White Slavs; Black Slaves

I heard on Rev. Matt Johnson’s radio show, (he is from Orthodox Ukraine religion) that 50% of the Ukranians are un-employed. Yet because they are “Slavs” which means “White Slaves,” Whites don’t even hear this, but go on bowing to Black former “Slaves” like Obama. (his father in Kenya was never a slave, and blacks were very well treated compared to White Polish slaves for Jews. Matter of fact these blacks look like royalty and kings and queens compared to what my Mama and Daddy and family and ancestors had to go thru under Jewish dictatorship, where “one” Jew doesn’t rule, as Hitler did, but an entire 15,000,000 world wide Mafia rules. Their motto: Jews stick close together; Jews break down White Race’s unity. It appalls me that Eastern and Western Europe, including Russia, are not united. They should have their own set of laws, business rules, and doing business with each other and not with China.
Remember that the “Slavs” were as the name suggests, “Slaves,” and have been “intentionally” kept down, dumbed down to be slaves. If their behavior is not as the Western world, then it seems it was done intentionally.
We worry about blacks in Africa, as my brother adopts a black baby to “Help” him and guide him, support him, mentor him, feed him, Catholicize him for their membership roles, yet that same energy could be used to help those poorer people of the Eastern Europe. Not with handouts either. As my husband said before he killed himself, “It is about “men” and not about “money.” Meaning he needed to feel like a man again, working, responsible, active, and part of something that was even larger than him as a White man. He didn’t want to just “waste away,” as many of our elderly Whites are doing for the older people have nothing to do but watch Jew TV, go to Jew doctors, Jew nursing homes. Jews have the power right now to do away with the older White population if the Jews ever felt inclined and there is nothing we can do about it.
So why do we worry about blacks in Africa, their “slavery” role which makes me want to vomit and convulse, when there are “Slavs” in Eastern Europe. Fire that Jew Sarkozy and those that are now the “Masters of Europe.” You see, Jews were worried about a White man, like Hitler, ruling Europe and trying to save the White race, hence Christianity, all the while, knowing they would force Whites to accept Jewish Dictatorship, silencing of our White Rights, and Jewish demands of non-White immigrants to help break us down even further, as if World War II wasn’t enough.
I think Eastern and Western Europe, as Whites now, not including the non-Whites for they don’t belong there, should unite as one. Travel to visit each other. Have think tanks and problem solving groups. Share ideas as we have given the Yellow God-Less, Murderous Jew-Led Communists… “all” our secrets…. “all” our technology…. “all” our White leadership to help them transform from a third world country to a first world. Just as White Dr. Demming, founder of the Quality Movement of which I was a leader, could not apply his techniques in America, but was grabbed up and sent to transform yellow Japan, hence the wonderful Japanese car. These same business techniques could be used to help the poor Whites. Whites had no qualms of spending 400 years helping blacks and they were transformed to cannibals and now are only drugged up violent thugs who only rape, murder us, ruin our USA home, our children with their violent music……. But Whites have no desire to go help the poorer Eastern Europeans. I once talked to a German woman in Vegas and I brought up subject of the poor Eastern Europeans and she right away jumped on me and told me off (White women find that very easy to do; as do White men yet they would never stand up to a Jewess Princess or Jewish King.) By the way it is said that White women have lower self-esteem than Black women!!!! And White women have lower self esteem than even brown Mex women who have so much self-esteem they and their men that impregnate them “demand” their survival and breeding thru plenty of sexual intercourse, plenty of babies, and plenty of White Tax $$$ to support them all. I don’t feel bad about low self-esteem anymore, for my White sisters are slowly joining me and will someday be where my Polish female ancestors were: death thru starvation a very painful and slow death. Jews too cheap to use a bullet.
all White organizations need to stick together. There are too few of us to be standing alone when a mere 15,000,000 Jews got so powerful, they control the planet, and probably the universe with Jewish say so in space exploration.
It is interesting that the same multi-million $$$ organizations, Jewish, are trying to shut him and his group against illegal immigration. The Jews: SPLC, (Southern Poverty Law Center), NAACP, founded and funded not only by Jewish $$$, but Jewish free labor. Although I think once the Jews passed the Civil Rights Bill, we the Whites, paid for their services abundantly thru White Tax $$$, which meant we were forced to cut our own white throats. Also listed was the ADL (American Defamation League,” which really means one can defame the White man, his wife and children all they want, dress them in raggedy ripped up (Jewish owned) jeans, and one gets “smiles from the world.” But try to resolve and identify our White problems so that we can grow and blossom like the tomato plants in my square foot garden, and one is literally hacked to death mentally. As I read they are so rich that just one Jew man, (and his lucky rich family that are assured another 900 years in the kingdom of heaven as they got in poor White Poland) is worth $300 million, and that isn’t even the entire group. That money was sucked from Whites thru crooked Jew lawyers, Jew banksters, Jew doctors and pharmacists, Jew drug lords, Jew book publishing, Jews that hike up art prices and control them “after” the artist is dead, so the White artist remains a “starving artist.”
The odd thing is that these browns and blacks which might have been called “slaves” are now ruling us… see Obama. Or abusing us is more like it as they hold that rope over own White collective neck ever tighter to rob us while we are alive, and then rob our corpses as the Jews and government take over our Wills and Estates, but Jews somehow “escape” these laws thru tricks that we are too dumb to understand or do anything about.
Why do Whites fall for these brown and blacks harassing us? They abuse the power of speech, violence, criminality by forcing their way onto our soil. When 3 Jewish hikers went into Iran, they were imprisoned. Well perhaps Iran should rule the USA if we Whites can no longer get a grasp on the idea of law and order and even worship of God. I think more than anything, they want to kill off the Muslim’s ability to worship God, when Jews want to be the “gods and goddesses” on earth. It is why they got rid of our gods and goddesses. To turn that obedience and worship to “Jews” and not to higher forms of Deity.
Sent: Sunday, September 25, 2011 11:59 AM
Subject: ALIPAC’s ‘Perry Is Finished’ Release Goes Viral Across America

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Friends of ALIPAC,

We want each of you to know that ALIPAC’s press release titled “Rick Perry Is Finished” has gone completely viral on the web and in the main stream media.

Despite intense and protracted efforts to silence us and prevent news agencies from quoting us, we have succeeded once again.

The false and defamatory attacks by numerous multimillion dollar organizations that support amnesty and the illegal immigration invasion of America, such as ADL, SPLC, NAACP, LULAC, MALDEF, and La Raza, have failed to stop ALIPAC’s ability to remain a notable national organization.

It is clear to all that ALIPAC is a national leader in the fight against illegal immigration and against Amnesty, and that we are influencing which candidates will or will not win races for Congress, US Senate, and the Presidency.

Our national press release and the materials contained in it have been picked up by major wire services Reuters and Associated Press as well as Fox News. Our position that Rick Perry just destroyed his chances due to his support for in-state tuition benefits for illegal aliens appears in hundreds of newspapers across America today.

Our “Rick Perry Is Finished” national press release has been read over 17,000 time on our website while Google shows us the term “Rick Perry Is Finished” has quickly risen from a few mentions to over 4,700 websites now carrying all or part of ALIPAC’s release.

As Americans opened their Sunday papers, our web traffic at www.ALIPAC.us set new historic records with over 26,000 pages of our site viewed between 9-10am ET alone!

If you were to try to put a price tag on how much this amount of exposure would cost you in advertising to the American public, the tab would be in the millions.

But we have accomplished this with a minuscule budget because we are trying our best to speak for the 81% of Americans of all races, political parties, and walks of life that have said NO in the polls and surveys regarding taxpayer benefits for illegal aliens.

Thanks to you, millions of Americans are hearing ALIPAC’s message this weekend.

Many of you have heard the news that Perry lost the Florida GOP straw poll and Herman Cain won. Fox News reports that voting delegates in Florida cite Perry’s unpopular comments about illegal immigration as their reason for not voting for him.

Rick Perry has destroyed his own chances at winning the GOP Presidential nomination, and our job has been to inform and educate the media and public on this issue.

We are accomplishing that in a grand fashion but we have much more work to do.

This coming week, we have to make sure that more Americans find out about Rick Perry’s support for illegal aliens to assure his support levels continue to fall.

Then, we will have the historic example of Rick Perry’s political implosion as a warning to all traitorous candidates and lawmakers that would stand on the side of the illegal immigrant invasion of American against the rising American defenders.

We have placed many of the major news articles from Fox News, Associated Press, Texas Tribune, Dallas Morning News, and Reuters UK on our homepage at www.ALIPAC.us for you to review.

Special thanks to all of our allies out there that reported, posted, forwarded, and relayed our timely and direct release!

Special welcome to the numerous new supporters that have joined ALIPAC’s email alerts in the last 48 hours in response to our national press coverage and popularly supported positions.

More great things to come!

William Gheen and The ALIPAC Team

Some of the many articles quoting ALIPAC since Friday

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Conservatives slam Perry’s support of education benefits for illegals

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