White Henry Ford Interview: Music

Henry Ford (of Ford Motor) and his War on Jews: Begins with White Singing, Singing Singing. I happen to come across an old article of Henry Ford, who invented Ford and assembly line for quick production. He had a newspaper that focused on the evil of the Jews. Today, the Ford doesn’t resemble anything Henry Ford stood for. There is a “Ford Foundation” to help the less fortunate but no Whites can get that $$, mentors, labor, books, and respect. Just non-Whites with Jews holding Ford’s purse strings. He’d be rolling in his grave.
Anyway, I will post some interesting thoughts from his own White mind at a time when Whites were “free” to excel to be the “Highest” not the lowest.
“Start the Day with a Song” A Conference with the World’s Most Famous Industrialist Leader, Henry Ford.
(I have article but can’t post it for I can’t find it.) Just notes from and about White Henry Ford:
“I haven’t any doubt at all that all of us would be a great deal better, happier and  healthier, if we realized the benefits of singing. It is one of the healthiest exercises.”
The Etude (music) magazine wanted readers to know Ford with distinctive and original educational ideas and ideals, who was a man that thought for himself; didn’t copy others. He spent time with development of plans in education which might have been lost. 7 hour interview. He was 72 at time and carried himself 1/2 that age. Quickness of intellect, simple honesty, lightning grasp of new problems, astonishing memory, absence of cant (dictionary. com) 1.
insincere, especially conventional expressions of enthusiasm for high ideals, goodness, or piety.
the private language of the underworld.  (You mean the Jews have their own language that we wouldn’t be able to understand even if we heard it?) I have exhibited these qualities in my life: ideas, ideals, quick intellect at times like writing at the speed of light and thinking and typing same time to keep up with fast thoughts, I am simple and honest, in business I had lightening grasp of problems and solved them on the spot, (can your black and brown or even Jew and Yellow slaves do that for you? Even if they did they are not White.).. “Astonishing Memory,” No, I write everything down. I can’t remember what I did five minutes ago. I got 16 cabinets full of notes and ideas. Besides the entire internet and encyclopedias. I don’t have cant for I speak as plainly as possible.
When Ford walked with employees he called them by first name. Now sadly the “Fords” are in China, Japan, and are no longer White men or boys, thanks to Jews success in bringing us down and elevating themselves to godhood and the other races who rule over us, the only minority, Whites=8 % of World Population and declining. Oh we have babies to be slaves or breeders for Jews and Yellows now richer, but not for our own species.
Article says that there were 200,000 Ford workers an “army of peace” not war. Ford’s establishments had air of tidiness, orderliness, lack of litter. (well, I have too many things with costumes, but work hard at organizing them. A costume designer in Chicago, Anne Riehl, has an entire barn for her 8000 costumes. Although she doesn’t sing or dance but quite a  nice White woman.)
Ford had educational projects (and oh couldn’t the White boys use him now, but Jews destroyed him also for he tried to stop them)… and White Ford called it “Edison Institute” after White Thomas Alva Edison, whose original invention & patent, Jewish gang stole and started “Hollywood” “Holly” a symbol of the Devil. Thomas Edison was friend to White Henry Ford who admired him. See how White men get along while Jews destroyed our most talented White men?  This “Edison Institute” was a museum which is a textbook of human and technical history. (Is this museum in White neighborhood or did Whites gave that away for free too to the Detroit Blacks?)
The museum building is fronted by a group of units containing classrooms, workshops, librarires, auditorium and executive offices. These buildings are replicas of “Independence Hall,” Congress Hall and the Old City Hall of Philadelphia. (These are the kinds of classrooms we need for Whites and Whites alone. All education $$ for all other races stops immediately: no exceptions. If Whites are sick and need doctors they have to try other means to get well and only as last resort go to Jews horsekillers and their imps.
In museum were musical treasures “Maud Powell Guarnerius violen, Estey pipe Organ. Surely Jews sold the violent and as brokers made a huge profit on White objects. Maybe not.
Ford spent $$ on radio for the enjoyment of White people’s appreciation of White music. (Sounds like prehistoric time to worshiping Jew and black music instead of European White music today.)
Here’s Ford’s words on (White) babies and youth. White parents cannot even think of spending time with White children, for we have to support Jewish rich children, blacks, browns, yellows, reds, Muslims, Hindus as if they all came from our womb and penis and we didn’t even get to enjoy the sex for we were working 90 hours a week while they screw around in many cases, literally.
“Beginning with music… “Start the day with a song! That is the way in which we begun each day at Greenfield Village, at the chapel of “Martha-Mary,” (the two female sisters in Jesus’ life) in which all the students of the school, from kindergarten to high school grade, assemble. Singing is a mental tonic which is most beneficial. (Now I see White children singing songs to black Obama and not even “God.” Jews can’t control Whites without removal of God, good.)
“…recitations, hymns, songs…” and he says “I find it a very refreshing and exhilarating experience to be present and listen to them. I wouldn’t miss it for anything.”
“One of the secrets of keeping young is to spend part of one’s time with youth. They are the newest members of the world–fresh from the Invisible– and they are the dawning future.” (look at Whites today and see what is dawning and if our children are in White homes or raised by white hating schools or brown and black nannies. Even my Mama was out in factories with 12 babies, breastfeeding, also slaving for lazy Jewess women who not only won’t clean or take care of children but won’t give her Jew husband sex. They rape us White women.”
Ford:”What is more inspiring than to see these little tots as well as the youths tarting out on the voyage of life?” (Jews hadn’t taken over USA then and our future looked bright although they were still a menace and Ford single-handedly exposed them.
“What we are trying to do at Dearborn is to set before them the “best of the world to date” so that they may choose what they need and take to future. What do our White children even have for Christmas movies as I wrote yesterday, Jewish destructive thought patterns called Christmas movies our ‘only’ source of entertainment. It is a “dictatorship” worse then Adolf Hitler whose energies went to save White race not destroy us. Music is one ends to this end. (He doesn’t talk White race or Jews.)
“We inherited music-we must bequeath the “best” (not the Jew’s worse, my own comment and I especially am speaking of rap and hip-hop)
“If these young people are the future, is it not a splendid thing to see the future come singing?”
“The process of breathing and exercising the diaphragm is alone invaluable.”
“I have seen this in our own schools. Get the kind of music you like, go to it with a lusty good will, and see if you do not feel like a different person have a few weeks of singing everyday.” (I will have to include this in my second autobiography as the “Queen of Karaoke,” but can’t finish when I am still discovering ideas from my stuff that might be in my current book.)
His knowledge of music was limited to singing, playing fiddle and jew’s harp and for a man that confronted Jews it must have bothered him. He says you don’t have to like all music and don’t pretend to. (When Whites go into orgasms over black music is it really them or their Jewish conditioning which gives us images of White enjoying this music.) He said in frankness you don’t have to pretend to like it, just pick out what you like. (We only have Jew songs so we are limited to imitating them, but we have to start somewhere and with only 100 years left, we can’t spread ourselves thin. When we have all white schools, we will have special lessons for White writing of books, songs, memoirs, history. We will have White sports, white religion or meditation on highest in life. White science, white classes on how to get along, white survival, white lawyers all around the world for justice… (my own thoughts.)
Ford purchased birthplace of Stephen Foster to bring back memories of childhood. It’s like when I went into some Polish singing and dancing to remember my childhood not the Jewish Motown Black music in my era. Nor would I want all Polish music but some of it.
Ford writes: So many tales of poverty of Foster that you are probably surprised to note that though this house is small, it was evidently the home of people of culture and refinement. Despite the music and his songs, Foster died in poverty. (Why? Jewish control of music as Beatles even said… “The Jewish RELIGION,’ not business.” Or White artists for centuries being “starving artists” while Jews control 80% of art, (mostly White art and music.) How did 2% of USA get to become so powerful? Does our God just help them and turn us into zombies or degenerates or White slaves for the rest of the world? What kind of God do we believe in? He must love Whites even more for serving him for 2000 years. I don’t think it fair to give way White or Christian treasury to Jews and non-Whites (92% of world) who didn’t work or serve Him. It is a mockery of Christianity. I don’t think one is born equal or a Christian, one works for it. It is the Jew’s religion on us Whites to look on another race and think that God loves them more than us.
Ford talks of Foster’s home being heavily mortgaged at his birth creating poverty. Same today where Whites pay for mortgages of blacks and browns as well as their own. Whites really don’t mind though; it doesn’t bother them. Whites also have to buy food for blacks and browns as well as their own White children, plus the college of blacks and browns as well as their own and also rich Jews and rich Yellow Commies who, being smarter, get all the “free grants” and Jews control Grant money and withheld from Whites for perhaps 60 years.
It is written in article that the (White) English were soo poor  they had to sell pianos cheaply.(Sounds Jewish to me) Where once music schools were going bankrupt (in Ford’s day) they began to boom!
Here’s White Henry Ford. Does every single White child in world know him and his accomplishments? Why not? At least if we die we die trying not laying down and letting the 92% of world steam roll over us.

White Businessman of Ford Motor, Henry Ford.
White Businessman of Ford Motor, Henry Ford.

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