Polish history: Jew Bankers, Buyers, Business, Alcohol, Fires (Holocausts)

Hello friends,   Since I didn’t follow the news about the shooting on a White Christian church lately, I don’t follow shootings involving Jews. It’s like when I sing karaoke. I put complete blinders on an stay with my subject. We were too destitute to have news, TV, radio, magazines, or friends to comment on what the Jew […]

"The Rise and Fall of the Jewish Gangster in America," Also the "Republican" Mugwumps against Jews.

Hello friends,   I’m reading The Rise and Fall of the Jewish Gangsters in America. For those of us who have written against the Jew Meyer Lansky, Murder Inc. this book shows as notorious as he was, there were Jews even worse.  ​   This google link will take you to read the entire book, or […]

Jewish Hatred with a capital "H" against (White) Veterans

Greetings courageous friends, While searching for another document on my Mac, I came across this writing from 2015 on Jewish hatred on our land and Veterans who fought for “Jewish rights” WWI and II. The Second World War was so Jews could magically emigrate out of the 1,000-year-old Polish home, (after they drained it dry […]

Another "Clinton Villain; Also Holocaust Protestors

(This Youtube refers to below on how Jews painted their faces Blacks so both Jews and Blacks could takeover White (Christian) America as far back as 1927.)   Good morning   I’m reading the book,”Killing England,” by Bill O’Reilly. It’s about America’s War of Independence. The British General who led the war against the USA […]

White Species Pioneer: David Westerlund, History Exactitude Revisionist

On Friday, October 12, 2018, a man and a woman battered and shoved down 84-year-old, David Westerlund, generous donor to Holocaust Exactitude Revisionism and a visible protestor of Jewish-Israeli wars. The couple wounded him and the fall impact tore his pants. The criminals violently grabbed his protest sign and fled away into the uncaring city. He […]

Jew Silverstein, 9/11, and Oldies Movie Double Indemnity

There’s plenty written of 9/11 and the Jews. But there can’t be enough as Jews swamped the Whites and USA, world, with 50,000 videos of interviews of Jewish “Holocaust?” victims. 25,000 were lying. It was Jew Movie Mogul Spiegel who did the fiction, Schindler’s List  about White Christian National Socialists (Jews named Nazis) so-called murders of […]