White Royal Family Attends St. Mary Magdalene Church

My autobiography is full of the church and school I attended as a young girl: St. Mary Magdalene, the only woman in Jesus’ group. The Da Vinci Code book states she was his wife and they had children, but that is speculation. I read the Gospel of St. Mary Magdalene, and she taught as I believe today: There is no sin, sickness or death in true spirituality.
Here is pix of the Royal Family at St. Mary Magdalene church for Christmas and other photos.
Nice to see the Queen dressed in White Coat and White hat! No fire in fireplace only a huge White poinsetta bouqet in picture #18 with Queen. The pictures of Prince Albert of Monaco are perhaps Princess Grace Kelly’s son. (Hollywood Actress turned Princess) She was killed in a very freak car accident in Monaco on a road she traveled many times. She was really upset (in the 1950’s) that the USA was brainwashing America (mostly White) into that dastardly, deadly, dangerous baby formula. She breastfed her babies and was going to lecture all around the USA on the necessity, convenience, and superior nutrition of mother’s milk. But she never got to America. She was killed.
Grace “Kelly” very Irish, her family had to pay $2 million as a dowery to the Prince to become his wife. Prince Reiner proposed after “3” days after meeting Grace and her family.
Here’s song she did with Bing Crosby before she left Hollywood on the USS Constitution (you know the Jews planned that). It is a beautiful song. But at 1:20 in the song, she plays with his lip and then makes a fist. That would have been cut hadn’t she been told to make a fist at him. But other than that the song is precious.
She founded an organization for the protection of children’s spirituality regardless of race. I wish she would have come to 8332 S. Colfax, Chicago where I grew up, for I needed her help desperately. You don’t have black or brown children attempting suicide at 9 years old. At least sober ones, or a child that is ‘Not’ on pills for today our children are on pills that have suicide as a side effect. What a side effect! It will help with the ADD, but drive the kid to suicidal death or fears.
Princess Grace gave birth to the couple’s first child, Princess Caroline, nine months and four days after the wedding. Twenty-one guns announced the event, a national holiday was called, gambling ceased, and free champagne flowed throughout the principality. A little over a year later, 101 guns announced the birth of their second child, Prince Albert.
She was one of the first celebrities to support and speak on behalf of La Leche League, an organization that advocates breastfeeding; (I read La Leche’s book, “The Art of Breastfeeding” in 1972, (pioneer) but was too afraid to socialize or even have part of my breast shown in public, I was so terrorized, and didn’t go to the meetings, but nursed on my own just by the book, for nearly 4 years with first son.)
During her pregnancy in 1956, Princess Grace was frequently photographed clutching a distinctive leather hand-bag manufactured by Hermes. The purse, or Sac à dépêches, was likely a shield to prevent Kelly’s baby bump from being exposed to the prying eyes of the Paparazzi. However, the photographs popularized the purse and became so closely associated with the fashion icon that the purse would thereafter be known as the Kelly Bag.
Autobiographically speaking, I never used a breast pump. Mama did for she knew she would have to return to work to help support the big family. She never was a financial burden on Daddy. But when my Mama took a breast pump to my sister Jeana in 1950, my sister scowled at my mother saying breastfeeding was “piggish” and that it was gross and she would never do it. Hence from then on they all baby formulaed their kids with drugs.
As a poor White woman I sure could have used a White woman, like Grace Kelly as a mentor, but instead she really befriended and I mean befriended a black woman.
In 1951, the newly famous Kelly took a bold stand against a racist incident involving Black American expatriate singer/dancer Josephine Baker, when Sherman Billingsley‘s Stork Club in New York refused Baker as a customer. Kelly, who was dining at the club when this happened, was so disgusted that she rushed over to Baker (whom she had never met), took her by the arm, and stormed out with her entire party, vowing never to return (and she never did).[19] The two women became close friends after that night. A significant testament to their close friendship was made evident when Baker was near bankruptcy, and was offered a villa and financial assistance by Kelly (who by that time had become The Princess of Monaco) and her husband Rainier III of Monaco. The princess also encouraged Baker to return to performing and financed Baker’s triumphant comeback in 1975, attending the opening night’s performance. When Baker died, the Princess secured her burial in Monaco.
I hung around fancy restaurants in Chicago, but was never seated as a guest for food, just hung out at the bar outside. No one cared about my White Rights. This black woman was lucky to have enough $$$ or boyfriend (probably White or Jew) to even take her to eat at a fancy place. I was married 18 years and never went out to restaurant once, not even McDonald’s nor my children. It must have been nice to grow up black. I see so many successful black women. Oprah, Michele Obama, from Chicago and then there is poor White me. I am not sad. I will just write it in my book as fact.


On September 13, 1982, while driving with her daughter Stéphanie to Monaco from their country home, Roc Agel, on the French side of the border, Princess Grace suffered a stroke, which caused her to drive her Rover P6[20][21] off the serpentine road down a mountainside.


Didn’t attach the song “True Love” by Bing and Grace. Note she makes a fist at him though, which was typical for a White woman to always antagonize the White male to break him down and emasculate him. But never did a Jewess do that to her Jew bread winner. She gets away with giving him a sandwich with leather on it. I worked so hard to give my husband 3 delicious meals a day, never a restaurant, or cereal, sandwiches.


Back to royal pictures on Pix #24 Princess Charlene is at a fund raiser for children. (Doubtful they are White who no longer can become mathematicians or scientists. Well, I wonder what another 50 years of Affirmative Action will bring. My brother’s daughter is becoming a female doctor, so I don’t think there is prejudice against White women or discrimination in that field.)

Also this pix was taken in Berlin Germany, a city that once housed the Bunker of Adolf and Eva who wanted to save the White children. They didn’t care if the grown ups smoke, drank, drugged, didn’t garden or eat vegetables, or got exercise or fresh air, but the Nazis wanted the next generation to, as well as to be breastfed.

Pix #25 she is under the “Heart for Germany,” if these people really had a “heart” they would tell all the White Germans the truth about World War Ii and help them recover their dignity and pride which the Jews stripped when Jews won World War II and made all the White Germans “slaves” for the Jewish causes, even making the White Germans build those Polish Jews of Israel ships, roads, buildings with German precision. You don’t think the Palestinians built Israel do you? It would not be fair or just even at this point to “just save the White Race” from here on end. The truth needs to be told, just like the horrors the medical field put on us with Baby Formula and then swept their crime under the rug and pretended like it never happened, until they do it again in a different way. At some point, they have to face the music for their actions or the errors will keep repeating.

Pix #35 is the wonderful Nativity scene that the Royal Couple sent out as Christmas cards. (Can you picture King Obama and Queen Michele (might as well be as far as White Rights goes) sending out a nativity scene at Christmastime when our own White Congress can’t send anything with words “Merry Christmas.” Soon the Jews will have us all convert to Jewish religion. It will only be a technicality since we are all part of their religion already as the Beatles said the entertainment industry was being part of the Jewish religion.

#36 nice pix of Royal Family.

#37 is the Royal family of Norway, the Aryans. I didn’t realize that there was this much royalty left in the world.

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