Why Whites Wear Black

I’ll be on the air today at 5 pm CST. 518-781-2335 dial 1. It’s a recording. I’ll also send the live video where I edited and added pictures.
It’s summer and we don’t see as much black, but it was epidemic for Whites to wear. I began to wear White although not exclusively. I buy White as in veggies, meat or fish. Just for fun, not obsessive. I look for only Whites. Today as I walked a black woman walked the opposite way. I thought, “Should I go on the grass, which I sometimes like the feel of grass?” 
I then remembered the Chinese Yellow women look down if they see a non-Chinese male. She commands pedigreed.
I didn’t want to look down as if I were sad so I threw my shoulder’s back, and looked straight ahead and watched where I walk.
Of course, the blacks are sooo nice to me as are Jews and even Jewesses. She said in a sweet voice, “Good morning.” I looked straight ahead.
A lady named Sencha invited me on her talk radio show about my Polish ancestry, Whites, jews, and blacks. I’m from the violent South Chicago Black Panther’s neighborhood and I expounded on that in my book chapters manuscript and videos. 
Sencha grew up in Washington DC. After the Civil War, Jews sent two blacks for every White person. It’s still the same today. We’re outnumbered. We both called the Jewesses “Princesses on a Pedal.” 
And yet those “oh so cute cuddly? blacks” are sooo nice. The Jews trained them in 1650 how to act toward us, which is fake.
Sencha said once Obama got into office, everything in DC changed so bad, and the blacks weren’t their fake sweet selves but mean, even walking down the street. She waS forced to move! Dr. William Luther Pierce said the same thing when he lived there.
Anyway, here’s England Lady Victoria who was under the Jew Benjamin Disraeli, the first prime minister to be elected as a Jew not a fake Christian. Jews got control of our fashion. Lady Victoria became prim and proper with high necklines. Hence women eventually didn’t know what their breasts were for (feeding White babies.) It opened the Jewish pornography market of thinking breasts are sexy. It’s the opposite. It’s cute but not sexy.
Also, in my book, I wrote that Jews wore black all the time. Hence, our people followed, even rock stars paved the way to cover our White skin with black clothes and worst, tattoos, which must be, if possible, removed.
But here England Lady Victoria, under her lord and master, Jew Benjamen Disraeli, wears black to mourn her great-grandson. She never wore anything but black afterward. She again set the “black” trend as Princess Diana did with fashionable gowns. 
When I worked at Chicago’s #1 caterer to the stars, England’s George Jewells, I was Human Resource Director for Human Development. I noticed at the rich galas and balls, (mostly Whites but plenty of Jew billionaires) everyone wore black. Women’s gowns, shoes, stockings, furs. Men’s black tuxes. Even the staff wore all-black used tuxes, males and females. Since George hired me to hire only Whites I asked him, “Why don’t you have White tuxes?” He bought a line of them with the tails!
Jesus wore White, who I know is White from Adam’s line. Even Mormons have billions of documents to prove that the Caucasian Christians are the bible’s Israelites, not the Edomite Jews. 

Queen Victoria's mourning dress
White English Queen Victoria Always Wore Black and set trend to have high necklines, no cleavage to nurse White babies as I did both my two Whites sons.