutterstock (855238h) Lady Michele Renouf Lady Michele Renouf in London, Britain – Nov 2008 Lady Michele Renouf has been helping Holocaust revisionist Dr Fredrick Toben following his arrest. Toben, a prominent Australian historical revisionist and holocaust denier, was detained by police at Heathrow airport on 3rd October 2008 in reference to a German arrest warrant. Germany alleges the Australian denies the mass murder of Jews by the Nazis in World War II.

Example: Become White & Jew Aware

Below is the she-devil jewess with the large article picture. What’s odd is that I quit karaoke in Las Vegas, being they treated me badly and it wasn’t worth the “free” “out of love for Whites” effort. And then I heard on the radio that Patrick Swayze died. I immediately put on a dancing costume, went to “Bill’s” in the heart of the Strip, and sang to a crowd more my age and music. “I’ve Had the Time of My Life.”

In conclusion, I discovered very White Swayze’s “co-star” was a jewess raced high priestess of a worldwide religion 24/7, 365, through eternity. Here is the White woman’s competition, but there is no competition, it’s only a jewish reality. Jewess Jennifer Grey. 
Note underneath the jewess picture below, the words, “Probably the most beautiful 61-year-old. NOT! Article below.

Jews run all media and began in 1896, USA. They claim “she’s is the most beautiful 61-year old!” Jews taught Whites to break each other down, but adore the world-wide 92% non-Whites, especially the jewish race and religion.