My Pilgrimage to Confederate Cemetery

Ancestrally speaking, Daddy and Grandpa Valentine were both gravediggers in Lackawanna, New York, by Niagara Falls. Hence my feeling at home in a graveyard. Great place to study ancestry tombstones and history.
Yesterday’s pilgrimage to spend time with “real” White people, especially Veterans, was very inspiring and heartfelt and healing for both me and the Veterans. As I spent time with some Veterans who were crying, I cried with them, put my arm around them, held their hand, wept in their shoulder, hugged them, with meaning, real meaning, not artificiality.
As a widow of US Marine Purple Heart, he fought the Communists and lost. The Confederates fought the Union, and lost. Both losers are still mighty heroes, especially if you really studied these wars. Coming from the North (Chicago) now living in Missouri, it wasn’t likely I’d become involved in the secrets of the South and Civil War. I do know growing up in South Chicago, after the Civil Rights Act, all hell broke loose against the White Species who were brutalized, robbed, beaten, crippled, murdered by the non-Whites who fought for the territory and won. White Flight, Fear and Terror so deep and concealed there’s no words to describe it.
I saw a sign on the local cemetery, Memorial Day Ceremony. 10 a.m. I’m a widow, US Marine Purple Heart who suicided Chicago. Last words: No help for the White man. Outrageously abundant help for Blacks, Jews, Browns, Reds even a trillion $$ for Muslim wars and their rights! He died Memorial Day, May 30, 2004. Desperately, I went back to college to put him into Purple Heart Hall of Honor, but it meant breaking out of this pseudo-reality, and very painful for a woman. A good White woman.
I began writing for White Veteran’s rights. After all the treatment of Vietnam Veteran was atrocious. All the other races and even religions, Jews and Muslims living high off the hog, but the White man pulverized not just overseas but when he came back home. What the Viet Cong did to my husband was unforgivable. What the Black Panthers did not just to my husband, but poor parents in family of 15, my siblings the beatings, cripplings and robbings, the drugging of our young White Christian woman for their gangs and sex, and Mama would scream “Jewish Real Estate Block Busters.”
What they did to the Whites in South Chicago after Civil Rights Act, they must have done to the South after the Civil War and their entire treasury was robbed by Jew Judah P. Benjamin and taken overseas to Jew bankers. (Jews did same to my Poland their 1,000 year home: Constant war, fighting between Whites, lawlessness, poverty and worse starvation and slavery in history. It will be in upcoming autobiography.
When crusading for Veteran’s rights I used costumes as the eventually leading to a Confederate Flag for stage with Hank Williams Jr. Face and words “If the South would have won we’d have it made.”
Ah yes, then the Southern Belle Scarlett O’Hara gowns, 6, made with American hands for karaoke Vegas, Branson, Chicago, DC. Memphis.
Once I went from Vegas to California to a “No More Wars for Israel” conference. My car engine blew up on the way. But before I went I stopped at library and got audio book about Leadership and General Lee. Here’s link:
I used to perform sometimes with the Confederate Flag and music and once on stage in Vegas got up and said my song was dedicated to Elvis’ relatives, all Confederates. I worked hard to stop Charlottesville, VA from destroying a General Lee Statue ($350,000 cost) and a black man on the panel was deciding vote to bring down the great White leader. Who’d even dream of bringing down a Martin Luther King statue even though he threatened to burn down the USA if the Civil Rights Act didn’t pass.
I went to the cemetery before 10 and got some wonderful pictures. (Grandpa Valentine from Lackawanna, NY and Daddy were both gravediggers. They worked during the Great Depression for Fr. Nelson Baker, set to be the only male saint canonized in the USA 400-year history. There’re females. 

Here’s my handsome Veteran. It was said he was so white he was institutionalized White as if he never was in the sun. Shows battle brigade.
Here’s statue in the Confederate Cemetery: Gen. Sterling Price, “Old Pap,” who was said to be very stern even beating his soldiers with a whip to keep them in shape. Mama beat Daddy as White Polish slaves for Jews to keep him working, sober, and good. Where many men turned to bums in South Chicago, Daddy led a decent life.
General Price is wearing his gun on his right and plainly dressed for a war hero. The battle in Springfield, MO was 1/2 Confederates South and 1/2 Union North. Hard to believe for pampered blacks’ rights they set white brother against white brother. White neighbor, against White neighbor! The battle was Wilson Creek.
Image result for Confederate statue Springfield MO cemetery

I even heard sons of the Confederates speak of the South Treasury, which supported entire USA was hijacked (they didn’t know it was Jew Benjamin disguised as phone Chosen from the Bible). Also, no small observation. They shipped so many blacks to the USA capital, Washington DC, it’s now as if there is a foreign army ready to attack the minority Whites there should they ever realize how the minorities stole this country and the fact we have no such thing as “White Civil Rights.”

I actually went in person to my Senator Roy Blunt to ask him to bring the Confederate Statue of General Lee to Springfield, not knowing there already was one. It makes me feel consoled and comforted to know on the anniversary of Veteran’s death that even though he lost against Jew and Chinese Communists in Vietnam, he was, is, and always will be a hero to me and this country. Ancestry back to Mayflower, 1620.
There was a big cannon which went off and I walked into cemetery behind them for I was asking questions as they assembled. I went right to the Confederates part and read the signs there. I talked to one Veteran who was a dignitary of sorts. He spoke of how he raised 3 good sons. Morals, Principles, Respect. (Something our Jews who control our media, hence our actions, don’t give us. Quite the opposite.) He talked of a Veteran and had tears in his eyes. So did I because I see how we lack this respect and high values. I held his hand in my and put my arm around him so he could talk. As he cried, I held his hand tighter and told him not to worry I’m with him 100%. I cried too. I needed this closure more than anything money could buy.
I sang along with the songs silently or whispered the words and knew most of them from the Marines, Air Force, Navy, Army songs, to Amazing Grace and “His truth is marching on.” I even danced in the cemetery lightly. After all, as I prayed to my husband’s memory I thought of him now in God’s heavenly angel armies. They won’t let me know in my crusade for justice in this country for our land, our Christianity, our White species, our ancestors, ourselves and our children. Beautiful prayers and speeches. Very heartfelt and so glad I could console the Veteran’s and they could console me.
From the book “Iron Curtain Over America:”
To the mighty company of American soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines whose graves are marked by white crosses far from hoe this book is dedicated with the solemn pledge that the Christian civilization of which they were the finest flower shall not die.

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