White Germans broken down by Black Tina Turner

Short email, but most important.  Did you know that even though Hitler wanted a pedigreed German White society, just as there are pedigreed German dogs, (we do not rank with importance to dogs yet.  yet,) Germans through Jewish propaganda and interrogation and mental and worse yet threat of financial torture and ruin, the Germans now “love” Blacks.  Their women. There Black Blues, not my White blues.  Even the German soldiers were appalled when conquering France that the French White women were all cuddling up to blacks even in Ourdoor Cafe’s for everyone to see.  The German men were raised in HitlerJugend, Hitler Youth, to stick with one’s own White race. The German men were shocked that White French, with the Allieds, had stooped so low in our evolution.  The Jews figure force the blacks down our throat, and then worshipping the Jews will come easy.
Well, when Tina Turner went to perfrom in Germany, she would wear really short dresses.  She would purposefully stand in the front of the stage and spread her legs apart when she danced for the Germans in the front row to see her black pussy, to intice them and break down not only their White race, not only their German nationality, but their sanity and intelligence and character.  She wouldn’t wear panties, “intentionally” to break down the German male. You can see how the Jews are bombarbing us Whites just as the Jewish Israelis bombed the hell out of the USS Liberty. And yes the Jews bombarded the hell out of our White US Liberty!
Lovingly, the very pedigreed Polish White Blues Singer, Barbara Ann

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