White Polish Hussar Warrior Saved Europe from Muslims

Yes, we defend ourselves from our Jewish enemies, but also the Muslims had conquered all of Europe except for Austria in the 1600s. The Austrians called on the Polish Hussar warriors who made headpieces from White feathers in the angle of an upside hockey stick. The feather sounds as the men charged ahead scared the enemy away.

Then, when the Muslims attacked all of Europe, their goal was Austria as their European capital. They were so confident that they didn’t bring just Muslim soldiers but their king, queen, family, concubines, tents, and pots to take over the government and palace.

Remember, researcher Kenneth Poduska wrote that Muslims, (now a billion) Jews, (15,000,000 united as one number and people for perhaps 1,000 years), and Blacks (over a billion) warred against Christian White Europe for 800 years. They kidnapped, raped, castrated, enslaved, sent to war, and killed over 50,000,000 White Christian Europeans.