My Youtube: "I'm White!" Breakfast

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  1. Besides the ingredients I mentioned, add “White Sharp Cheddar Cheese,” which I used a potato peeler to make long thin slices to slather on the Catfish.
  2. I said the word non-de-hydrigenated. It’s non-hydrogenated lard. It’s White! I like it now better than yellow butter. I add a tiny sprinkle of white salt.
  3. Afterward, went to take out trash in small Walmart bag. By using small wastebasket with a Walmart bag, (they give them away free at the front door) it prevents cockroaches. Especially, try not to leave food in trash overnight. I’ve studied the lives of cockroaches. I don’t think we had them until we allowed illegal Mexicans and their cockroaches over the border. Both don’t have passports or papers, and should be sent back. With one cockroach male and female, they can produce 144,000 offspring. (don’t get jealous Whites. If we have one and breastfeed 7 years (my dream) with mother’s White milk only perfect food for humans, and raise our children consciously and honorably White, that’s success. I sat in solitary confinement 3 1/2 years to nurse. Now I am again in solitary for 17 years by my own choice. I get along with my own thoughts most of the time. The Whites and all races have another mind that’s been manufactured. It’s why I say treat me gently. I’m not your enemy.
  4. It was raining outside, so I stayed outside. As I walked a saw a Big Black man headed toward me. It was near the parking lot. I told myself, “I’m fearlessly White.” Jews made us have fear or a reaction to blacks. I want none. I looked up at the sky, which was white because of the light rain. When I made it to the parking lot, there were were a few white people in cars waiting for sports games to start for their white children. I didn’t want to leave the impression of the black in my mind, so I smiled at the White people in the car. Even if they are glued to their phones and didn’t see my White being, what I send out to the universe will come back, (but we need to help it; it’s not magic.) When I passed another White I said silently, not knowing the person, who was probably afraid to make eye contact, I said silently, “Good Morning! I Love you!” My 35-year vow-of-silence paid off both in thinking and now I can write in silence!

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