Wizards, Wizards, and More Wizards

Found this as one of the 3 songs I will do for karaoke soon.  I bought on ebay a used pair pair of tap shoes. It was really something, because I didn’t want to spend much money, now that I’ve quit both of my jobs.
So after I cleaned my house, (in 45 minutes, I read a book, use what I learned, and time myself once a week,) ….. so I looked at ebay.  And wouldn’t you know, in 8 minutes the auction for a pair of black tap shoes in size 8 1/2, my size, would expire.  So I won the auction. 
I  would like to do a tap dance on stage along with the stuffed Scarecrow I bought at Wal-Mart. 
Here is Dorothy and Scarecrow. I think the Jews did the lyrics on this or since the “manage, monopolize and control,” everything they changed the song.  It mentions “Abraham Lincoln,” and Black Scarecrows, and I think they have been stuffing Civil Rights down our throats for 400 years.
It talks about the Scarecrow needing a “brain,” our White people are really going to have to leave the brain behind that contains all this Jewish garbage, and begin anew.
I am so careful about what I take in my mind and/or brain.  When people around me have such nonsensical ideas, I don’t want to be around them. I once told my son when he made a ridiculous comment to me, “I don’t want to listen to that. I don’t want you putting “weeds” into the lovely garden of my mind.”  And I didn’t argue, I just walk away. 
Having suffered from depression before, our White minds must be guarded from Mental Illness, for I believe the Jews cause the mental problems, and then charge us $300.00 an hour for a visit with a Jewish psychiatrist, like the one that raped me and threanted me for life in an insane asylum if I tell anyone.
So here are to the Wizards of the Ku Klux Klan.  May we somehow unite, and not need the $$$ or the talents of the Jews.  The White sands of our hourglass are running out.

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