Jews Pulverize White Heterosexual Male & Identity: George Lincoln Rockwell, "White Power."

1960-1970 Jewish Revolution with their financial power (from White $$) and mind hypnotism destroyed the USA and White Race. It’s no wonder Mama said they were “spiritually dead.”
Since Jews have “ALL” POWER and even Christians would like to believe God does, but it doesn’t show in our lives, and does show in Jew lives. Whites unknowingly, divided, succumbed to it.
I’ll be listening to this audio by George Lincoln Rockwell. I’m astonished it was that bad even in the late 1960’s. But White Rockwell was sure it was so bad the people would unite to stop it and bring in another government not run by Jews. Autobiographically speaking, Jews infiltrated Germany and France government and church so horrendously the White men got on horses to drive the Jews out. Jews tried to run to China: the end of that strain of Jews. Yellows wiped them off the face of the earth.
Jew tavern owners and Jew theatre owners, Berlin, had 149-150 bars homo and lezzies, genocidal to the White heterosexuality. Just one way. We have had all movies since 1927 bringing in obvious and latent suggestions about homo, lezzie, Jew supremacism, black supremacism, which we have now with Barach Hussein, and his black loving males, Hillary, who not only gave up her extra life at Yale, rounded up plenty of White women with her, to crusade for the most notorious gang in USA, (after Jew Murder, Inc.) the Black Panthers. These were the same type hoodlums who attacked my eldery abused Mama of 12, and Daddy, 3 brothers, 1 brother kicked him in groin and destroyed him forever, drugged sister and turned her to prostitute to support lazy, defiant, and lawless black men, and 4 black thugs with loaded guns came to kill me in Las Vegas.

White Power by George Lincoln Rockwell (Book and Audiobook)

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