Whose the Terrorist? Christian White Gentile Woman or Jewish Woman?

As I go to get on a plane today, I am always aware that when I go to sit down I hear over the loud speaker:  “Code Orange!”  Meaning terrorist in the building. I learned that when I was sitting with the people from Dr. Duke’s conference in Memphis and when one guy started to talk loud about something he was angry about, (didn’t say Jew though,) immediately “Code Orange” comes on.
To treat one of the best White women that could possibly, and wife of a US Marine Purple Heart, ancestry back to the Mayflower ship, giving him “2” sons with genius mentality that this country broke down, they treat “me” like a common criminal.
Yet the illegals who are filthy in mind, body and crime like their Jewish masters get treated with a “law” of amnesty as did President Ronald Reagan. Everyone talked of how “good” he was.  He was from Jewish Hollywood so how good was he? Was he put there as a handsome man that everyone knew specifically to “sign the document to allow all the brown criminals “amnesty” in 1984 I believe. (wasn’t that George Orwell’s book, and wasn’t that the beginning of the end for us.
Now that I’ve totally exposed the Jews and their women “who” should get the Code Orange, me or a Jewish woman like Ethel Rosenberg that was “executed” for being a spy and giving our worse Communist enemy, Jewish Russia, the secrets of the atom bomb so that now anyone can blow up the world in a moment.
And for all this “goodness” I get slapped in the ears, heart and feelings with “Code Orange.”  And I’m supposed to be sane after enduring all this abuse?  Who is abusing the Jewish women for 900 years in Poland and now spreading their hatred and their anti-White here in America. There are plenty of Whites left with money and courage and these Whites do “Not” have to treat me like that but instead do it to every Jewish woman that goes through those gates. Checking them for drugs, excessive pills, money from drugs, gold that they are smuggling out of the USA, silver, etc.  Give the Jewish women who have destroyed our White males and race the “Code Orange,” not me. Tell them not to break me down anymore, I cannot take it. They do that so that we give up that is why they harrassed so badly in Memphis. Not just to prevent the meeting but to “terrorize” us.  Instead of Jews watching and spying on us, we should spy on them and uncover every crime since Rome and St. Paul going to the Jewess for “forgiveness” to get out of prison,  and before that.
I should be treated with dignity and respect for what I’ve accomplished way ahead of everyone else that I know as far as Jews, Poland, and the women and mother and children things about Hitler.
I automatically treat people like that; people that are rotten and don’t even deserve it, yet I am always at my best if I can be.
I may not write for a few days.
Barbara Ann

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