White Jesus Statue & Communism = Jews

I traveled to see the majestic Great Passion Play of White Jesus in Eureka Springs. It’s patterned after the Oberammergau, Germany’s, live performance of the Jewish torture and execution of Jesus Christ, founder of White Christianity. However, God resurrected Jesus who was White from Nazareth, an all Greek and Italian city. His ancestors had converted to a New religion invented by men who called themselves Jew Pharisees 150 years before Jesus was born.

White Jesus

In the 1960s, Gerald L. K. Smith bought a Victorian home, Penn Castle, in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. He then began his “sacred projects.”  Smith called them “the only presentation of this kind in the world that has not diluted its content to flatter the Christ-hating Jews.”

Nearby the magnificent Great Passion Play stages is a 67′ high 65 feet wide White mortar statue of Jesus. The Christ of the Ozark is the largest Statue in North America and the 2nd largest in the world.

This magnificent statue is in jeopardy of being destroyed. In its history, the lights have been shut off and the bankers repossessed. Now again the entire homosexual town threatened to foreclose the nearby Great Passion Play inspired by the famous play in Germany. That will include access to the colossal White Jesus Christ of the Ozarks statue. It was commissioned by Gerald L. K. Smith who was a pro-White, American First, Jew Exposer, Christian Nationalist, and Holocaust revisionist. His political career ended with the Jewish Assassination of Huey Long who was poised to be president.

Jesus Christ of the Ozark’s Statue. Emmet Sullivan sculpted it in 1966.

Gerald L. K. Smith

Earlier Gerald was politically oriented with Charles Lindberg, Catholic priest, Fr. Coughlin. Gerald continued his agitation, founding several vehicles to fight communism, liberalism, organized labor, and Jews: the Committee of One Million; the Christian Nationalist Crusade; a monthly publication, The Cross and the Flag; the America First Party; and the Christian Nationalist Party.

On the bright side, the Republicans seem to be resurrecting Smith’s Christian Nationalist Party.

In a late 1950s speech, Gerald wanted the Whites to fight mongrelization and all attempts being made to force the intermixture of the black and White races. He added we must preserve America as a Christian Nation. Also we must be conscious of the fact that there’s a highly organized campaign to substitute Jewish tradition for Christian tradition.

In addition, he said that subversive forces, exploiting sentimental nitwits, are reading into the Constitution a code of conduct which threatens to mongrelize our race, destroy our racial self-respect, and enslave the White man.

“Smith had a program: impeach all traitors including FDR, deport Jews and blacks, repeal the income tax, outlaw communism, and make America, capitalism, and Christianity synonymous.”

“President Roosevelt feared the national popularity of Huey Long. But the hopes of Long, Smith, and their millions of supporters crashed when Long was assassinated in September 1935. Long’s assassin was Dr. Carl Austin Weiss a racial Jew. Smith delivered Long’s funeral oration at the Louisiana capitol before 150,000 people. “This tragedy fires the souls of us who adored him,” he said. “He has been the wounded victim of the green goddess; to use the figure, he was the Stradivarius whose notes rose in competition with jealous drums, envious tomtoms. He was the unfinished symphony.”

Jews = Communists

Smith credited Henry Ford with revealing the connection between communism and Judaism. “The day came when I embraced the research of Mr. Ford and his associates, and became courageous enough and honest enough and informed enough to use the words: ‘Communism is Jewish.’”