White Italy Awakens in Italian Election 2018

Notes below:

I’m really impressed about the shakeup of Europe, Italy in this case, since I spent much of my free time, not with friends or parties, but my Sister Mary and her husband from Italy, Tony. I hope it brings the White Americans closer to our forefathers and foremothers.
Autobiographically speaking, Sister Mary married Tony DeMarco from Alta Monte, Italy. An immigrant. They were married about 65 years.

She was seduced by Jewish radio host, Eddie Schwartz, Chicago. Sister Mary was a virgin at marriage, because Italians demanded that or else. Being protective of his family, Tony took a gun to the radio station, cocked the trigger at the Jew’s head, for defiling his wife, and mother of his four children. Four of my 53 nieces and nephews. Tony Jr., Lisa Marie, Deanna, Debbie.

Jew Schwartz, prepared for over 1,000 years in their hard-wiring, begged for his life. He immediately said he knew Tony had a new Italian restaurant, Sorrento’s, on Lake Michigan. The Jew, having control of marketing and advertising, as well as hosts and the radio station, said he’d give Tony 1 year free advertising.

Tony’s restaurant was his life. He had to work in the dirty steel mills during the day, as well as the restaurant. He hoped to quit the mills. Tony, the strongest man I’ve ever known, took the Jewish bribe.

Later Sister Mary had the radio on when I slept over and I heard the music, “Come Back to Sorrento’s,” and the Jewish advertising for Tony’s restaurant. See second youtube with romantic heart-breaking lyrics, with White European soul.

It was just a matter of time, two men managed to buy into Tony’s restaurant. Almost immediately, they had 66 2/3% ownership, and voted him out of his own business.

Sister Mary had 5 nervous breakdowns. Tony ended up being a rag man collecting junk from the rust belt in Chicago.

“For every White man’s business, there’s 2 Jews to steal it from them.” Prime Examples, New York Times 1896, Thomas Alva Edison’s movie machine, 1909, all talkie movies since 1927, Jews.

If you have time, and I doubt it, there’s a tribute I gave to Sister Mary and Brother Tony on TV. The host on the Cable Access TV show was Italian. He had the show for 10 years for karaoke singers, but never sang. I begged him to sing with me. He was scared, but then as you can see joined in.

In this video on Italy’s elections they mention, the last region of Italian culture was Calabria. Brother-in-law Tony was from there. As you see in video, “Alta Monte” high mountains. Tony was quiet, but if he talked he screamed. My sister thought it abuse, but suffered it. Only later, when I began researching different White ethnics I met downtown Chicago, did I meet a man who was “Calabreze,” from Calabria. I asked why Tony screamed. He said, there were mountains and a valley. Families who lived on one mountain, didn’t feel like climbing up and down mountains to talk to each other, so they screamed to each other. Maybe our Whites should stop being the Silent Majority and become the Screaming Majority, while we still have life left.

Here’s an old Christmas photo, from 7916 S. Euclid, five blocks from pampered Michelle Obama, who lived at 7436 S. Euclid. Tony DeMarco, is the third from left. My protester brother is on the bottom right. This was “before” the Black at US Steel kicked him in the groin, beat him bloody, and after Civil Rights Act. My Daddy upper right, was the Polish-American slave at Jewish book publishing for 25 years. Made $.43 an hour when I was born, and Jews never gave him a raise.
My first boyfriend, on the left, Rich Kasper. He looked like one of the Everly brothers. He was arrested when a teen for fighting and spent time in a juvenile home. His neighborhood was turning Black and Brown, who fought for and won the White man’s territory, especially the Polish and Irish, which composed our neighborhood. Not just our neighborhood, but with Jewish real estate block-busters, terrorized Whites with colored hoodlums, who took over for at least the next 100 blocks. The Whites kept running, but now they ran to their final destination: The White Grave.
On his right, brother-in-law Johnny Sudar, Croation-American, who was mayor near Chicago, and then police department until he was 87. On bottom left, is Wally Murphy. He was an Elvis-look-alike and very successful car salesman. But he worked for a Jewish dealership, and whatever happened to him there, he quit. They begged him to come back, but he refused. Perhaps he was black-balled after that, because he took to the bottle and was destroyed.

Rich Kasper Christmas

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