Whites: Love One Another!

I’ve loved, loved, loved all for my whole life. In 1997, though, I singled out Whites when I was hired to hire only Whites in Chicago at #1 Caterer to the Stars, George Jewell’s from the English palace. Although #1 he said the government padlocked his business for tax non-payment. He said the temporary agencies only sent him blacks/browns/White homos (Jew victims). He said he’d “develop” the Whites, so it’s not as if we’re Supremacists but perhaps lowest on the totem pole as a race for survival.

While all the other races/religions work together as one unit, Whites are divided into 700,000,000 people fighting each other. (Jews did the same to Poland 1025-1945. I read in a Poland’s maps and pictures book, used, how terrible it was that Jews had my ancestor’s inner fighting. Husband/wife, male/female, siblings, parents/children, families/other Polish White families, neighbors, tribe members/other tribes, all 7 Polish White tribes fighting 7 other nations! 24/7, 365, 1,000 years. Never in history, was there a country of slavery as Jews inflicted on my ancestors, even on my family and veteran husband in South Chicago. 
Now, after Jews came here (united as one organic unit like evil ants) in 1875, all Whites, even Whites around the world, divided and conquered. Our best weapon against the Jews is to unite as one and get along.
But even if others don’t believe in God/good or religion, Jesus’ words summed up, “Love one another,” as St. Paul wrote below, is much needed. We need to lead the way into harmony amongst ourselves and those Whites we deal with.
Also, Willis Carto, White leader, who made $5,000,000 a year said that it isn’t the Jews who are our worst problem. It’s Whites fighting among ourselves. But Henry Ford said, “Knowing is the cure.” 
VERSE OF THE DAY1 Thessalonians 5:11 (New International Version)Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.