White First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt and Nancy Cook, Jew Elinor Morgenthau

Here’s picture I posted below accidentally thinking it was Jewe$$ Cond. Morgenthau, but the name under is a Nancy Cook. That was Jew Dr. Rejtman who raped me at University of Illinois affiliate hospital.. his private nurse. He had her teach me about sex and vibrators and if “any man wanted sex I should give it to him instead of old fashioned Christian values because it would heal depression. These were private meetings with Nurse Nancy Cook and I’m sure would be an honest White witness if she could be unbrainwashed to what Jew$ schools taught her to love them and hate each other. Note name on bottom of pix is “Nancy Cook.” with White Eleanor Roosevelt. She was not a Jewe$$.
Here’s from wiki on Nancy Cook, and shows how White women were taught to “scrub floors” for the war, while Jewe$$ lives life a queen, dinners, galas, balls, press conferences, history respect of Whites, adoration of Whites even First Lady.
“scrub floors or perform whatever other chores were required.” Cook would, with less than two weeks training, begin to make artificial limbs for soldiers that had lost an arm or a leg.”
Can you imagine Jew$ throwing our White sons, babies, men, fathers, brothers into a horrific war for Jew Rights to Takeover World and our White men had to give up arms, legs, as in the Boston Massacre Marathon in Jew camera News. And we think it is “good” and beat me as “evil.”
Apparently, Mrs. Roosevelt might have been a lesbian. Perhaps it is why picture of Morgenthau, Jewe$$, and her on horses, which is known to stimulate the clitoris of woman. In this article it says Nancy Cook died with her “partner” I assume Lesbian partner.
“Cook lived there with Dickerman, her life partner, until her death.” Probably why her female partner’s name Dick for vibrator. Also was the the Jew doctor’s nurse, Nancy Cook, who was teaching me about vibrators a lesbian also? She was trying to pave the way for me for the Jew’s doctor rape of me. All the Christian churches decry these sexual habits against White males and females, but how about our Jew Masters. Only Jesus is my Master and Wayshower. And even I’m filled with too many Jew thoughts. I hope my book is over with soon. I’ve paid too high a price. Notice Eleanor on Wiki with her bull’s eyes for target practice. Eleanor insisted on driving alone in Washington DC “without” FBI. They got mad and said it was dangerous. She was accompanied only by the most dangerous criminal unspected in all time, Jewe$$ Morgenthau who didn’t want FBI around. Yes, the Jewe$$ can even control the entire thousand of Federal Bureau of Investigation men, she is so powerful over us. The FBI got mad and threw down a gun at headquarters and said “if (White) First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt demands we don’t accompany her or protect her then give her this gun to protect herself.” Yet First Lady Roosevelt’s #1 enemy was right on the horse next to her and she would be the “last” person she would shoot in defense. She didn’t know the entire White race has been defenseless against Jew$ for 1000+ years.

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  1. wonderful post, very informative. I wonder why the opposite experts of this sector do not realіᴢe this.
    You shoulɗ continue your writing. I’m sure, you’ve a huge reаders’ basе alrеady!

    1. Thanks for your kind response. I haven’t even had a minute to reply. My original website was shut down and had to move it but at least it’s resurrected and saved. I’ve written about 200 books of Creative Writing but need to find a professional editor and publisher for my autobiography and deceased veteran husband’s bio. All of the others who write like me have been shut down either by Amazon who publishes 90% or the self-publisher who I first paid who publishes 70% of the remainder. What we’re doing now communicating through blogs or emails is all we have left. But I won’t give up. I love our Whites who built and died for this country (and Europe) for 400 years. Sadly, we died for the jewess and her offspring for eternity. What a scam!

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