White Man Adores Jewess “Perfect” Video

It’s not the White man or woman’s fault. We’ve been brainwashed and our White bodies murdered a long time ago. But knowing is the cure and we need to resurrect.

It’s so sad when I finally find a love song, the man is White and I thought he was singing to a White woman. Also, watch how jewess YouTube places black happy healthy¬†men near her!
Four Billion hits! All Whites put together or even religious get that many hits!

The jewess, “Jewess American Princess on a Pedestal” J.A.P.P. we South Chicago Whites called and adored them as we groveled at their jewess feet. She started for Disney, the only White movie company in Hollywood. The jewish men monopolized it since its inception 1927-now. Why do Whites waste their money as if we’re buying nails in our coffins? We again are of the highest! Or we should try for that.
Watch this short song, “Perfect” with a White red-headed star singing to a jewess! So “she’s perfect” and we, their White slaves, aren’t? And of course the White man is in love with her as merely a White slave instead of bred from the highest.¬†
She also played in a blood-sucking horror film, which Whites paid our $$$$$$$$.$$ to be tortured!