Why Should Not Christians Support Jews of Israel?

White Christians Support Jews? (same people who tortured, beat, humiliated Jesus Christ. What part of “Christ” do Christians worship? His murders and “their” ancestors murders like Jewish Commies since 1917, Hitler had to face these same Commies and so did my Viet Vet Purple Heart?
Remember Jews thrive on “negative advertising,” so in order to combat that mentally, you must say out loud or in your mind even “No!” I don’t support Jesus’ murderers. There surely would have been other ways to for him to show us we are immortal, just as he raised the dead a young teen boy and a young teen girl. (Perhaps there was a secret message in that at that age they were prime for having healthy babies and then perhaps we wouldn’t have as much damage and sickness to our White children.)
I’m assuming there are about 30,000,000 White Christians who support Jews, Jesus’ murderers. Today. Then they want to know why 80% of new Christians are coming from Africa, Mexico, So. America, but 80% of the Christian treasuries are supported by North of Equator… (Europe and USA). What can Whites relate to? In order to “get on TV” religions must totally bow down on their knees, prostrate themselves and lie on the ground and worship the Jews and their Commie agenda. It’s the only thing we know how to do.
Why don’t they say “Free Book,” Why Christians Worship Israel? I once went on the Roger Hedgecock Radio Show. They were talking about loving Israel. Yet I went on his website and 94% of listeners already worshiped Israel. So they are trying to convert to their Jew-Israel-American-European religion, people like me the 6% remainder. They are trying for 100% in whatever field they dominate. 99.999999999% is not enough for Jews. Their empire will self-destruct if even two people know truth. One person who knows it, one to listen and both to spread. Then Jewish Commies will disappear. Jews will become ordinary people and not gods, and stop their racism. You see people call me “racist” because I love my race. I love everyone but I have my own history. Yet, Jews have drummed “race” into our heads. The Civil Rights Act.. World War II with rights for Jews… World War 1, Jew rights, Civil War, Black rights, Illegal immigration, Brown rights, Red Rights because they never wanted to work on plantation just live on reservations, now Muslim rights, Hindu and Yellow Commie rights….. all them sticking to together. Nowadays, Whites may have $$, but as in Poland, Jews and their crooked banking give Whites plenty of $$$ but then as in Poland, Galicia, (Austria) the Jews will take away everything the white man (Christian) earned, force the White man into drunkeness or drugged state, then starvation, rape his women, mothers, daughters, sisters, aunts, (If you think Jews crave money their craving for White women and boys in sex is even beyond that)… Then Jews will put on their golden glittery robes and rob your corpses. They have it all figured out how they will spend the 80% of the $$ in this country… White money… which is really in hands of Jews. Don’t Christians want to have a future, White Christians? Or should only Jews and yellow Commies survive, the opposite of Christians?

Jewish Israeli Propaganda against White Christians around the world
Jewish Israeli Propaganda against White Christians around the world

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  1. In case you didn’t realize, the word “Tennesse” on your site is spelled incorrectly. I had similar issues on my website which hurt my credibility until someone pointed it out and I discovered some of the services like SpellHelper.com or SpellingCheck.com which help with these type of issues.

    1. Thank you. I write and type at 106 words per minute, which is now taught in colleges. I have never read a single word in my 13 years of blogging. It’s about 50,000 pages+. I type as I get inspired, then walk away from the keyboard as if I’m sending my words out to the Universe never expecting humans will read. Two universities expelled me recently and refuse to help me edit and publish. The third, Las Vegas colleges, tried to expel me but I nearly had the 1/2 White teacher expelled. Also, the Jews shut down all of the people who have written books and even took away our capacity for banking and credit cards. My book includes a chapter of White persecuted martyrs that’s longer than my autobiography. I’ll correct “Tennessee.” It’s one of my favorite states since I’ve read 16 books on Elvis. I saw him on March 28, 1957, as a child, the only time he wore the Gold Lame. He also exposed the Jews but not as Jews but as Communists.

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