Whites, Jews and 30 year war

Jews & Polish, European Christians, 30 years war! years 1618-1648

There is a “Skull Chappel” I will post later, which consisted of 20,000 bodies of bones hidden under, and 3000 White Polish Christian skulls, suffered from “30 Years War.” So I looked up if Jews had anything to do with it. Again, as in French Revolution, where not a Jew’s hair on their head was hurt, White French were being guillotined. Jews were “billionaires” by today’s standards. In USA 40% of billionaires are Jews. Yet they are only 2%.

Jews living off of White blood, misery, agony. They must “enjoy” our suffering even more than the money. It’s much deeper to watch us suffer.

Same with Civil War, both sides were funded by Jews. Jews could simply walk up to Abraham Lincoln to “advise” him. (The North) on the (South) Confederate President, Jefferson Davis,’ top adviser (as Obama’s was Raum Emmanuel) was Jew, Judah P. Benjamin. Benjamin, end up confiscating the South’s wealth (the South had perhaps 80% of wealth in USA) and sent the gold to Jews in England, (Rothchild banking perverts).

1/2 of the White German male population were killed in this 30 years war. The “best” Germans. I guess that is one way to keep Jews “smartest,” as Jew led Commies killed 20,000 of my finest ancestors in Katyn Forest, (see movie) Poland, rounding up the “smartest, finest, most religious” men of Poland, one bullet to back of brain, buried alive in forest. It seems this is clearly stated for 400 years. Today, USA had “one” ally. Rest of world hates us, (Whites not other races), that “friend” or tapeworm on our White and American bowels is Jews of Israel. Occupying land where their Jew ancestors killed Jesus and the 12 disciples.

Jews preach “Best of the Best Gentiles (Whites) should be killed.” We kick them out, but then Jews somehow reduce us to wars and they make us need their “$$$$.” 400 years, and counting. Remember Poland in 1025, was 7 tribes, with 7 Jewish family bankers leading us. They had us fighting within each white tribe. Each tribe fighting each other. And then either fighting or defending their territory against neighbors of Europe who “hated,” them. Do you see “why” Jews in comedy, vaudeville labeled me and my people “dumb Polaks?” So no one would believe, and Whites would turn against us and me.

Jews “refuse” labor, hard work or work with hands. They parasite. Usually they force tobacco, booze, illegal drugs down the throats of white youth and population as in USA, England, etc. While they bodies and dna remain sober and undamaged like the rest of the World’s population.

Jews are “not” victims. If “I” am not a victim suffering under them as slave in was in nearly starvation in (South Chicago, 5 blocks from rich bitch Michelle Obama) USA, these Jew billionaires are not victims, but predators.

Jews claim to live in “ghettos,” but so sorry, the Jews’ lies are now going viral. It’s only a matter of time when the entire world will refuse them a place to live or a crust of bread. Let them know how it feels to starve as they did to us. The only reason there were “skinny bodies” in Holohoax pictures was it was the Jew led “Allieds” “blockades” Germany and the “work camps” where Jews were healthy, strong, happy and protected, just counting the final hours when the Jews “Hoax” of the World History would give them total emigration into USA and Palestine for “takeover of Whites, Christianity, World.” Yes, only Jews won World War II, (President Kennedy’s father, Joseph.) Do you suppose that is why Jews got revenge and killed President Kennedy, the son, John-John, and brother Robert Kennedy? Did Jews “arrange” for the death of Edward Kennedy’s secretary while he was driving to “force” Edward into putting forth Jewish made by Rabbi in Synagogue, “Civil Rights” to destroy White male? Just putting out facts. Can’t solve a problem in problem solving without facts.

Jews had our minds so controlled to “feel sorry” for them, that whites such as my family could be starving in front of their eyes, and Whites just “felt sorry” for Jews of an imagined Holocaust, or Blacks of Africa or poor browns with babies coming over. (Free slave babies for low waged jobs.)

To be continued, next post.


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