Why? Jew News Paired Me with blacks

Being a part-time entertainer in Chicago, as a White person I realized (without direct out loud or in printed words) that it somehow paid to identify and be like a black. I learned that when I went to high school. Dances, songs, and forced segregation¬†in the formerly White Polish & Europeans, now the #1 USA violent Black Panthers’ neighborhood. These items below were after moved downtown and lived in a Jewish skyscraper loaded with mice to my 36th floor. I got rid of them. The mice, not the Jews. They got rid of me and I fled to Las Vegas after 10 years.

I don’t have a collection of newspaper clippings, TV, or radio interviews. I’ve almost never indulged in them since we were a starving poor, hardworking White Polish American family of 15.

Of the few I have, I noticed today in making an Excel list of names and numbers.

Here’re three examples that came to me through others with or about a black and myself. Jews paired me, a blonde, with a black person or topic.

On the left, I’m as Marilyn Monroe at the gigantic Taste of Chicago before I performed on the karaoke stage. The black man is in a “wheelchair” as Jews hypnotized the White USA when they put Franklin Roosevelt (in a wheel chair) into office. He and his top Jews were responsible for World War II.

On the right, I was buying “James Dean” commemorative stamps. I didn’t know it was the grand opening of the new Chicago Post Office. (Closed the old one.) I rememeber clearly, they positioned me next to the Black man, “Rufus Porter, Postmaster.” Even years ago, blacks were a smaller percentage of Chicago, yet 80% of the high-paying, secure, good benefits post office jobs. Plus the transportation into the city turned into mostly black neighborhoods. Mama prophecied when I was a girl, “Jew real estate agents will “block-bust” Chicago and replace Whites with blacks and browns.” Mama’s prophecy was right: Chicago 28% White. Today, yellow Chinese Communists are buying up Chicago homes, businesses, Great Lake Front, museums, and skyscrapers. Grandpa Kopaczewski wrote in the front pages of the family bible, “The Yellow man will rule the world.” And they do it with the Jews. It’s backfiring on the Jews. Harvard, (once all White) yellow Chinese Communists, are suing the Jews who monopolize Harvard. It’s only 9% White males who pay full price, not racial grants.

The TV news asked for “my” opinion. I had been hiring only Whites in Chicago for a #1 caterer to the stars and billionaires like Jew Illinois governor (disguided dictator) Pritzger.

Note at the news clips end, the next clip was about a Racial Attack.” A White either had a swastika or defamed a black or non-White.