White Seniors, Depression, Brown Mexican Happiness

White Seniors, Brown Mexicans: Mexicans are almost the happiest people in the world. according to statistics. I would be too if I was given a golden spoon for me and my kid as the Whites have given them for their sex and babies. Mexicans have “family” “Parents” {grandparents, there isn’t even a word for senior citizens in their Mexican language} friends, togetherness, breast milk, fresh foods & meat (they have all the jobs in slaughterhouses, butchers, picking and growing fruit and veggies, many drug free childbirth (till they come to Jew-S-A and strip Whites $$$ for doctors, hospital, drugs for childbirth, even illegals…. when will Whites decide to stop paying for Jew sex with your White women and boys, and all the other races sex and their babies. I mean 400 years in USA is enough. How about White Rome and the “slaves” the Jews conned us into buying?)
White Seniors. In contrast to the ever-loving, deliriously happy brown Mexicans, is the poor elderly White. When my Mama was advancing in years I consulted with Department of Aging for she wasn’t eating and wiltering away. They told me to have a meeting with my family and she would lead us. She said the family shouldn’t worry about the “senior citizen” because the “government (rule by Jews)” will take care of Mama. Remember, Jews own, run and rule the nursing homes for Whites and give us the “least” of care while they get they and the non-Whites get the most. She said we should only take her out to lunch, etc and have fun with her. Well, she didn’t go into a nursing home for many years later and was murdered there according to my sister who was her guardian and who did indeed care for Mama in addition to her job.
I’ve heard people who have relatives in nursing homes and they have nothing but “Horror” stories. One gal went everyday to check on each detail for her father was being abused in one. I know my sister had problems with the nursing home. They end up amputating his leg and had bed sores, falling out of wheelchairs, not from old age, but from bad care. A big black hoodlum pushed my sister down in a nursing home so aggressively, he broke her hip and she was in hospital for long time and rehabilitation. I’m sure black Obama gives out awards to every black and brown that cause grief, crime, terror, murder, butchering, “shuffling” which Blacks did in South to fool the White bosses into thinking they were working, as Michelle and Obama do with all their “white and brown and Jew slaves.” Also, the Jews at nursing homes pay their fellow Jews 3 times the amount for supplies, and gouge the White man by “Jewing” the White man down.
But for Whites we are not so happy. In fact, suicidal, both individually and collectively as a race. We also kill one another with remarks, actions against each other, and even the blacks stick together with “Say it loud I’m black and I’m proud.” I even see non-Whites wearing tee-shirts “I Love Me!” They certainly don’t love the White species who has supported them, their constant sex, babies, children, grandparents, while we stay alienated or rot.
In fact, so many Whites are prone to depression. No wonder I’m “sad” I should be “sad” when an illegal has more rights than I do and my husband’s ancestry goes back to Mayflower 400 years ago, should I be delirious and jump for joy as Jews have taught us to do? Look how many women addicted to anti-“depressants.” Why are we so unhappy? Why are our women damaged their eggs, ovaries, womb, fetus’ with drugs while the brown Mexicans skip with joy and laughter. While White Christians are “hoping” the kingdom of heaven comes after we die, we know for a fact Jews claimed they lived in Kingdom of Heaven, Golden Age, Paradise for 900 years in Chicago. I don’t see Yellow Commie Chinese depressed. They sing, and dance their Communist hearts out in karaoke. For the blacks it is just one big happy party in the USA  (take a look at Michelle and Barach and their black kids who are the epitome of joy, laughter, arrogance, pride, Black Supremacy, as the President and First Lady.) Ask any Hindu or Muslim who have not been damaged by war, eat good food, get fresh air, no illegal drugs, pills or horrendous wars to mutilate their bodies, minds and souls, ask they if they are “depressed.”
I don’t believe in all these remedies until it seems healthful. I think prayer is better than meditation for mediation dwells on nothing or nonsense word as in Transcendental Meditation which even the Hindus of India laugh at Whites for practicing it when they don’t.
But the Whites know something is gravely wrong inside and about their family, friends, race. Mama saw it clearly and screamed and used her fist to try to right it. She also used her mighty “pen” and she would send letters to the family, State’s Attorney etc to add to her “prayers” for them. Once you got a letter or a scolding from Mama you never could lift your head for days. But Jewess don’t scold their boys for raping, robbing, stealing, assassinating, bombing brown Palestinians with “White” Phosphorus, which was just a slap in the White face for they just wanted to show how powerful they are and helpless we are.

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