White Species Pioneer – Vincent Reynouard, French, Exiled in England

” . . . Historical revisionism belongs to no one. Its findings are the fruit of traditional methods of inquiry where scientific expertise assists in the appraisal of testimonies and in documentary research. They will be obvious to any honest individual.” V. Reynouard
” . . . Its implications extend well beyond the historical scope. The stakes involved, gigantic ones are political, even theological. If some refuse to see this – because of blindness, cowardice or even mistaken strategy, our adversaries for their part, understood quite well. They know that a sudden bursting through of historical truth about the period 1914-1946 would call into question the world order founded at Nuremberg 1945-1946.”
“The German homicidal gas chambers never existed. Yes, the ‘Holocaust is a myth.’ For my part I add: Yes, Hitler embodied the hope of Europe in the face of the ruinous ideals of 1789;
“Yes, we must take up the best of what National Socialism comprised in order finally to surpass it and forge a doctrine that will be able to save our old continent.” Vincent Renouard
Math professor fired for his truthful research. If one memorizes even the Jew’s 6,000,000 faked number, one is assured of passing a course. But when one sacrifices his life for Truth and history, or even say perhaps only 300,000 Jews died, one is pulverized by Jew formed society. Yet even Auschwitz, Poland’s plaque’s original figure of 4,000,000 killed in those work camps, was brought down by Polish White St. John Paul II to 1,500,000.
Reynouard had to hide and sleep in cellar to save his life from French authorities whose laws, like Jews had laws in Poland for over 1,000 to favor Jews and negatively affect the Polish host country.

  • Lost two wives because of his research.
  • Had 9 children. Denied seeing them.
  • Lost 4 computers
  • His jobs
  • His bank account frozen
  • Lost 100 books
  • All of his archives.

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