I’m Fearlessly White Chapter 26-8 Jews tortured & executed White Jesus

Initially, Jews killed Jesus, NOT the Romans. Jews hypnotized us through their 100% control of all media for over 100 years in America and all White countries.

Then, I’ll go over notes about the agony, torture, and suffering White Jesus suffered. In addition, it’s related to the famous “Shroud of Turin,” an imprint of Jesus’ bloody, broken, and bruised body by Jews.

Oil Painting, Carl Heinrich Bloch, Christ at Gethsemane. After White Jesus’ Last Supper with his disciples, went into the Garden of Olives with his disciples. I call them his armed bodyguards since there were so many death attempts and threats on Jesus’ life by jewish pharisees. As Jesus prayed to God in the Garden of Olives, He had vivid impressions of what would happen to him that night and the agony of the crucifixion. His sweat mixed with blood from hematidrosis, caused by fear and anxiety. It triggered his brain center. Profuse sweating, accelerated heart rate, vasoconstriction of the blood vessels, increased blood pressure, diversion of blood from non-essential areas in order to increase blood perfusion to the brain and muscles of the arms and legs, skin pallor, (turning whiter than white,) and decreased function of the digestive system, which may result in vomiting (the Last Supper, so heartbreaking!) and abdominal cramps. Jesus’ fight or flight response lasted several hours as He prayed alone while the disciples slept. He would have been completely dehydrated and exhausted because of diaphoresis and vomiting. When God’s Angel comforted Him, He would have experienced a sudden and complete reverse action, resulting in “severe dilation and ruptured sweat glands’ blood vessels , causing hemorrhage into the sweat glands ducts and extrusion out, onto the skin! In a few hours, evil King Herod would send his soldiers to arrest Jesus and the crucifixion would begin. How utterly sad for a good, even the perfect Son of God.

The so-called jews tortured White Jesus Christian founder, NOT, the White Roman Italians. The Pharisees hated Jesus and tried to trick Him. White Jesus said, “My time is not to be settled by jewish King Herod; needless for him or for you to plot against Me. It’s not over until I say it’s over!
White Jesus’ wounds and suffering are visible in this painting. In my book chapter, Jews Killed White Jesus, Not the Romans. I’ve researched for 23 years. Famous forensic research authenticated the famous “Shroud of Turin” with Jesus’ suffering body’s imprint as legitimate. It began with jewish non-stop assaults, threats, and death attempts on His life, which he escaped or evaporated and became bodiless. Jesus’ Mother Mary in White suffers with Him. Then they arrested, beat, slapped, flogged, tried in six courts, then murdered Jesus on a cross. It was on a hill so the entire area could view. There was a seated audience around him where parents took their children to watch and mock or warn them the result of bad behavior. However, Jesus was sinless! The Jews sinned and no one challenged them them nor today.
This Peter Paul Rubens painting is one of the most beautiful, heartbreaking artworks I’ve ever seen. I’m an accomplished portrait artist and researcher of White European Impressionism. The Jews had Jesus hung on a cross with sharp nails into the wrists, and feet. His entire body suffered from the time the Jews slapped him around until he died in front of an audience. When I grew up, I was Catholic. I now study both, including Protestantism, but I am not a member. Since my White Polish parents, slaves to Jews in South Chicago, were desperately driven to experience the worst domestic violence reports in history, I ran to St. Mary Magdalene church at age seven for all daily services, sometimes twice. I was there constantly praying so they wouldn’t kill each other. Peace. Every part of Jesus’ body was bleeding, bruised, hurting, or swollen. Even a slight wind would bring agony to his eyes, face, bloody hands, and feet. St. Mary Magdalene, his disciple, was in agony also, and kissed the nail wounds. The Chicago new basilica church I attended, shut down after jewish real estate blockbusters, as Mama called them, violently swarmed us with criminal and illegal blacks and browns. In the foyer, was a life-like Crucifixion Jesus figure. Even at age seven, before I went to sit in the front pew, I always humbly kissed Jesus’ nail wounds. John, the beloved disciple, holds Mother Mary. The oldest son was responsible for caring for the widow with children. So Jesus said, “Woman, behold your son. Son, behold your mother.” In the background is a White horse, more common than the nearly extinct White horses today. The White Italian Roman soldiers on the right, were simply doing their job as when we execute people today. They had no idea who Jesus was. After Jesus died, a White Roman Centurion said, “Truly He was the Son of God!” Jews killed Jesus NOT the Romans. During the New Testament era, a Roman centurion was a professional military officer commanding a platoon of troops called a “century.” This could be anywhere from nearly one hundred to several hundred men. Each Roman legion was composed of nearly 5,000 men, divided into multiple cohorts, each cohort composed of multiple centuries. As a result, a legion could contain as many as sixty centurions. Their importance was based on seniority, with the senior centurion in a legion being in a position of great prestige. Some historians have compared the top-level centurions to medieval knights. Roman centurions represented the bridge between enlisted troops and commissioned officers, in much the same way as warrant officers do in the modern U.S. military.
William Adolphe Bouguereau, Flagellation de Notre Seigneur Jesus Christ. 1880. Did the White Christian Germans in World War II ever do this to a single so-called jew or jewess? Jews forced Jesus’ scourging, flagellation, the most feared of all torture. Yet he not only didn’t commit a crime but never sinned. In contrast, his life was filled with a multitude of healings, feeding 4,000 plus perhaps 20,000 women and children. Again 5,000 with the same statistics. Healing blind, lame, dumb, demon-possessed, a suicidal man who cut his wrists living in the cemetery, a woman hemorrhaging, contagious horrible leprosy, withered hand, and He forgave sinners, not punished or hated them as we do today. We must magnify the “good” in God, others we deal with, and ourselves. Perfect God, Perfect Man is our role model and healer. Jesus saw that in the people but NOT in the jews! He even forgave the White Roman Italian soldiers who executed him. But he never forgave the jews! The flagellation or scourging, was a whip consisting of three or more leather tails with small metal balls or sheep bones at the end. (Perhaps sharp!) Autobiographically speaking, Daddy had and used it on the boys in our large family. We grew up in a jew dominated, evil South Chicago (home of the black panthers now who chased us all out.) No one ever hit the jews or other races. But back in the 1950s, it was brutal to keep my brothers from behaving like the wild non-Whites being brought in against our White family. Mama used her fist on me if I even uttered a cross word in my vow-of-silence. I think Black women should do the same to their criminal offspring, not forcing Whites to disciple or correct them. In Africa, black women beat their lazy men who don’t want to work, just party all day long, are filthy, and have to be treated like children. That’s according to the God-hating Chinese who took over Africa, even White South Africa, which never had blacks living there. The White people’s American breadbasket or food center is no longer in our country but many countries around the world. Jews did the same in Poland. They forced the White people’s food supply from different countries. My ancestors forgot how to farm. Then Jews forced alcohol/war, our only products for 1,000 years. If the executioners didn’t want their victim to die soon they didn’t whip as many. “Roman White Italian governor, Pontius Pilate ordered Jesus to be scourged to please and stop the jewish violent mob! “The weight of the metal or bone objects at the end of the leather thongs would carry them to the front of the body as well as the back, arms, shoulders, and calves. The metal bits would dig deep into the flesh, ripping small blood vessels, nerves, muscle, and skin.” Jesus’ injuries were blows to the upper back and rib area, rib fractures, severe bruising in the lungs, chest cavity bleeding, partial or complete, pneumothorax puncture wound to cause the lung to collapse. As much as 125 millitres of blood lost. The victim would periodically vomit, experience tremors and seizures, and fainting bouts. The victim’s flesh would be mangled and ripped. He would crave water. The steady loss of fluid the injured lungs would initiate hypovolemic shock and make difficult breathing. The plumbatae at the end of the whips would lacerate White Jesus’ liver and spleen.
Jews forced Jesus’ crowning with deep, close to each other, thorns. It wasn’t a wreath around his forehead but an entire cap. “The Shroud of Turin” cloth imprint of Jesus’ deceased body indicates areas of seepage and blood flow running down the forehead. The hair in the frontal image suggests marked saturation with dried blood, cause the air to remain on both sides of his face. Guido Reni, Ecco Homo, 1639, Pinacoteca Nazionale, Italy. The scourging lacerated the back half of the head, which nerves enervate all areas of the head and face. The trigeminal nerve, also known as the fifth cranial nerve, runs through the face, eyes, nose, mouth, and jaws. This caused severe facial pain that may be triggered by the slightest touch, swallowing, eating, talking, temperature changes, and exposure to wind. Stabbing pain radiates around the eyes, over White Jesus’ forehead, upper lip, nose, cheek, tongue’s side, and lower lip. Spasmodic episodes of stabbing, lancinating and explosive pain are often more agonizing during times of tension of fatigue. IT’S SAID TO BE THE WORST PAN ANYONE CAN EXPERIENCE. I don’t compare myself to my Lord and Master, but the worst pain a woman can experience is natural childbirth without drugs. I had a home delivery with spinal labor, the worst a woman can endure. I was screaming like crazy. I then called a Christian woman who prayed for me. I shut my bedroom door, laid down, listened to hymns, and fell asleep. The midwife banged on the door, “The baby was ready to be born. She checked me, my baby boy had fallen asleep! Never happens right before delivery! God was with me and my boy. I feared I’d explode from the agonizing pain. I carried a 10-pound baby. I heard Brazilian women pay $80,000 to have a surgery completely drugged. It’s like having a heart removed instead of the natural childbirth experience. Anyway, on top of Jesus’ wounds they hit him over the crowned-with-thorns, head and face with reeds. He would have felt excruciating pains across His face and deep into his ears, much like sensations from a hot poker or electric shock. Jesus would have felt them dragging a cross on the road to “Calvary.” He was pushed and shoved and fell. Jesus would have profusely lost blood.

Artist Carl Heinrich Bloch 1834-1890. The Crucifixion. This magnificent, genius painting tells a heartbreaking story. White Jesus’ Mother Mary witnessed the entire jewish execution of her son, Jesus. He died, and she collapsed and nearly died with him in pain, sorrow, mourning, and wailing over her eldest son. Thirty-three years before, Angel Gabriel visited her and told her she would miraculously bear the Son of God. She didn’t believe it, for she didn’t see herself as worthy. But she accepted the role. I’ll have more in the next Thursday hour video on Barbara Ann Nowak, “I’m Fearlessly White.” There are eight sub-chapters on Jesus so far. You can hear them live on eurofolkradio.com. Call 518-781-2335 on Thursday, March 28, 2024, at 5 pm CST. Or search archive.org for the first 54 interviews on my reading of my book chapters. I was paralyzed when Pastor Eli asked me to read a chapter each week. I didn’t tell him and didn’t think it was possible. I’m so grateful a year later because I had no way of getting my story out, especially to Europe and America. White Jesus hangs while the jew and jewess celebrate as they do today. They crucified Jesus all over again. In Belgium, the European Union home, only 1% know who Jesus Christ is. My ancestral Poland is the only European Christian country left. Not even the Vatican! A Christian lady told me she had returned from visiting six European countries. They were forbidden even to utter the name “Jesus Christ.”
The Shroud of Turin is shown in this positive, left, and negative combo undated file photo. Pope Benedict XVI announced June 2 that the shroud will be displayed to the public for the first time in a decade in 2010. (CNS photo/Claudio Papi, Reuters) (June 3, 2008) See POPE-SHROUD June 2, 2008. The white cloth that completely covered White Jesus’ dead body is the most studied archaeological artifact in the world! Even atom bomb experts and rocket scientists participated over the years. It is NOT a Catholic relic. They got Jesus’ burial cloth in 1985. Even atheists have acknowledged its authenticity. The image is a three dimensional imprint of Jesus’ sufferings as well as his wounds, even blood. The two white triangles on each of the four hands and legs are patches sewn on where there was a small burning. We don’t have technology existing today that can account for how Jesus’ imprint transferred to the cloth!