White Species Pioneer – Assassinated by Jews: World War II Veteran, George Lincoln Rockwell

George Lincoln Rockwell in audio Chapter 4 below says as a World War II (White) Veteran, he thought he was fighting patriotically, Communism. In reality, was shocked after war the lands he went to free were turned over to Communists, (Jews) who then put an Iron Curtain over them until today. Prison if anyone questions Holocaust, Jews, or immigrants flooding our White countries as the “new” armies who will be used against us.

George Lincoln Rockwell’s  audio book: White Power. Also, since Jews insist on “eternal punishment” for Whites, how to protect ourselves from their aggression in an insane asylum. It’s like Jews have a book 1001 ways to pulverize, terrorize, over-sexize, genocide the White Race. Yes, I read the extreme preoccupation with sex such as their turning a woman’s breasts which are for babies into a “Jew means of $$$ marketing and advertising” and worse to have 24/7 control of our White man and woman’s sexuality. Like animals, not the highest beings on the planet.

Copyright 1960 by
Lincoln Rockwell
The imposing Municipal Court Room of the District of Columbia was jammed with
Negroes and Negro policemen as batch after batch of
the dregs of humanity were dredged
up from the drunk tanks below and herded into court
for their one and two minute
“trials”. Judge Neilson on the bench was noted for
his severe sentences and harsh
judgments, and my men and I sat for hours watching
him mete out two and three month
sentences in jail to defendants on an assembly line
schedule. We were waiting for our
turn to face the old judge.
It was July 6, 1960, and we were all charged with “
Disorderly Conduct”, the same
offense for which many were getting three months in
jail. Our “offense” had consisted in
trying to speak on the Mall in D. C., as we had done successfully and peacefully for over
three months. But, on July 3rd, after the riot in the court house in New York City, the
Jews were hysterical with rage and had been calling
both our headquarters and the
Department of National Capital Parks to threaten violence
if we tried to speak again.
Harold Thompson, the Director of the National Capital Parks had called
on the phone to
warn us that he doubted the police could protect us
any longer, and sought to dissuade us
from speaking any more. When this did not intimidate
us, he sent us an official letter by
special messenger again warning us that if we tried
to speak again, the police might be
unable to save us, and urging us to stop speaking,
or move to a more isolated spot. He
begged us at least to place all our men inside of the roped enclosure he setup around our
speaking stand, instead of having them in the crowd
where they could keep the attention
of the most violent Jews and prevent a mob from get
ting organized.
We had painted a huge sign saying; “WARNING: U.S. Officials
warn us that certain
groups may riot here to prevent us from speaking. They
seek to create disorder because
they don’t dare let you hear and judge our facts for yourself! Keep order!
I drilled our brave little band of men over and over in the tight discipline necessary to
avoid being arrested for “disorderly conduct” no matter
how much they were provoked by
the hysterical Jews. They were told not to fight unless
physically attacked, even if spit on,
as we were.
The week before the riot, we had 26 of our troopers
on hand in case of attack by the Jews
or Negroes, but, by some stroke of fate only eleven
had been able to attend on July 3rd,
and one of these was a newspaper spy who hid when the fight began, and another was a
volunteer wind-bag from Florida who ran out of the
ring when the Jews struck.
For an hour an a half, after we arrived to speak at
two P.M., we tried our best to speak as
we always had, but over two-hundred and fifty Jew toughs
and hoodlums put up such an
unearthly roar of filthy insults and challenges to
fight that I was never able to get past
“My fellow Americans”.
We called for police again and again as we were spit on and hit with objects, but they
stayed far out of operating range most of the time
with folded arms. They even hid their
two mounted policemen, which had previously proved
most effective in stopping
disorder. The horses were stationed far around the
corner of the Smithsonian Museum
where the Chief of the Park Police testified they could
be in the “shade”, although he
admitted that there was plenty of shade within a few
yards of the howling mob.
Finally, when the Jews had worked themselves into a
sufficient frenzy to be brave
enough for two-hundred and fifty of them to attack
our eleven, they burst through the
ropes and we had to fight desperately to survive. The spy fell to the ground and cowered
with his head covered by his arms, and the Florida
wind-bag set off for home and we
haven’t seen or heard from him since. Nevertheless,
the nine of us gave the Jews plenty to
remember before plain-clothesmen broke up the fight, and the Jews have not attacked us
Now I stood in Court, charged with “Disorderly Conduct”, and prepared with plenty of
evidence to show WHO promoted the disorder and certain of acquittal. But before I could
begin my defense, I got one of the heaviest shocks
of my life, although, as our friends
will know, I have been expecting what happened. But
I was so wrapped up in righteous
indignation at the charges and my facts and arguments that it very nearly caused me to
lose my composure when the prosecutor stepped up an
d said, “Your Honor, I believe I
have a prima facie showing here that this defendant may not be of sound mind and may
not be competent to stand trial. Under the Federal
Rules of Criminal Procedure and the
District Code, I move that he be committed to the Psychiatric Ward of the D.C. General
Hospital for a period of thirty days for observation!”
The murmur of joy from the horde of Jews and the AD
L, who had filled up the Court Room was audible. I realized immediately that, with
no knowledge of the rules of
procedure in insanity proceedings, I would never stand a chance against whatever
devilish plans the ADL had cooked up with the prosecutor. In addition, I had no
opportunity to prepare any defense whatever, so I asked the Court for a lawyer and a
continuance to get my balance and prepare a fight.
Since it was clearly my privilege to have an attorney in such serious proceedings, the
Court granted my request and gave me a man who was
an experienced police-court
lawyer, but who naturally had little knowledge of the kind of political battle involved and
little imagination. Most of his practice consisted
of drunk, disorderly and petty police-
court cases, but he was honest and turned to with a
will to help all he could.
We got a three-week continuance and permission to hire our own psychiatrists to
establish my sanity and competence.
Then we tried to find two Gentile psychiatrists to
examine me, and learned once again
why the White Man is being driven out of existence.
Because of greed or cowardice or
TESTIFY! Finally, I found one Irishman who would examine me and who gave me a
Country, risen from enlisted ranks to Commander in
the Navy, commanded three Navy
squadrons, established two successful businesses and a currently successful national
magazine, “U.S. LADY”, and never been accused of being “sick”. The photostats were
kindly donated to the prosecutor by the Anti-Defamation League of B’Nai B’Rith, — the
inevitable Jew! Dr. Shultz also had some of our Party literature, and he testified he read it
and it showed that I was “very probably very ‘sick'”, — “Paranoid”! Such hatred of “nice
people” (ie; Communist Jews) was evidence, he testified, that I was probably very
dangerous! (There is a good bit of grim humor in that. To traitors, I AM dangerous).
Under cross-examination, the great Doctor admitted
he had never even seen me before in
his life, and didn’t even know if the stuff given the prosecutor by the ADL was my work!
But this seemed like a nice way to put an end to the Jewish pressure and agitation which
was and is driving the public officials of D. C. to
injustice and even perjury in some
cases. So the Judge ruled that I must be dragged off and locked up with the lunatics for a
month to see if I could “understand the charges against me and assist my lawyer in my
For citizens who have never experienced the more brutal side of the law, it is something
of a shock to discover how quickly the decorum and
genteel atmosphere of the Court-
room shifts to the naked force of the prison once the judge orders a commitment. As it
becomes apparent that the verdict will be “guilty”,
three or four husky “marshals” slid in
behind you, and, at the last word, hook a hammy hand in your belt and growl “let’s go.”
You are lucky to hand your papers, etc., to a friend beside you before you are shoved out
the side door and behind bars in a big cage which usually contains a herd of wretched
looking criminals, mostly black, shuffling around,
vomiting and spitting on the floor and
all explaining how they were “railroaded”.
Back into the filthy tank I went with the human scum, mostly black, until the patrol
wagon came to trundle a load of us off to the jail
and the insane ward. Those who have
never ridden in a patrol wagon on a broiling summer
day with a load of unwashed blacks
will not be able to imagine the peculiar nature of
this refined torture. There are only four
little slits for air in the black wagon, which absorbs heat far worse than an ordinary auto
in the hot sun, and it reaches well up above a hundred in only minutes. Jammed in with
the reeking blacks for even a few moments is an olfactory experience never to be
forgotten, to say nothing of the unbearable heat. And there is no rush to get the trip over.
There are interminable waits for papers, for shifting prisoners, etc., so that the trip lasted
a good hour, at the end of which even my socks were
soaked with sweat and I feared I
was permanently flavored with the stench of unwashed black bodies.
Finally, however, I was taken, under double guard t
o one of what they call the “units” at
the D.C. General Hospital. After a check-in, in which even my wedding ring which has
never been off was impounded, I was handed over to
two Negroes and ordered to strip.
My clothes were locked up, I was given a shower, an
d ordered to put on a degrading set
of “safe” pajamas which could not be used for suicide, etc.
Then I was ushered out to the corridor and greeted
by what the seedy looking herd of
inmates told me was the “welcoming committee”. This
group consisted of alcoholics and
dope addicts, black and white, who had been locked
up there for long enough to regain
some composure, and who sought sincerely to ease the shock for the newcomers like
myself. But there was no easing it for me. These people were so obviously nuts or seedy
or horrible that it only served to double the impression on me of being locked up in a
madhouse. One had only one tooth and insisted on keeping a grisly smile on his pock-
marked face. Another, a dope-fiend, had runny eyes
and nose, and clammy wet hands
which made me cringe as we shook hands.
After welcoming, I was led to my ” room”, with a seeing eye at the top and an eternal
light. Everything is done by the personnel there to
pretend that the place is just like home,
but no amount of make-believe can hide the nuts and
the locks on the doors. EVERY
door is locked everywhere, every time you go anyplace, even the door to the place where
they keep your toothbrushes, etc.
In all fairness, I must admit that some of the negro guards were kind and understanding,
and to these I am very grateful. I was entirely at
the mercy of and in the power of Negro
guards, attendants, doctors and nurses. A white face was rare.
But, as might be expected, some of the guards and a
ttendants took extreme advantage of
their monstrous power over a white man, and did what they could to make life miserable.
With my picture appearing on TV often in the day room, these sadists took especial
delight in demonstrating their dictatorship over me
Shining their infernal lights in my eyes all night
was one of their tricks, making me take a
shower in the middle of the night locking my little
barred window on unbearably hot
nights, and giving arbitrary orders leading to my discomfort all day, were some of the
other methods used by these boss negroes.
In the meantime, my brave lads were out everywhere
picketing and agitating for my
release, even though many of them were convinced that I was a goner, and they might
follow me. But they kept the light of publicity on
the case, which is the only thing
preventing the Jews from eliminating me by open and
brutal direct bribery, legal
skullduggery and even violence.
My own thoughts were often tinged with terror as I
lay in my bare cell at night. It had
been so easy for Shultz to railroad me this far; it
would be even easier for them, now that
I was in Shultz’s own hospital, to “discover” that
I was crazier than a bedbug, and lock
me up without communication for life. I was even more worried about the possibilities of
frontal lobotomy, where the thinking part of the mind is neatly severed from the brain by
a simple operation, or injections which would make
me appear genuinely insane at any
hearings. It would be SO easy, it seemed.
But, as I thought and pondered the possibilities, I
came to the conclusion which proved to
be true that, while the Jews do indeed have a conspiracy going, it is not TOTAL. They
can’t possibly have everybody in on it, else it would soon be no conspiracy; everybody
would know all about it. The conspirators are force
d to rely on a few key Jews, a few
stupid or scared
who will do what they are told for money or because of fear,
a larger group of brain-washed boobs who imagine themselves “progressive” and
“enlightened” because they “understand” the twaddle
put out by the “liberals” as deep
thought. This whole apparatus works as well as it does mostly because of the ignorance,
fear and cowardice of those who discover the truth
about it.
The top Jews who operate the terror and tyranny machine can survive and manipulate us
exactly as the lion tamer can manipulate a cage full of deadly lions and tigers because the
animals are too stupid and afraid of the silly crack of his whip and his chair to see the
situation as it is and use the enormous power they
have but are afraid to use.
That I was not insane, nobody had any doubt. But proving my sanity under the
circumstances was a terrifying prospect. Psychiatry
is notoriously Jewish, and it is so
steeped in its own involuted concepts that anybody
who “differs” in our regimented
society is, by their definition, nuts. Since Negroes and Jews are obviously so lovable and
valuable, failure to perceive and appreciate and worship the superior qualities of these
marvels of Nature is
ipso facto
evidence that the subject is a lunatic. And here I
was, not
only a man who professed a dislike of many Jews and
a refusal to mix socially with
Negroes, but who openly and scientifically planned
to put large number of Jewish traitors
in gas chambers, and get millions of Negroes to go
back to their African home. What
chance had I to convince Dr. Shultz’s herd of psychiatrists, whose jobs depended on the
man who had already committed himself to the proposition that I was “probably insane”?
And what of Shultz himself?
The prospects were anything but bright. I am ashamed to have to admit that they were so
bad, in fact, that two of my lads, men who had stuck with me through all sorts of fights
and threats and jail cells now decided that the fig
ht was over and ran off. One even went
as far as Oregon, imagining that the whole Party would soon be in padded cells.
But I was convinced that I would not only get out of that hell-hole, but that history has
come to the point where evil has reached its zenith, and our rise and triumph is as
inevitable as the rise of the sun after the dark of
the night.
To make things more difficult, however. my court-appointed lawyer came to see me and
whispered that he was convinced of the most monstrous plot to railroad me for life and
that my only hope lay in refusing to talk to ANYBODY, especially psychiatrists. Mr.
Parker, the lawyer, had never heard of any of the facts of the Jewish conspiracy, but his
short introduction to Jewish pressure, threats and
tactics when he was handed my case
convinced him that I was practically a goner. When
I first mentioned the way the Jews
work, he scoffed, but soon got panicky when he discovered that I had put it mildly. The
pressure they bring on everybody and everything to
get what they want in the most brutal
way IS frightening the first time one is exposed to
But I was locked up and helpless under Dr. Shultz,
and my only hope lay in THINKING
my way out of the mess.
I had already discovered, in my battle to expose the Jewish traitors politically, that the
conspiracy is not total, that only a very few top people were in on the illegal aims and
plan, and these depend on fear, stupidity and brilliant tactics to achieve their goals in
what always must appear to be legal ways.
The major weapon against this hard core of plotters
is publicity, which I had already
achieved with more than satisfying results. They can’t slide one into a dungeon or padded
cell quietly when you succeed in becoming sufficiently notorious and well-known.
And the other Weapon I discovered and perfected in
that mental lock-up is the technique
of dividing the top plotters from their tools.
Here is the secret which is worth life itself to my
fellow battlers for America and the
White Race when the enemy attempts to lock you up and shut you up as a lunatic: MOST
cannot afford to let everybody in on what they are
trying to do, and they depend on
brainwashing tools to do their dirty-work. The fool
s imagine they are full of “modern”
“progressive” ideas, etc., and SINCERELY accomplish
exactly what the Jews want done
for their own filthy purposes.
For instance, it is the Jews themselves who are, as
a whole group, paranoiac. The major
symptoms of paranoia are Delusions of Grandeur and
Delusions of Persecution. For four
thousand years these Jews have been ranting that they are “God’s CHOSEN people”, — a
delusion which would get a single individual commit
ted in a minute if it were not made
the fetish of a whole “religion”, — and, at the same time, we are endlessly reminded, with
pitiful wails, that “Jews are persecuted”, — they
are always “innocent scape-goats”, anti-Semitism is “hate”, — etc., etc. These are clear-cut and inescapable proofs of paranoiac
tendencies, but the mad ones have developed a whole
science, psychiatry, to convince the
world that anybody who discovers and reports this simple fact is a “paranoiac” who
imagines there is a Jewish Plot. This is one of the
key tenets of the Jew Freud’s ideas,
along with the typical Jewish preoccupation with sex, as clearly shown in the Talmud on
page after filthy page.
Knowing this, we know that the psychiatrist, when he gets hold of you, is going to be
looking for these “delusions of grandeur” and “delusions of persecutions”. He is going to
be waiting like a cat at a ratio hole for you to co
me out with the slightest hint that YOU,
(instead of the Jews) are chosen to fulfill an historical mission such as preserving the
White Pace, and the concomitant proposition that the Jews are “persecuting” you for
trying to expose them. It makes no difference if the White Race IS being driven out of
existence so far as it is in the power of a group of Jews, and that you MUST fight to
defend yourself from the terroristic machinations of these “chosen” apostles of tolerance
and brotherhood. Facts have nothing to do with the
situation. Any attempt to convince the psychiatrist who is steeped in Jewish thinking will
only snap the last lock on your padded
But, at the same time, the psychiatrist, if he is not a Jew himself, is still human and
subject to manipulation.
Knowing the rules of his game, if you have self-control and plenty of courage, you can
BEAT him at it and win his OK.
The first rule is to COOPERATE! — Instead of obeying my lawyer, who said not to talk
at all, I volunteered to be a social worker in my cell-block for the insane blacks in need of
therapy. I drew pictures for them, wrote letters for them, and talked to them, although
their “conversation” was enough to send one half-way up the wall in some cases. They
are looking for ANTI-SOCIAL BEHAVIOR, — any indication that you can’t “get along”.
So. repugnant as it may be, be friendly, popular with the coons, and make yourself liked
by one and all, including the guards. Above all, don’t get into a fight no matter what the
provocation from the idiots, lunatics or guards. Any violence, and they can honestly
testify that you “fight”, are “dangerous”, and must
be committed.
The second rule is to be HONEST! When they sit you
down with their little pads and
tests and tricks, do not be afraid. They will be looking for NEGATIVE attitudes and fear
itself. Take it easy and attack the tasks they give
you with good will and a determination
to accomplish them well and quickly. If they ask you what you see in their ink blots and
smears, gear yourself to see POSITIVE things and pleasant things, and then tell them
honestly. You will see in the blots what you are SET to look for, just as a woman notices
another woman’s dress while a man doesn’t even see
it, an artist sees the painting and skill
of the artist in an advertisement which a laymen never notices, and an architect sees
principles, details and ideas in a building which may simply be a public comfort station to
the ordinary person. Do not see blood, bodies, wreckage, etc, but SET yourself to
honestly see birds with handsome plumage, perhaps Japanese dancers with flowing robes,
etc. If you do not thus set yourself, the gruesome
atmosphere of the asylum, the guards,
doctors etc. will cause you to give DISHONEST react
ions of doom and death, which will
only drive you further into the horrors of the mental lock-up.
The third rule is to realize that, bad as is the Jewish conspiracy, it is NOT all-powerful,
and it is NOT total. No matter how much most Jews cause us to feel like disliking all of
them, there ARE “good Jews”, honest men who hate the conspiracy which is going on as
much as we do. I owe a lot to a Jewish psychiatrist
from another hospital who
volunteered to come over to D.C. General and examine me in spite of the pressure to rush
me permanently and forever into the lunatic lock-up
. I trusted this man, talked freely and
! It was a long
chance, but it paid off. He reasoned correctly that
if I really were a paranoid nut, I would
be totally hostile to a Jew who looked and talked l
ike a Jew, regardless of my objective
determination that he was not part of the undeniable plot to railroad me. When this Jew-
looking Jew asked me even the most embarrassing questions, I literally shocked him by
telling the TRUTH without reservations. In spite of
himself, this Jew got to LIKE me,
and went out and wrote up an affidavit that I was of sound mind and capable of standing
trial. He, along with another volunteer psychiatrist from St. Elizabeth’s was on hand at the
Habeus Corpus
proceedings ready to stick his neck out for me, and which would have
gotten me out if I had not gotten myself out first
by winning over the staff of the hospital
, particularly the psychiatrist directly in charge
of my lock-up or “unit”.
Dr. Shultz was head of the whole hospital, and the
man who
got me locked up sight unseen by telling the court
I was “probably insane”. Under him
was a liberal lady psychiatrist who was head of psychiatry. There was NO question of
their position in the railroading scheme. And the Jews were sure that with the head of the
hospital and the head of psychiatry determined to “get” me, I was a goner.
But even all this power won’t work if you keep your
head and remember that not too
many people can be in on a plot, or it gives itself
If you are ever seized and locked up as a “nut” as
I was, remember that the vast majority
of the people you will meet are NOT in on the deal,
and will try honestly to do their jobs
as they do with the thousands of other inmates they
see all the time. It is impossible for
the schemers to take them all into their confidence
and get them all to help “railroad” you.
They depend on power and influence at the TOP to overwhelm all opposition.
Your job is to mobilize the entire body underneath
in outrage at your incarceration, and
the plotters at the top are helpless. Not all our courts, except possibly in New York in
Jewish Courts, are dishonest, and the villains know
that you can summon as witnesses
others beside themselves. They HAVE to give you some kind of a hearing before
committing you for life, and, if you don’t get panicky and win over the entire staff of
junior doctors, nurses, guards and spies on the war
d, the senior schemers find themselves
in the uncomfortable position of exposing their dis
honesty to their own staff if they insist
that you are crazy when all the others know you are
In my case, the doctor directly under the Chief Psychiatrist was educated almost entirely
in Jewish hospitals and schools, but he was not a Jew and was, I believed sincere. I had
every opportunity to howl persecution and “plot”, –
– but I DIDN’T! My lawyer had told
me to “clam up”, and the psychiatrists knew it, but
I DIDN’T. I was supposed to be a wild
hate-monger, down on the world and crazy with hate
of all Jews and Negroes. But I
WASN’T! The Negroes liked me, the psychiatrists liked me, — even the Jew, — the
patients liked me, and I was so obviously taking the injustice of the incarceration with a
good will and calm assurance that they could NOT question my sanity or personality,
especially after the dose of lies they had heard fr
om the Jews before I arrived.
Rule four, if you are locked up as a mental case for trying to expose Jewish treason, is to
remember that even the plotters are not courageous
enough to resort to murder or outright
Soviet-style injections, etc. What they try to do i
s frighten and goad you into ACTING
like a nut, so they can honestly testify that you ARE a nut from their observations and the
observations of the whole staff. If you are uncooperative, howl about persecution, sulk
and curse the staff, they will class you with all the REAL nuts they see all the time who
do exactly those things without cause, however.
The major attack by the plotters could have been fatal to me if I had not steeled myself to
a fanatical belief in my own reason. They burst into my cell one night with two negro
guards, a chinese doctor, and a Negro nurse. The nurse held aloft a huge hypodermic
filled with vile-looking, brownish-black fluid, and
ordered me to roll over for a “shot”. I
asked what it was, and they said it was “vitamins”.
Ask yourself what you would have done under similar
circumstances. I knew they were
determined to put me away for good,
Walter Winchell
(Izzy Lipshitz, a popular radio
war-monger of the 1940s) had stated this was the official line on what to do with me, and
I knew there were plenty of ways to drive me out of
my mind by shots, etc, while I was
“under observation”. Now here they come with “vitamins” in the middle of the night,
tenderly thinking of my health, no doubt.
The temptation to fight, to scream, to struggle to
the last ditch to avoid that “deadly” shot
was overwhelming. But I didn’t do it. I believed they would not dare use such methods,
since getting caught would totally wreck their scheme for good. But if they got me to
fight and scream and act insane and those WERE vitamins, any court in the world would
commit me!
So I roiled over docilely and took the “shot”.
And it WAS vitamins! I could TASTE them as they coursed into my blood stream.
That little scene in my cell with the vitamins is a
capsule version of what the Jews are
doing to our people who try to fight them all over
the country. They get US to act like
madmen and get many of us to believe that they are
so all-powerful that everything which
happens to us is part of their plot.
The Jews have no such all-powerful plot. They DO ha
ve a deadly plot of the top Jew-
Communist-Zionists, and it is taking over the world
, but not because they are so brilliant
or so daring. They have been winning because we have let them goad us into being
stupid, weak and disorganized. As the Jews planned
to show I was “nuts” in court
because they were sure I would fight their innocent
vitamin shot, — they keep showing
Americans how wild and crazy our side seems to be when it howls “plot” every time one
of us is arrested for speeding or for violating a Court order. The law says, for instance, as
it stands now, that schools must integrate. This is
an ILLEGAL law, to be sure, but it
does have the sanction of law at the moment, and the FBI, for instance, MUST enforce it.
When rabid “Southerners” join the Communist Worker
in damning the FBI for enforcing
that law, — or the Constitutional Amendment which
says Negroes are citizens and can
vote, — they are “fighting the vitamin shot” and convincing millions whom we must win
that they are just what the Jews say we are, “hate-
mongers” and lawless terrorists. The
proper remedy is to CHANGE the illegal law, not fight honest police and FBI for
enforcing the laws WE ALLOW TO BE MADE by a cowardly Congress, and a trained-
ape Supreme Court.
When you out-THINK them, and then back up your reason with GUTS, — as I had to do
with the vitamins and as we are doing with our Nazi
Party, — they are WHIPPED and
By the exercise of REASON and GUTS instead of wild
emotion and “righteous wrath” at
the illegal incarceration, I won over the Dr’s. under Shultz and the lady liberal
psychiatrist, and these people had the courage to defy the two top-bosses and declare I
was sane in TEN DAYS, in spite of the hysteria of the Chief of Psychiatry, who was
shouting, “You’re SICK! SICK!! SICK!” even as I left the lock-up.


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