Deceiving and White Eggplant

When I was writing the media in Las Vegas or even if they can tap into my computer, which is a certainty, I am always discovering different “White” things to help me realize that I’m White and that I do not hate myself, nor do I love “others” MORE than myself.  Even the Golden Rule of “all” races says to love others “as” yourself, and not more.  But for the last 100 years (or so) we have been doing the opposite and perhaps Jews planted that idea into our religion so that they can parasite off of us and we’ll constantly be loving “others” more than ourselves.
Well, I have been writing about many “White” things.  White Tea, White corn, White Eggplant, etc.  Since I don’t drink caffeine anymore, no more White tea or if I drink it I dip it into boiling water for 45 seconds to “naturally decaffeinate” it.  Still love White corn. 
Went to pick at the orchards for it is fresher and usually cheaper.  I went to “2” places, the regular orchards and the Teaching Orchards.
I have to think the “minimum” when I buy. It isn’t “cheap” it is because I was raised on Minimum wage, what Jews paid Daddy for over 40 years.  Sometimes, when it comes to dinners, I go the “maximum” if for other Whites, but that is my “love” for Whites and have reserved that love, not including other races.
I bought White Eggplant and will make probably Eggplant Parmesan with it. It has to be peeled though.
But, according to this website “White Eggplant” is not “trendy!”  I see this happening with all my ideas.  Lady Gaga changing costumes is not only “trendy,” but she is on her way to become a billionaire and she can’t sew her costumes or think but she can easily “do what she is told.”
I saw firsthand how Jews deceive us and the other races.  I went to buy some fruit at one of the orchards. As I was leaving I saw some fruit on the tree that the birds picked but was ripe.  I asked the volunteer if I could have it and she said yes for they would throw it out.  After I picked a few she showed me a few other trees that had a lots of fruit. No one liked the taste and it would go to Goodwill.  As I started to pick I realized that a Philipino-type lady with an accent had followed us without us realizing it.  I was alone and picking a little of the taste-less fruit and she said she was going to ask the manager if I had permission. IN OTHER WORDS SHE WAS GOING TO ACCUSE ME OF ‘STEALING.’  Me, “more” honest than Abraham Lincoln the traitor and Jew-lover, is accused of stealing and the 15,000,000+ Jews who have stolen Americans entire fortune, future, and all the salaries of the White people for about 1,000+ years, don’t get accused of “anything.”  As St. Anne Frank, they are all Saints.  From now on when we mention a Jew’s name let’s put the word “Saint” in front of them so that we know we are talking about sacred people who are walking among us. (and I mean that sarcastically.)
I realized what this Philipino woman was doing.  And I thought I’m going to outsmart her.  The tree that had the really excellent fruit that was bird pecked was the fruit I wanted for it was absolutely delicious.  But I didn’t want her to know that for she was following me.  So I went to the bad tasting tree, and pretended that I picked there.  And when she walked away, I deceived her and went back to the tree that had a few really tasty fruit.
The Jews do the same to us.  We watch everything that they do because they have $$$ and we watch all the Jews celebrities. Many times, if not all times, we need direction, and we choose the paths of the Jews such as baby formula.  The Jews in turn, no matter what avenue they are employed in, make us think they are working for us, when in fact, they work for each other, like a bunch of biting and stinging and painful fire ants.  The Jews are taking a “completely different” course, than the one they have led us on.  The course they are leading us on, whether legal, medical, educational, banking is a “disaster.”  And they have another route that “the Jews” are all on.  One path known “only” to them. When we go to follow them, we get fooled and suckered in many times as the Jews deceived us in the Napoleonic Wars by erroneously declaring who was the winner of the war and then making a killing in the stock market or banking.
While the Jews through media are telling us what to do to influence us, they are doing the opposite.
So when a non-White goes to follow me, I don’t want to give away my White secrets or fondnesses.  They don’t care in the least about us. This woman, (or Mexican) cared only about snitching on me to the person in the park.  Now I look like a “common” thief, when all I was doing was picking fruit no one else wanted anymore, even the birds. Yes, the Jews have it right. Some of us Whites are “lower” than animals.  Perhaps that is what my White husband thought when he took his life.  I at least can see through it and it doesn’t frighten me. Makes me angry for it is “unjust.”

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