White Thomas Edison's Anniversary; Jew Hollywoodism

There’s Communism, Capitalism, Judaism, and now Hollywoodism. The movie is really superb below. We live in an artificial Jewish reality. Surely with White (Christian) approval since the House and Senate voted 100% at the second the last Anti-SemiteĀ  Bill (code word for Anti-White, Anti-Christian descendant.) I called all 535 Reps and Senators for this last one. Jews outsmarted me. Instead of the usual vote my each person to be counted and named, they had a simple “Yeah, Nay” vote so one would suspect them and the Yeahs could be screamed out louder against unsuspected Whites who worship them. (Afraid Jews will drop an atom bomb on DC as they invented and they dropped (signature on order) their atom bombs on Japan. The plane’s name was “Little Boy,” and we know about Jews and “Little Boys.” And the bomb’s name was “Fat Boy,” perhaps because Whites have been fattened up which even I’ve gained a few extra pounds recently just writing. I still have a good diet.
It’s the anniversary of White Thomas Edison’s invention of the movie machine; stolen by Jews who ran to Hollywood with it. We are now Jews by either living in this pseudo-reality (especially Jews and non-Whites 92% of the world with no identity of our own) or even though I’ve never had their media, I have to live among those who do. I have the strangest reality one can imagine because of it. Yet I’d like to reach out to others somehow: Whites.
I read an article which said the US Supreme Court broke any White monopoly on the movies in Edison’s day. (Jewish lawyers, courts, judges, bribes.) That being the case, we must break up the Jewish monopoly on movies. We don’t even know how to operate the equipment, do the hiring, firing, costumes, and especially, contacts, contacts, contacts. Jews could make a movie in just months. It would take me 12 lifetimes to figure out how to do that and do it to compete or even do better than them. That’s not being a “White Supremacist,” that’s being “sane,” to do our best and our highest.
Add to this movie, really well done, Jews stole White Edison’s movie machine and started Hollywood’s first talkie, The Jazz Singer, about a Rabbi’s cantor’s son, with clips of the synagogue. It had a Jew actor, Al Jolson, whose name was a household word (but no White’s.) He paints his face Black and sings to an all White audience. Some walk out. (1927) Until today all Jew movies then I wonder why I can’t communicate with others since I never had any Jew movies, radio, TV, magazines.

In the movie, the Jew (with face painted black so never wonder why we have Jewish control with a majority population of Blacks in our capital, in case we ever get out of line, they have an angry anti-white army all setup . . . ) sings to his Jewess mother. (Who really controls the USA because she has our money. Federal Reserve, and House of Rep bank.) She did it as a female of her species to always survive. It’s a trick we fell for for we don’t care about our own survival. Oh the White Christian audience surely was crying as you can see in movie in the song “Mammy.” While the other races adore their mothers, what about Whites? That relationship was broken in my Poland 1025-1945. Divide and conquer at most basic level.

1927-until all Jew movies. I’m grateful now we were too poor as slaves for Jews to have TV, etc. It’s a lonely world though to face any one else in the USA who’s had so many layers.

Another early Jew movie with a Star of David, Dracula. On my website, kkkaraoke.wordpress.com, search bottom right for Dracula. 1931. The White star, Dwight Frye, is to see Count Dracula. The Hungarian people warn him to take a rosary with him and to show him the “Cross,” (of Jesus who Jews killed.) But when he meets Dracula in a castle full of cobwebs, Dracula is wearing a Star of David on his neck. Frye, called “Renfield” takes the Christian rosary with the cross out of his pocket toward off the Jewish evil. But Frye (Renfield) loses and the Jew overcomes him. The rest of the movie the Star of David is off. The White man not only becomes a White madman, but the evil Hollywood Jews typecast him forever. They made him a monster, hunchback, lunatic, crazed idiot, murderer, maniac.

It was odd, because he was a star from Broadway where he was typical Aryan, blonde, light skin, blue eyes. He had parts of comedy, romance, royalty. He left Broadway after the Jewish Crash of 1929, to go to Hollywood with Bela Lugosi.

Also, he was a devout Christian Scientist, as I practice but don’t belong to a church. We don’t go to doctors unless absolutely necessary. Since I was poor I rarely saw them anyway, but would go if I had to.

The Jews put White Dwight Frye in a movie where he and his Christian Scientist son were in a railroad crash and had to be pulled out of broken glass windows to be cut up and hospitalized. It was so insulting.

All Jew movies have been hypnotic. We have to break the hypnotism.

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